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The Billionaire who Won't Leave his Kids a Penny

The Billionaire who Won't Leave his Kids a Penny

The connection between wealth and happiness isn't what you think.

How I Chose My Hebrew Name

How I Chose My Hebrew Name

Prior to converting, I wanted to pick a Hebrew name that would reflect what I aspired to be.

Dating Intervention
Dating Advice

Dating Intervention

My friend is stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Should I risk our friendship and say something?

Four Mantras to Help Moms Keep their Cool

Four Mantras to Help Moms Keep their Cool

Because happy and healthy mothers make happy and healthy children.

Join the Jewish RevolutionEditor's Pick

Join the Jewish Revolution

My reply to a person considering intermarriage.

85-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor’s Bar Mitzvah


Celebrating his bar mitzvah with his grandson, Harry Bibla attains the ultimate victory.

A Special Kaddish for a Fallen Soldier

I took our Birthright group to Mt. Herzl, Israel’s national military cemetery. Little did we know what was awaiting us.

Lag B’Omer: Better than Love

How do we understand the deaths of Rabbi Akiva’s students?

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#3: Gratitude


Harvey S. Hecker Character Development Series: It’s not happy people who are thankful; it’s thankful people who are happy.

Lag B'Omer and the Fiery Power of Purpose

Every Jew is irreplaceable.

The Essence of Kabbalah

Mastering the art of receiving.

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Love's missing ingredient.

My Husband Doesn’t Care about My Feelings

He is too busy running after his desires to really invest in our marriage.

Judaism, Depression and Happiness

Exploring Jewish wisdom on the reasons for sadness and how to attain happiness.

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Half a Mother


Accepting the gift of single motherhood.

Why So Many Young Jewish Couples are Divorcing

4 keys to understanding the crisis facing singles and marriage today.

#1 Most Important Thing to Change Your Marriage

How to make the biggest instant impact on your marriage.

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Still Single after All these Years


How to use the challenges of being single to come closer to God.

Stop Being So Picky!

And other clichés to avoid using with singles.

Did I Scare Him Away?

How to stop worrying about dating and just be yourself.

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Don’t Be Skittish, Bring Back Yiddish!


They say that Yiddish is dying off, but I’m not ready to give this colorful language any sort of burial!

America’s 7 Least Influential Jews

You’re more important than all of them combined.

Jtube: Woodlawn: Defeating Goliath

What Goliaths have you slain in your life?

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Heavy Metal Hatikva


A rocking 6-string salute to Israel.

I Am Israeli

Why you should celebrate Israel Independence Day.

It Hurts to Part from You

A moving tribute to fallen Israeli soldiers.

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Listen To The Land


Life is too precious and too fleeting to waste on pettiness.

Family Feeling

Family is central to Judaism.

Giving With Dignity

The importance of preserving independence and self-esteem.

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The First Pillar of Jewish Law: The Rif


Appreciating the trailblazing scholarly work of Rabbi Yitzchak al-Fasi.

ABC's of the Omer

The significance, customs and mechanics of counting the Omer.

Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

Unique in its universality, intensity, longevity and irrationality: What is the root of anti-Semitism?

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