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Disclosing Medical Conditions in Dating
Dating Advice

Disclosing Medical Conditions in Dating

I have a chronic illness. My friends believe I’m a wonderful catch but I am afraid I’ll be viewed as "damaged goods".

Stop Saying

Stop Saying "It's Broken"

Broken implies that fixing something is hopeless. More often than not, that’s not the case.

My Carpet Tells a Story

My Carpet Tells a Story

Getting my living room carpet cleaned uncovered a startling truth.

Behind Enemy Lines: Jewish Woman who Spied on Nazis

Behind Enemy Lines: Jewish Woman who Spied on Nazis

German soldiers thought she was a blonde bimbo looking for her Nazi fiancé. How did this courageous Jew from an Orthodox family become a spy?

The Choice of AdarEditor's Pick

The Choice of Adar

Purim teaches us to appreciate the world's awesome beauty, amidst so much chaos and horror.

Am I the Enemy?


Mark Halawa grew up as a Muslim in Kuwait. During a conversation with a rabbi he discovered he was a Jew.

Lost Synagogues of New York City

Photographs and history of shuls that have been turned into churches and community centers.

How to Talk About Israel’s African-Migrant Crisis

Switzerland, too, is toughening its stance on Eritreans—and no one is calling it a Gestapo state.

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Entrepreneur's Childhood Shaped his $19 Billion Startup


How an impoverished and orphaned immigrant launched one of the most successful apps in the world.

Why This Jewish Billionaire Keeps Shabbat

At first it seemed like a burden but it gives me time with my wife and children and friends.

Friday the Rabbi Got Hijacked

My 18-hour ordeal on a Delta flight hijacked to Cuba in 1980.

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Aiding Nazis in Mass Killing of Jews


Father Desbois is on a mission to expose the Holocaust’s hidden crimes.

I Don't Know a Single Person on this Earth Anymore

Too many elderly people have no real relationship with their grandchildren. They are completely alone.

Germany Remains Deeply Anti-Semitic

How anti-Semitic is Germany today? A Holocaust survivor stuns German TV viewers with her candid answer.

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15 Jewish Quotes about Love


Reflecting Judaism’s views of love, marriage and companionship.

Is Your Marriage the Top Priority?

Why do we have a tough time putting our husbands first?

Real Life Kosher Cooking

Creating delicious food for the life you live.

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Stressing Over that First Date?

by columnist Aleeza Ben Shalom explains how to chill out.

Do You Only Date Jews?

The defining choice for children of interfaith marriage.

7 Common Dating Myths

For starters: there’s no such thing as bashert.

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How to Help Jewish Singles


I am single, and no I am not looking for a “shidduch”.

Jtube: Toyota 2018 Big Game Ad: One Team

What do you think of this ad that aired during the Super Bowl?

Fundraising Fun

A how-not-to guide to raise money for your shul.

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Apple to Apples: From Adam & Eve to Steve Jobs


A short, inspiring Tu B’Shvat video.

Festival of Trees: Why Celebrate in the Dead of Winter?

The art of making the bitter sweet.

It's Your World

Taking responsibility for the environment. A message for Tu B'shvat.

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Why We Value What We Make


Why the greatest gift is to give people the chance to create.

Giving and Receiving

When you give, you receive.

Holy Inside and Out

The importance of authenticity.

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Your 10 Guiding Principles for Life

by Yaakov Grossman

A tool for staying focused on what's really important in life.

Instructions For Living

A short film featuring Rabbi Noah Weinberg's inspirational wisdom.

The Spiritual Roots of Anti-Semitism

If the world hates the Jews, here's what can be done to respond.

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