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Higher Standard or Double Standard?


Don’t set a double standard for Israel on norms of war.

Saying Shema in Gaza

The Jewish prayer may have stopped a would-be suicide bomber who was Jewish.

Like a Brother

We don't need hard times to love each other. Let’s keep the unity strong.

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Robin Williams’ Suicide


A Jewish perspective on the tragedy of suicide.

The Redneck

I learned a valuable lesson that fretful Friday: it’s best to not judge other people.

What Do I Know?

When not knowing is true wisdom.

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Back to School Nerves


My stomach hurts every time I think about going back to school.

The Real Robin Williams

We never really knew him.

When a Loved One Has Depression

8 tips to help you cope.

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Face to Face


Avoiding the trap of living parallel lives in a marriage

Energy Boosting Foods

Natural power food for the summer.

Mother & Daughter Tug of War

I stubbornly hang on to my daughter’s childhood as she stubbornly pulls towards adulthood.

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Robin Williams: A Tribute


The struggles and successes of Robin Williams seem to mirror those of the Jewish people.

Blame It On the Jews

Anti-Jewish Media Bias Through the Ages including: Egyptian Pharoh claims 10 plagues completely disproportionate response to slavery.

Completely Unbiased News

The "Settlement Freeze" may be over, but the media bias isn't.

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Receiving a Blessing
Lori Almost Live
Receiving a Blessing

Receiving a Blessing

Tapping into their spiritual power.

Opposites Attract
Mom with a View

Opposites Attract

This couple has nothing common. What is the secret to their happy marriage?

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!
Salomon Says
Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

What is government’s role in dictating to parents how to parent?

An Open Letter to Critics of Israel


Must-see video if you or somebody you know is critical of Israel.

15 Seconds

Support Israel's efforts to stop the Hamas rocket attacks.

Terror in School

The Middle East conflict explained through school bullying.

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If Dogs Could Talk


Seeing versus hearing – which sense would you choose?


Making life and death decisions.

Stand Strong for Right and Wrong

A story about doing the right thing, for the entire family.

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The Pre-Messianic Era


A burst in technology, a drop in morality, and the Jewish return to Israel are all predicted as precursors to the Messiah.

The Impact of the Bible

The Bible is the best selling book in human history. Its moral, spiritual and even political impact has been profound and unmistakable. How did that come to be?

10 Facts about Hamas

So you think you know alot about Hamas?

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