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8 Ways to Make Your Life Miserable

8 Ways to Make Your Life Miserable

And keep the insidious feelings of joy and gratitude at bay.

#BlackLivesMatter #AmYisraelChai

#BlackLivesMatter #AmYisraelChai

The striking and surprising affinities between the contemporary African-American and Jewish struggles for freedom and dignity.

Can I Really Change the World?

Can I Really Change the World?

How one small act can trigger movement across generations.

Alan Dershowitz Dismantles the BDS Movement Alan Dershowitz Dismantles the BDS Movement

Alan Dershowitz Dismantles the BDS Movement

Their goal is to destroy Israel. Boycott, divestment and sanction is just a tactic that is being used to attack only Israel.

A Soldier’s Gift: An Amazing True StoryEditor's Pick A Soldier’s Gift: An Amazing True Story

A Soldier’s Gift: An Amazing True Story

One act of kindness has unintended life-altering consequences.

Killing Qandeel Baloch


A Pakistani celebrity becomes the latest victim of so-called “honor killings.”

Israel and Racism in America

Students for Justice in Palestine exploit the deaths of innocent Americans to further their own anti-Semitic political agenda.

Shaming Arab Women to be Martyrs

Where is the feminist outcry?

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Elie Wiesel and the Radicalization of a Hassidic Girl


Elie Wiesel took me to Auschwitz and in a certain way, I never came back.

Forgiving the Impossible

During the Holocaust, my grandmother gave up everything for her closest friend, only to be abandoned in return.

In a Heartbeat

Mordechai Sultan was about to suffer a massive heart attack that would have killed him if not for an incredible series of incidents.

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Work and Having Children


My husband and I want to start a family but we both love our intense jobs and neither one of us is ready to give our job.

When the Victims of Terror Are Not Jews

The terrorism of Nice and the world's select outrage.

The Terrorist Attack in France

It seems that nowhere is safe. How do we live in these times of uncertainty?

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5 Life Lessons I Learned from My Teenagers


My teen kids have been at sleepover camp for one week and I actually miss them to pieces.

God Save the Queen

My recent trip to London gave me a glimmer of understanding of what the monarchy means.

Creating a Safe Relationship

How to ensure your marriage is accepting, warm and supportive.

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A Non-Jew Seeks Advice


The Jewish man I broke up with is furious, but I don’t want an interfaith marriage.

Dating with Dignity

5 ways to infuse your dates with the respect you both deserve.

Ghosting Your Relationships

Yes, breaking up is hard to do, but if you want to end a relationship it’s a must.

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Forget Pokémon Go… now there’s Pokémensch!

Famous Jews’ Last Words: Revealed for First Time!

Just before his passing, Harry Houdini apparently said, “Now you see me; now you don’t!”

Jtube: Streit's: Matzo and the American Dream

Do Jewish companies have more of a moral responsibility to keep their employees employed?

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It’s Not About the Wheelchair


Aaron Fotheringham’s confinement to a wheelchair isn’t stopping him from attaining his dreams.

Take The Shot

The only failure is not trying.

Questions from God

What’s really important in life?

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What Makes God Laugh


The folly of human delusions of grandeur.

What Is Israel's National Mission?

The Torah isn't a history book; why does it tell us the story of Balak and Bilaam?


The hardest word to hear.

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Does Evolution Contradict the Genesis Account?

by and

The rabbi offers his take on the question of whether evolution and the Torah's creation account can be reconciled.

Crash Course in Jewish Blessings

Why do we bless God? Isn’t He blessing us?

What The Angel Taught You

Seven keys to life fulfillment.

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