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A Non-Jew Seeks Advice
Dating Advice

A Non-Jew Seeks Advice

The Jewish man I broke up with is furious, but I don’t want an interfaith marriage.

The Meaning of Kaddish The Meaning of Kaddish

The Meaning of Kaddish

The message of the Kaddish prayer - remembering your mission in this world.

Forgiving the Impossible

Forgiving the Impossible

During the Holocaust, my grandmother gave up everything for her closest friend, only to be abandoned in return.

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

The death of my husband forced me to reexamine the purpose of my existence.

The Spanish Inquisition and MeEditor's Pick

The Spanish Inquisition and Me

Becoming a Jew was my greatest act of defiance.

The German Jew who Started the Paralympic Games


Dr. Ludwig Guttmann’s belief in the value of every human being changed the future of disabled people.

Desalination, Israel and Peace

How a new source of water is helping reduce conflict in the Middle East.

The Nazi Doctor who Saved a Jewish G.I.

Robert Levine was captured by the Nazis. As his life hung in balance, his dog tags revealed that he was Jewish.

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Can I Really Change the World?


How one small act can trigger movement across generations.

Her Name was Patience

She was unusual and the kids knew it. The time has come to ask her forgiveness.

8 Ways to Make Your Life Miserable

And keep the insidious feelings of joy and gratitude at bay.

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Glamorizing Hitler


“Hitler Chic” isn’t just a matter of poor taste. It’s protecting the dignity of the six million Jews murdered and battling resurgent anti-Semitism today.

The Morning After the Election

Like it or not, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected the 45th president of the United States of America. Here’s how we can prepare.

Work and Having Children

My husband and I want to start a family but we both love our intense jobs and neither one of us is ready to give our job.

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Four Toxic Patterns of Communication in Marriage


And how to make sure they don’t poison your relationship.

Opening Your Eyes to Awe

Holding on to our sense of curiosity and awe, because it opens our minds and links us to the Almighty.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

It’s easy to make, healthier and better tasting.

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Dating with Dignity


5 ways to infuse your dates with the respect you both deserve.

Ghosting Your Relationships

Yes, breaking up is hard to do, but if you want to end a relationship it’s a must.

How Do I Know if He’s the One?

How you can answer that big question for yourself.

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Don’t be a Hater


The rabbis instructed us to eliminate baseless hatred. Here are some of my tips for even the most annoying of people.

The Yiddish Ventriloquist

This dummy's got a yiddishe kop.

Jtube: Kicking and Screaming

How can we develop our patience?

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Tisha B'Av: The Root of Destruction


The meaning behind the tears.

All for One

Tisha B'av and the secret of Jewish unity.

Crash Course on Tisha B'Av

A fascinating overview capturing the meaning of the holiday.

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Job Opening: Leader


You are the best person to raise your children because no one cares about them as much as you do.

Moses' Disappointment

Did Moses fail as a parent?

Pinchas and Kayin

The mystical connection between the two.

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Does Evolution Contradict the Genesis Account?

by and

The rabbi offers his take on the question of whether evolution and the Torah's creation account can be reconciled.

Crash Course in Jewish Blessings

Why do we bless God? Isn’t He blessing us?

What The Angel Taught You

Seven keys to life fulfillment.

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