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Babatha & the Role of Women in the 2nd Century

Babatha & the Role of Women in the 2nd Century

Exploring the mysterious 2nd-Century find in the Cave of Letters.

You Don’t Want Your Child to Just be Happy

You Don’t Want Your Child to Just be Happy

In fact, almost every day you have to make children feel sad.

Husbands First: Practical Ways to Show He’s #1
Mom with a View

Husbands First: Practical Ways to Show He’s #1

Despite our busy schedules and without becoming a Stepford wife.

Music in Judaism Music in Judaism

Music in Judaism

What is the Jewish attitude to music?

Remembering the 5 Jewish Victims of the Florida ShootingEditor's Pick

Remembering the 5 Jewish Victims of the Florida Shooting

Four Jewish students and a teacher murdered along with 12 other victims.

Darkness and Light in Florida


Seventeen candles in our backyard were extinguished. We owe them our best effort to make our light burn brighter.

Who’s Responsible for the Mess in Gaza?

Experts see no way to alleviate the economic crisis. Except, you know, not spending billions of dollars on trying to murder Jews.

The Hebrew Hammer's Amazing Path to the Winter Olympics

Representing the State of Israel in the Skeleton Sled competition, AJ Edelman puts his Torah-observance above all.

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Preparing My Friend’s Mother for Burial


I wasn’t prepared for the life-changing experience.

Wonders in Jewish History

A quick analysis of Jewish history and how it was predicted by the Hebrew Bible.

Entrepreneur's Childhood Shaped his $19 Billion Startup

How an impoverished and orphaned immigrant launched one of the most successful apps in the world.

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Sports, Politics and Our Search for Meaning


When sports and politics become a distraction from the real challenges in our lives.

Au Pair in the Home: Should I Trust My Husband?

I’m not sure I want a young, attractive woman as a fixture in our home. Am I being paranoid?

Stop Saying "It's Broken"

Broken implies that fixing something is hopeless. More often than not, that’s not the case.

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Purim Menu – From the Traditional to the Exotic


Exciting dishes to serve family and friends.

PODCAST: Shabbat Meals Simplified

Jamie Geller’s easy shortcuts with delicious results.

3 Amazing Hamantaschen Ideas

Candyland, challah and pizza hamantaschen to spruce up your Purim.

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Disclosing Medical Conditions in Dating


I have a chronic illness. My friends believe I’m a wonderful catch but I am afraid I’ll be viewed as "damaged goods".

Stressing Over that First Date? columnist Aleeza Ben Shalom explains how to chill out.

Do You Only Date Jews?

The defining choice for children of interfaith marriage.

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Let it Rain!


We pray for rain in Israel where nobody owns a coat.

The Shadchan Stories

Shadchan stories, facts, foibles, and of course … jokes.

Jtube: Marty Allen Stand Up: The Palestinian and the Israeli

Should Israel treat wounded Palestinians terrorists?

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Jewish People are Connected: An Amazing True Story


How a baby-naming united hearts and transcended borders.

Why Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

Three points on why anti-Zionism is inherently anti-Semitic.

What Does It Take to be a True Hero?

An inspiring Charlie Harary video.

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No Embarrassment


A deeper look at the meaning of clothes and nakedness.

Crushed for the Light

Great faith can turn pain into love and holy light.

Shaken, Not Stirred

Why do we drink wine on Purim?

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The Choice of Adar


Purim teaches us to appreciate the world's awesome beauty, amidst so much chaos and horror.

Your 10 Guiding Principles for Life

A tool for staying focused on what's really important in life.

Instructions For Living

A short film featuring Rabbi Noah Weinberg's inspirational wisdom.

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