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A Letter to My Beloved Sister

A Letter to My Beloved Sister

Thank you for giving me the gift of your beautiful soul.

Why Did God Create the World? Why Did God Create the World?

Why Did God Create the World?

If God is perfect and has no needs, why create the world?

The Dangers of Being a Jew in France Today

The Dangers of Being a Jew in France Today interviews a number of Jews living in France. Their future is precarious.

Four Ways to Be Happier Without Changing Anything (but Your Mind)

Four Ways to Be Happier Without Changing Anything (but Your Mind)

Cynics beware! Following the advice in this article will make you happier.

Natalie Portman’s Insult to IsraelEditor's Pick
Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Natalie Portman’s Insult to Israel

And her timing could not have been more inappropriate.

Israel: Defying the Odds


A small place making a big difference.

Hamas’s Dirty War against Israel

Hamas’s “March of Return” is the latest example of their use of “sharp power” to harm Israel.

An Israeli Arab Defends His Country

Yahya Mahamid’s journey from hate to help.

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Is Judaism Concerned with Conservation?


Does it really matter when a species goes extinct?

From Rose Bowl to Rashi: My Unique Journey to Judaism

The legendary all-star Rose Bowl running back makes his most sensational touchdown run as an Orthodox Jew.

9 Quotes about Israel from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Israel is the home of hope.

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My Thoughts and Struggles about Not Being a Parent

by Anonymous

A truthful book about one woman’s struggles with infertility.

My Boring Husband

Every day is the same and I’m going out of my mind.

Banning the Kippah

The Anne House employee isn’t the only person told not to wear his kippah at work.

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You’ve Got Mail!


Remember the excitement of getting a letter?

Time Is Flying By

The older you get, the quicker time seems to move.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Scary Things

Five key strategies to keep in mind.

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Podcast: Dating with Confidence


Columnist Aleeza Ben Shalom on how to defeat your inner critic and date with more confidence.

Dating Someone from Another Country

I thought it would be easier than it is.

What’s Really Wrong with the Insulting “Jewish Man’s Rebellion” Essay

Don’t minimize the inherent difficulties in inter-faith marriage.

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Let's talk about the craziest and most dangerous aspect of going to synagogue: the coatroom.

Jtube: David Letterman: Jews and Golf

Why aren’t there more famous Jewish golfers?

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I Am Israeli


Why you should celebrate Israel Independence Day.

Israel Wave Your Flag's video sensation celebrating Israel's birthday!

A Soldier’s Gift: An Amazing True Story

One act of kindness has unintended life-altering consequences.

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Love Is Not Enough


Relationships need rules and boundaries.

Higher Than the Angels

All holiness begins at the dinner table.


Judaism places enormous respect on the elderly.

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Judaism and Cosmetic Surgery


A comprehensive overview on plastic surgery in Jewish law.

Miracle of Israel #20 - Independence and War

For the first time in 2,000 years, the Jews regain sovereignty over their ancient homeland.

The Meaning of Kaddish

The message of the Kaddish prayer - remembering your mission in this world.

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