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How to Deepen Your Long-Distance Relationship

How to Deepen Your Long-Distance Relationship

9 tips on how to make your LDR thrive.

Mom with a View


We seem to be living in a world of increasing indifference and selfishness.

Just Do It

Just Do It

Why I observe Judaism even when I don’t feel like it.

The Distasteful Holocaust Ice Dance Routine

The Distasteful Holocaust Ice Dance Routine

“Not one of the six million danced and a concentration camp is not a summer camp.”

My First Year of Marriage: 3 Top LessonsEditor's Pick

My First Year of Marriage: 3 Top Lessons

Including: don’t ever talk about your past relationships.

Fidel Castro and the Jews


Some surprising numbers related to Fidel Castro’s relationship with Israel and Jews.

Fostering 187 Children

Shmuel and Yaffa Shecter, Holocaust survivors who moved to Israel, opened their home to anyone in need.

Yoram Raanan’s Art Studio Destroyed in the Fire

2000 original works of art by the incredibly talented painter went up in smoke.

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Letting Go of Resentment in 5 Hard Steps


Since carrying it around is even harder.

The Race to Catch My Flight

Running as fast as I could as the final call blared, I realized I had lost my handbag.

The Henny Machlis Guide to Character Improvement

Henny’s loving-kindness, generosity, and exemplary character were the product of a lifetime of striving and working on herself.

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Forgiving Ralph Branca


Why the infamous Brooklyn Dodger pitcher, who recently passed away, didn’t deserve all that hatred. And the surprising Jewish connection.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give: An Amazing True Story

And it doesn't cost a penny.

My Emotionally Distant Mom

My mother constantly complains and criticizes instead of giving me love.

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8 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Children


Including “Who spilled the milk?” and “How was school today?”

Awesome Jars: A Transformational Tool for your Family

Instilling the art of acknowledging the good into your home.

My Big Birthday

Every birthday is an opportunity to reflect and be grateful.

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Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Date


Great conversation starters you can use on a date.

7 Things to Let Go in Dating

Common obstacles on the road to finding your soul mate.

When Do I Tell Him?

How to share sensitive information to your date.

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Up in the Air Chair


Why do Jews lift their newlyweds up in the air in chairs?

8 Jewish Movies for Oscar Consideration

Close Encounters of the Hebraic Kind follows pig farmer Christian Christianson who witnesses an El Al Airline plane flying through the night sky.

Jtube: Are You Lost in the World Like Me

Are we better off with or without social media?

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Why Do We Say Shabbat Shalom?


The deeper Kabbalistic significance of Shabbat.

Why 13 Is the Age for a Bar Mitzvah

Celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, Charlie Harary’s son explains what it means to become a man.

Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds

Do angry birds have a choice to be angry?

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Esau and the seduction of instant gratification.

Why Did Isaac Love Esau?

Sometimes love can do what rebuke cannot.

Free Will or Predestination

Were Esau and Jacob’s tendencies to evil and righteousness, respectively, fixed prior to birth? What about free will?

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Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism


Exploring Judaism’s unique claim that no other religion in history has made.

Jerusalem (10 min video)

A Stunning video tour of 3000 years of Jewish History.

Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness

An M.I.T. trained scientist takes a look at Darwin, the fossil record, and the likelihood of random evolution.

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