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The BDS Smokescreen


It's remarkable that the world needed a 29-year-old movie star to state the obvious: This is modern anti-Semitism.

Jews Leaving France

French anti-Semitism and French aliyah skyrocket on parallel tracks.

Jewish Identity: Are You In or Out?

Passover and the redemptive value of Jewish identity.

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Passover and the Zodiac


Slaughtering the Pascal lamb represented breaking free from predetermined forces beyond our control.

Performing Miracles

God split the sea. What miracle can we do?

My Pasta Seder

It took a tragedy to trigger my crisis of atheism.

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A Web of Lies


My teacher told me not to tell my friend what he said.

Fears of Abuse

Is my friend in an abusive marriage?

Am I Being Over-Protective?

My 10-year-old son and his friends want to cross a busy street by themselves and get ice cream. Should I let him?

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Discipline with Harmony


Parenting and counting the Omer.

6 Educational Principles from the Passover Seder

Ask questions, tell stories and make learning fun.

My Passover Delicacies

Looking for some different fare this year? Try these recipes.

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Dating the Second Time Around

We broke up a year ago. Should we give it a second chance?

Dating Wisdom from “Are You My Mother?”

P.D. Eastman’s children’s book is really a tale about searching for your soul mate.

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The Ten Plagues: Redux


Our modern take on the ancient plagues.

My Passover Miracle

On a recent seder night, I experienced a redemption of sorts and a reminder that God knows what we need and sends it when we need it.

Jtube: Gravity

What is the key to praying?

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Grocery Shopping as Contact Sport
Mom with a View

Grocery Shopping as Contact Sport

Where human behavior is on display – at its best and, more frequently, at its worst.

Say It at the Seder
Salomon Says
Say It at the Seder

Say It at the Seder

One quick and easy thought.

Choosing Freedom


Most of the Israelites didn’t leave Egypt. How do we become free?

Let It Go: Passover Edition’s parody from Disney’s Frozen.

Google Exodus

What if Moses had Facebook?

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Teach Your Children Well


The world we build tomorrow is born in the stories we tell our children today.

The Seder To Set You Free

Making the Seder relevant.

Passover: Defining a Nation

The birth of a Nation.

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1. The Way of G-d: Introduction


Read each word carefully... and all its secrets will be within your grasp.

Israel: Defying the Odds

Amazing facts about Israel.

Taking the Spiritual Dive

Mikvah for the thoroughly modern woman

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