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At My Grandson’s Bris: Hanukkah, Self-Sacrifice and the Infinite
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At My Grandson’s Bris: Hanukkah, Self-Sacrifice and the Infinite

The mohel instructed me to hold the baby’s legs tight, thrusting me into the reality of what was unfolding.

Rabbi Shteinman, Humble Giant

Rabbi Shteinman, Humble Giant

Serving God and the Jewish people for 104 full years.

A Chanukah Carol

A Chanukah Carol

In one moment of silence, my Jewish identity was born.

Am Yisrael Chai: A Stunning Music VideoEditor's Pick Am Yisrael Chai: A Stunning Music Video

Am Yisrael Chai: A Stunning Music Video

The story of Jewish perseverance like you’ve never seen it before.

8 Interesting Facts about Donuts


Israelis consume 24 million donuts a year.

Carrying the Torch: The Menorah and the Eternal Jewish People

The Arch of Titus reminds us what is the secret of the Jews' immortality.

Jerusalem: Stating the Obvious

I greeted the diplomatic news with a shrug.

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Like Clockwork: The Incredible Lengths One High-Tech Company went to Keep Shabbat


With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, the parent company demanded that they work on this one Shabbat.

Does Judaism Believe in Reincarnation?

Fulfilling the soul’s unique mission may take more than one lifetime.

Hanukkah: God Doesn't Shout, He Whispers

Why do we light candles for 8 days when the miracle only lasted for 7 days?

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Plea-Bargaining and Jewish Law


It’s surprising how many innocent people confess to crimes they didn’t commit. This can’t happen in Jewish law.

A Simple Casket

An expensive coffin is a distraction. Our love is not measured by how much money we spend on the casket.

Winston Churchill: Three Definitive Ideas that Changed the Course of History

A new film delves into the pivotal role the great leader played in stopping Hitler.

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Chanukah Specialties


Selected Chanukah recipes from "Kosher by Design Entertains."

What Happened to Time?

When I was a kid, I wanted everything to hurry up. Now I can’t slow it down.

The Quick Fix

Just read this article and all your problems will be solved, just like that.

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Betrayed: Can I Get Over It?


How do I move past this one terrible mistake and realize we can have a long future full of happiness?

5 Dating Rules You Should Break

Common advice that’s best not to follow.

Keeping an Open Mind while Dating

Knowing where to be flexible in looking for your soul mate.

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8 People in Every Shul


In honor of the 8 days of Chanukah, here are 8 people in every shul. Even yours.

Jtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Favorite Hanukkah Song

What is your favorite Hanukkah song?

How to Light Your Menorah

Here are my tips for how to light your menorah in ways that your neighbors will never forget.

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Hanukkah: Celebrating 8 Differences that Make the Jewish People Unique


Get into the Hanukkah spirit with this fun video!

Hanukkah: Rock of Ages

The Hanukkah Story in 8 hit songs.
A short medley of pop music parodies through the ages.

Hanukkah & the Amazing Miracle of Snow

What makes something a miracle?

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Jews and Economics


Why there are so many Jewish lawyers fighting injustice, doctors fighting disease, teachers fighting ignorance, and economists fighting poverty.

The Chashmonaim and the Miracle Oil

Understanding the error of the Chashmonaim.

Chanukah Holiness

The mystical connection between Chanukah and Sukkot.

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Judaism and Dreams


The significance of dreams in Jewish thought.

ABC's of Chanukah (Hanukkah)

Everything you need to know about the holiday of Chanukah - Hanukkah.

World of Love #2 - Perceiving the Infinite

What ultimate good does God offer His creations? Our ability to connect to Him.

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