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How to Become a Better Learner

How to Become a Better Learner

Jim Kwik’s transformative ideas to increase your brain power.

American Jewry is Disappearing

American Jewry is Disappearing

Patrilineal descent and intermarriage are the problem, not the solution.

Why The Transformers Movies Are Really Stories Of Jewish Resilience and Adaptability
Moral of the Story

Why The Transformers Movies Are Really Stories Of Jewish Resilience and Adaptability

It seems like an appropriate time to reveal that the Transformers are Jewish.

Why I Burnt 30 Years of Journals

Why I Burnt 30 Years of Journals

To move forward, don’t look back.

The Scandalous Murder of Alexander RubowitzEditor's Pick

The Scandalous Murder of Alexander Rubowitz

In 1947 a Jewish boy, 16, was kidnapped from Jerusalem and never seen again. His alleged abductor, a British WWII hero, apparently got away with murder.

The American Jew who Smuggled Holocaust Survivors to Israel


The true story of the secret operation to ferry thousands of desperate Holocaust survivors to Israel.

J.R.R. Tolkien's Jewish Great-Grandson

Nicholas Tolkien is an observant Jew whose new play about the Holocaust just opened in New York.

Sarah Halimi’s Murder: Masking Jew Hatred in France

French police refusal to call the murder of an Orthodox woman by a Muslim a hate crime is causing an uproar.

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Listening to the Angel


How to attain genuine self-respect.

Middot Series #11 – Preserving the Peace

Harvey S. Hecker Character Development Series: Meeting others more than halfway.


Tuvia Ariel’s amazing true story about a number from the Holocaust.

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Involuntary Manslaughter through Words


A recent, precedent-setting case shows how words can literally kill.

Dear Emuna: Married Lonely Hearts Club

Advice to two wives who, for different reasons, feel lonely at home.

(Not) Dressed for the Prom

What message are we giving our daughters when we pay for revealing dresses that objectify their body?

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Trump and Other Topics I Refuse to Talk About

We are given only a certain number of words to use in our lifetime. Don’t waste them.

9 Ways to Get Your Partner Back

Headed for divorce? Don’t give up hope yet.

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6 Mindsets for More Attractive Dating


How to reframe your thinking to reveal a better you.

How Do I Get a Second Date?

Help! For some reason my first date is always my last.

10 Out-of-the-Box Dating Activities

Tired of sitting in a café? Here are some fun dating ideas for types of couples.

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The Jewish Alexa for the Jewish Smart House


Introducing Aviva, the know-it-all maven more intelligent than all other digital personal assistants.

Bad Buffet Behavior

The all-you-can-eat buffet is the only thing on this planet that serves more food than the average Jewish mother.

Jtube: Tom Papa Standup: We're Winners

Why are we so obsessed with our physical appearances?

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The Star of David

The deeper meaning of this iconic Jewish symbol.

The Ultimate Love Letter

Despite the distance, it has forged an unbreakable bond for generations.

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A Lesson in Conflict Resolution


Why didn’t the death of Korach and his followers end the conflict?

Family Ties

What was the real nature of Jacob's prayer concerning Korach?

The Green Monster

Everything I have is a tool to accomplish my unique mission in this world.

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For Women Only


Three mitzvoth, special to women, elevate the home to spiritual heights.

Q&A: Why Judaism’s Attachment to the Land of Israel?

If Judaism is a religion, why does it need a country?

Yizkor: The Memorial Prayer Service

A basic explanation of the what, how and why of this meaningful prayer.

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