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  • Torah Reading: Tzav
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Presto Pesach: Passover Cooking with an Instant Pot

Presto Pesach: Passover Cooking with an Instant Pot

Using an Instant Pot to accelerate your Passover preparations.

More Than We Want to Breathe

More Than We Want to Breathe

Embracing the spiritual opportunity of the Jewish month of Nissan and Passover.

Terror and Faith in Har Nof: A Review and Excerpt

Terror and Faith in Har Nof: A Review and Excerpt

After 11 months in a coma, Chaim Rotman succumbed to his wounds sustained in the horrific terror attack that killed 4 other worshippers and a policeman.

Good Advice to Appalled and Heartbroken Mother-in-Law
Dear Emuna

Good Advice to Appalled and Heartbroken Mother-in-Law

How to respond to threatening texts from son’s fiancé.

Passover: I’m in Love with the Taste of YouEditor's Pick Passover: I’m in Love with the Taste of You

Passover: I’m in Love with the Taste of You

An epic Passover mashup celebrating freedom throughout history.

Jews and the Irish Potato Famine

During Ireland’s hour of greatest need, Jews donated more aid than anyone in the world.

Saving Lives through Israeli Innovation

Eli Beer of United Hatzalah has transformed emergency medical care.

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The Importance of Silence in Jewish Thought


Silence is necessary to attain wisdom.

Is the Messiah a Christian Concept?

Why you should care about the Messiah.

Charlie Harary on the Passover Seder

A 40-min class delving into the contemporary meaning of Passover.

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Aging Solutions: Is There a Problem?


Age is all mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Invite These Five Women to Your Seder

Women who played a pivotal role in Exodus story.

Taking It Out On My Husband

My husband bears the brunt of my bad moods and frustration and I can’t seem to stop myself.

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Kindness in New York


New York can be a cold and lonely place, but that day two strangers warmed our souls.

A Taste of Pesach: 3 Choice Recipes

Celebrate Passover with a delicious collection of family favorite recipes.

PODCAST: Making Seder Night Fun and Exciting

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky on the biggest challenge for parents Seder night.

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6 Dating Mantras for the Marriage Minded


My favorite things to say to yourself to keep you focused, positive and grounded when dating.

After the Break Up: How Do I Move On?

We were about to get engaged when she suddenly ended it. I can’t stop thinking about her.

Disclosing Medical Conditions in Dating

I have a chronic illness. My friends believe I’m a wonderful catch but I am afraid I’ll be viewed as "damaged goods".

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A Bag of Marbles: A New Holocaust Film Worth Seeing


The true story of French Jewish brothers fighting for survival during WWII.

How to Maximize the All You Can Eat Buffet

Bring dessert for your “entire table.” This is a misdirection technique I learned from my aunt.

Jtube: Sebastian Maniscalco; Aren't You Embarrassed?

Do Jews have a unique cuisine?

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What Can Nelson Mandela Teach us about Passover?

by and

Why was the very first Seder celebrated in Egypt as slaves?

Viktor Frankl, Passover, and the Meaning of Freedom

Taste the power of true freedom.

Passover Funk

Passover night and we are living it up… A Passover musical parody to Uptown Funk. Yankele, get the stretch!

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The Call


The difference between a gift and a vocation.

Teachers Are Mighty

The importance of teachers.

The Small Aleph

What a difference a letter makes.

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What is Passover?


An overview of the history and laws of the holiday of Passover (Pesach).

Women in the Bible #10: The Power of Great Jewish Women

What is the common thread that unites the illustrious women of Jewish history?

The Messiah in Judaism

Why do Jews believe in the Messiah?

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