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3 Ways to Raise Kind Kids

3 Ways to Raise Kind Kids

Teaching our children to bring the light of goodness to a dark world.

Steven Spielberg's Mother Shone Her Own Light

Steven Spielberg's Mother Shone Her Own Light

Leah Adler passes away at age 97.

Facebook Rats
Mom with a View

Facebook Rats

Stop pressing the lever.

The Key to Happiness: Love Your Journey The Key to Happiness: Love Your Journey

The Key to Happiness: Love Your Journey

How to be a human becoming.

Before You Die, Your Life's MovieEditor's Pick

Before You Die, Your Life's Movie

The surprising findings of a new Israeli study echoes Jewish mysticism.

The Non-Jew who Saved My Father from the Nazis


How one act of kindness triggered never-ending reverberations that are still being felt today.

What Do You Love about Jerusalem?

Be part of’s short video celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification!

Christopher Columbus, Secret Jew

What is the evidence that Columbus was a Jew?

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Hug from Heaven


A tale of two mothers in the shadows of the Gaza War.

Life in Color

Despite living in the grim black and white world of pediatric cancer, 11-yr-old Coby Rosemore paints in vibrant color.

Marshall’s Mid-Life Crisis

Top five lessons from a quora post that went viral.

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Caught in the Middle of My Fighting Parents


I am sick of holding my parents’ failing marriage on my shoulders.

Warren Buffett’s Gems of Wisdom

Want to know what’s in Warren Buffet’s daily planner?

One Kidney, Three Lives

One woman’s selfless act of donating her kidney has unforeseen reverberations.

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Yummy Gluten-Free Recipes


My five favorite gluten-free dishes, simple to make and super healthy.

Seven Common Myths about Marriage

These unrealistic expectations can wreak havoc in your marriage.

7 Ways to Help Strong-Willed Kids Listen

How to avoid resistance and combat and win their cooperation.

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Mental Illness and Dating


It’s not easy telling someone you have a mental illness, but your greatest fears may be your ultimate strength.

Doubts in Dating

I’m just not sure if this feels right. What should I do?

How to Survive When You’re Not Dating

Practical tips to keep going when there’s no prospect in sight.

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Han Solo Shot First


According to the Torah, was Han Solo justified in killing Greedo?

A Brief History of Bagels and Lox

I’m spreading the truth. Call it a “schmear campaign.”

Jtube: Kia's Super Bowl Ad: Hero's Journey

What makes someone a hero?

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The Power of the Wheel


By embracing our unity we can tap into the power of our complex diversity and individuality.

Festival of Trees: Why Celebrate in the Dead of Winter?

The art of making the bitter sweet.

It's Your World

Taking responsibility for the environment. A message for Tu B'shvat.

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In the Details


God is in the details, and the details are everywhere.

The Moral Challenge

A quick look at the Torah’s incredible and ancient moral sophistication.

Down-To-Earth Spirituality

Bringing the heights of Mount Sinai down to earth.

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Understanding God


The Creator of space and time is unique from all existence.

Other People's Shoes

Strategies for judging favorably.

Rejected Gifts The World's First Murder, Part 1

Why does God reject Cain's gift? Doesn't He know that favoritism can lead to sibling rivalry?

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