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(2) Shawn Loura, November 16, 2001 12:00 AM

The Noachide:

I am very greatful for this site of which i believe was given off from a lds site , which is how I found this link...
I goto an Orthodox shule every week to help out or as I have found out "Chesed"as well as I also work for the shul in fixing it up and cleaning some things out ... as well as the Rabbi's house or shuls house..

This site offers great insight to my study of Jewish idealogy etc ...
Though I am Devout as possible as a latter Day saint and keep my sabbath etc..

It is always good to learn about other religions and understand them which leads to greater Tolorance and Love .
For excample i have learned from reading it is very important to be early for shul also this imo or in my opinion adds to the reverance which is needed at any church or shul service .

I like what I see in many jews and there reverance and love for Torah or their Siddar "prayer book".
but to summ this all up......

The love and welcome you have for a non-Jew at your shul's is wonderful though I know there are always a few people regaurdless of religion that are not so welcoming but for those that are may G-d bless them...
Seeing Jews and non-Jews get along and not having to worry about preaching from either side is always a plus if you know what I mean..
Noachide from what a friend of Rabbi Yagod? spelling from the portland Maine Shaarey Thpolah again ? spelling at shul oonce told me " Noachide Jews and non jews side by side as friends "

though as a Latter day Saint we concider our selfs to be of israel or the tribes of israel myself of Ephraim which I am also Jewish by blood only ...
anyways Idont want to be disrespectful or start preaching cause that would be against your beliefs which I understand and respect...

once a Jew always a Jew..
What I love about Jews is their intelligence and their love for humanity and Country be it america or israel which both I believe are chosen lands .
Shalom, your friend Shawn Loura

(1) pam stern, September 10, 2000 12:00 AM

This was fabulous! I learn better through auditory methods, and this was a wonderful summary!! I also thought his voice was clear and interesting!


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