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The Secret to a Guilt-free Yom Kippur The Secret to a Guilt-free Yom Kippur

The Secret to a Guilt-free Yom Kippur

Understanding the crucial difference between negative guilt and constructive regret.

Two White Robes: Yom Kippur and the Stormfront Summit

Two White Robes: Yom Kippur and the Stormfront Summit

Their robe symbolizes a fixation with skin color, ours symbolizes the purity of the soul.

The Unlikely Hero who Saved Thousands of Jews

The Unlikely Hero who Saved Thousands of Jews

Even though he lacked the necessary experience, Varian Fry risked his life to save Jews in Vichy France because no one else was going to do it.

The Five Ways We Mess Up an Apology

The Five Ways We Mess Up an Apology

How to ask for forgiveness the right way.

Yom Kippur: The Three Levels of ForgivenessEditor's Pick Yom Kippur: The Three Levels of Forgiveness

Yom Kippur: The Three Levels of Forgiveness

How to truly forgive someone who has hurt you.

Rosh Hashanah Cards from the Holocaust


A glimpse into some of the ways Jews before, during and immediately after the Holocaust marked the New Year.

The U.S. Military and Rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashanah, Jewish soldiers on duty around the world will gather in prayer with the full support of the US military.

Melanie Phillips on Britain’s Alarming Anti-Semitism Problem

While the number of anti-Semites is small, the amount of anti-Semitism diffused throughout British society is high.

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Q&A: Why Do We Fast on Yom Kippur?


For one day we single-mindedly focus on the soul.

Donkey Kong, Secret Agent Man and Not Feeling God’s Love

Four reframes for the times you feel very distant from God.

Understanding Prayer: 10 Short Videos on How Prayer Can Change Your Life

Engaging heart, mind and soul in this central Jewish practice.

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How Two Ordinary Teenagers are Changing the World


Their mind-blowing responses to Hurricane Harvey and a sick neighbor is the inspiration we need for the High Holidays.

Three Things I Learned by Deleting Facebook from My Phone

Breaking any habit is hard. But I’m learning to embrace the white space of life.

Hurricanes and Our Rosh Hashanah Prayers

Even blessings can become misfortunes when they appear in the form of excess.

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Here’s What Counts: A Letter to My Children


Important wisdom I’ve learned in my nearly 40 years of living – more than 14 of them as your mother.

Don’t Let Your Mistakes Define You

Like the professional athlete, you’ve got to get back into the game and play to win.

Menus for Before and After Yom Kippur

Tips and recipes for eating well before and after the fast.

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The Dating Coach’s 49 Blessings for the New Year


Focusing on blessings while you’re working on finding the right one.

5 Ways to Date with Clarity

Why is dating so complicated? Help!

Guy Confessions: What I Want to Tell the Shadchan

Four points from actively dating dudes that could make Jewish dating even better.

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Apology APPccepted


Introducing the pre-Yom Kippur APP!

What Jewish History Forgot: Yom Kippur Edition

Studies show that stock prices are tied to Yom Kippur?!

Jtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Larry David and "Bageling"

What's your best "bageling" story?

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The Cry of the Shofar: Its Incredible Power and Meaning


The shofar pierces our external personas and reconnects us to our true inner selves.

Heroes of Israel: Poverty's Angel

Aryeh Lurie is keeping the promise he made as a hungry child.

The Wake-Up: A Short Rosh Hashanah Video

Waking up from a deep sleep may require extreme measures.

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Mind the Gap


Count your blessings before the Day of Atonement.

Mess Up? Then "Fess" Up

A Yom Kippur story for the family.

Judgment Tempered With Mercy

Is Yom Kippur a day of atonement or a day of judgment?

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Creation: A Convergence of Torah and Science

Once unthinkable, the accounts of creation by Torah and science are converging.

17. Tzitzit

How to gain some meta-physical "fringe" benefits.

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