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10 Guidelines for Healthy Discipline

10 Guidelines for Healthy Discipline

How to administer effective discipline without hurting your child.

The Shabbat Massacre

The Shabbat Massacre

Yosef, Chaya, and Elad Salomon lived for their spiritual heritage. Shabbat night they died for it.

Energy Boosting Power Foods

Energy Boosting Power Foods

These meatless, parve dishes are perfect for Shabbos, spring and summer, and are also great for the Nine Days.

Ten Signs You’re Ready for Marriage

Ten Signs You’re Ready for Marriage

It has far less to do with age than it does with being emotionally ready for a lifelong commitment.

My Mother-in-Law: Jewish Heroine and Nazi KillerEditor's Pick

My Mother-in-Law: Jewish Heroine and Nazi Killer

The thrilling, true story of Rachel Blum’s struggle to survive in a world bent on destroying her.

Margaret Thatcher and the Jews

A new book explores her deep connection with the Jewish people.

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau’s Revenge

A true story from Buchenwald, witnessed by Rabbi Lau when he was a young boy.

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What Does It Take to be a True Hero?

An inspiring Charlie Harary video.

Stand Up Paddle Board and Facing Life’s Waves

Keep moving forward and don’t be afraid of the waves.

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13 Reasons Why Pushback


By committing suicide, Hannah Baker took the selfish route that hurt many people, most of all herself.

British Hero Cop who Saved a Jew in Jerusalem

Det. Sergeant Richard Burgess fought off three Arabs who were attacking a Jew and nearly lost his own life in the process.

The Most Important Speech Ever Given by a French President on Anti-Semitism

President Macron equated anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism and said Jew-hatred wasn’t born with the Vichy regime, nor did it die after the liberation of France.

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Mourning What Could Have Been


Grieving the loss of potential new life connected me to mourning the destruction of the Temple.

Exciting Recipe Ideas for the Nine Days

Fish and vegetarian options that will make you feel like you’ve experienced international street food from all over the world.

Non-Meat Recipes for the Nine Days

Here are some delicious menu ideas for the Nine Days that your entire family will enjoy.

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Guy Confessions: What I Want to Tell the Shadchan


Four points from actively dating dudes that could make Jewish dating even better.

Not Feeling It, Should I Break Up?

My rule of thumb: When in doubt, keep going out.

6 Mindsets for More Attractive Dating

How to reframe your thinking to reveal a better you.

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Jewish Summer Camp: Stuff No Parent Wants to Hear


”Sorry sport, but mom and dad are sick of having you at home.”

Jtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Bar Mitzvah Party

Should Jewish role models take priority over non-Jewish ones?

Out of Towners

To New Yorkers, anyone from outside the Tri-State area is an “Out of Towner.” And we find your manners adorably considerate.

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Why Did Edward Reichmann Want to be Buried with his Socks On?

by and

The incredible story about the dying billionaire's odd letter to his family.

Holy Fire, Holy Music: The Piaseczna Niggun

A moving music video about the Piaseczna Rebbe, Rav Kalonymus Kalman Shapira.

Babylon: A Music Video

Imagine yearning for something 2000 years.

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I'll Be Back


Keeping promises can you define you as a person.


Never lose sight of what really matters.

Leadership at Times of Crisis

Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah: lessons in leadership.

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Jews & Birthdays


Why I won’t be celebrating my birthday.

Suffering and Consolation: A Father's Perspective

My daughter's battle with leukemia taught me how to find consolation even in the midst of terrible pain.

Centrality of Israel

Why is Israel so important to Judaism, and why does the world pay it such an extraordinary amount of attention?

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