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White Privilege

White Privilege

A South African representative offered my mother, a war refugee, a ticket to freedom. “You’re white. That makes you a first class citizen.”

Everything Comes to Those Who Wait

Everything Comes to Those Who Wait

Discovering my mother’s favorite adage isn’t true.

Countering Hate in Montana

Countering Hate in Montana

Neo-Nazis are planning a march against Jews in a small Montana town. Here's what you can do about it.

Death, My CompanionEditor's Pick

Death, My Companion

The doctor told me I had a fatal disease, and at age 77 I realized I'm actually going to die.

When Your Husband Becomes Ill


Suddenly I woke up on a different planet.

The Secret Jew & Incredible Survival of his Lost Manuscript

The amazing story of Luis de Carvajal, a secret Jew who was murdered in the 1500s, and the unlikely survival of his handwritten memoirs.

Burying Erez Orbach

We buried a beloved son and soldier from our community who was killed in the horrific terror attack in Jerusalem.

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The Power of Gazing at the Stars


In a miff? Sometimes all you have to do is look up.

#9: Envy: The Path to Self-Defeat

Harvey S. Hecker Character Development Series: Avoiding the damaging spiral of jealousy and frustration.

My Son with Asperger’s

I have begun to see your life through the prism of Asperger's and my frustration is slowly transforming into understanding.

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Listening to My Parents?


School is hard. I want to take a day off. But my parents say I shouldn’t.

Daughter-in-Law Badmouthing My Son

My daughter-in-law talks to me negatively about my son. How do I set a boundary?

My Battle with Postpartum Depression

Even though I felt myself being sucked into an abyss of darkness, I refused to reach out for help.

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8 Ways to Cultivate Happiness in Your Child


Nurturing optimism in yourself and your family.

Why Vince Lombardi Was Wrong

Lessons from playing Foosball with my grandson.

Where has Zaidy Gone?

A new book teaches parents how to talk about death with kids.

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Doubts in Dating


I’m just not sure if this feels right. What should I do?

How to Survive When You’re Not Dating

Practical tips to keep going when there’s no prospect in sight.

Rebbetzin Jungreis’s Tell-It-Like-It-Is Dating Advice

How one difficult conversation changed a woman’s life.

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10 Simple Tips for Making Jews Laugh


Don’t resort to Fiddlerization or Yentl-ication.

Sweet Bread

When exactly did challah turn into dessert?

Londoners Try to Pronounce Jewish Words

See what happens when we asked members of the public in Camden Town, London to pronounce some long-winded Jewish words.

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With His Dream on the Line


An Israeli soldier faces a moral dilemma that threatens his dream of getting into an elite combat unit.

The Shuk Gallery: Jerusalem’s Incredible Secret

Incredible video how an independent art project is changing the face of Jerusalem.

It's Your World

Taking responsibility for the environment. A message for Tu B'shvat.

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Hold on to Your Values


Why do we bless our sons that they should be like Ephraim and Menashe?

Repairing the World

Why don’t we know the date of the Messiah’s arrival?

Jewish Time

Judaism and the birth of hope.

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Reward and Punishment


Striking a balance between this temporal world and the eternal afterlife.

The Truth about the West Bank

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Beauty Industry Vs. Modesty

How the media is destroying our self image and what we can do about it.

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