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Shattered and Whole

Shattered and Whole

Being Jewish means dancing with the conflicting combination of pain and joy.

Moses and the Secret of Greatness

Moses and the Secret of Greatness

Moses, not Muhammad Ali, was “the greatest” because he never acted as if he was superior to anyone else.

My Imperfect Baby

My Imperfect Baby

This couldn’t be my long-awaited son. This was a deformed baby.

Ghosting Your Relationships

Ghosting Your Relationships

Yes, breaking up is hard to do, but if you want to end a relationship it’s a must.

The Bomb SquadEditor's Pick

The Bomb Squad

Jerusalem's front line of defense.

6 Things to Know about Jewish Cleveland, including LeBron James


No, LeBron isn’t Jewish but he does embody many Jewish traits.

Tel Aviv & Orlando: The Big Difference

Imagine the naming of parks, institutions and sporting events in honor of Omar Mateen.

A Jewish Bucket List

Every Jew should experience these items in their lifetime.

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#4: Integrity: Will the Real You Please Stand Up


Harvey S. Hecker Character Development Series: Life's greatest challenge is the battle for self-respect.

How to Show You Care

Reclaiming the forgotten power of writing a letter.

The View from the Mountain

My rendezvous with God at the top of Runyon Canyon before sunrise.

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Miracle on the Hudson


What was Captain Sully thinking as he calmly landed that plane on the water, saving everyone on board?

“Me Before You” Deserves the Backlash

The film distorts the experiences of people with disabilities and goes against Judaism’s value of human life.

After Physical Abuse, Can My Marriage Heal?

He is in counseling and working very hard on changing. Am I being a fool to stay and hope that he can change?

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The Good/Bad Lies is Marriage


Is it ever okay to lie to your spouse?

Dear Emuna, You’re Wrong!

A few words of praise go a long way.

6 Summer Activities for Bonding with Your Kids

Summer vacation can become a cherished time for strengthening our relationships with our children.

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How Do I Know if He’s the One?


How you can answer that big question for yourself.

5 Ways to Show a Woman You’re Interested

How to give off the right signals to your date.

Understanding What Your Date is Really Saying

How to avoid misjudging your date and assess for real potential.

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How to Find Deals in the Shuk


Want to shop in the ancient Israeli marketplace but don’t know where to start? Allow me to enlighten you.

Whose Bar Mitzvah Is It Anyway?

Some theme party ideas for adults considering a belated Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Jtube: Jim Gaffigan: Summer Vacations

What is the best way to keep your kids busy in the summer?

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The Ultimate Love Letter


Despite the distance, it has forged an unbreakable bond for generations.

The Day that Shook the World

Discover the most important intellectual development in human history.

Shavuot: The Secret of Inspiration

Why did God wait 49 days before giving the Torah?

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A Test of Character


Judaism is a faith for those who seek to change the world.

The light burns on

Ignite the flame...

Why Complain?

Expect perfection and life will always disappoint you.

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Who is the Messiah?


And how will we recognize him when he comes?

Relationships and Self Esteem

How to love and be loved.

3. The Way of G-d: The Infinite

Three terms that describe the Infinite Being.

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