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  • Torah Reading: Naso
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France & the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup

France & the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup

In July, 1942, over 13,000 Jews, including 4,000 children, were arrested and placed in hellish conditions in the Paris Velodrome to be delivered to the Nazi killing machine.

Surviving the Holocaust

Surviving the Holocaust

Eva Kohan attributes her survival entirely to God.

Pushing Death

Pushing Death

Society’s emphasis on the quality of life society is perverting our most basic moral intuitions.

Auschwitz Violins and the Jewish State

Auschwitz Violins and the Jewish State

Those violins that found their way from Auschwitz to Israel give voice to the Jewish people’s hope for returning home.

Joyce Azria: Fashion Icon and Orthodox JewEditor's Pick

Joyce Azria: Fashion Icon and Orthodox Jew

The energetic designer’s journey from Chanel to Shabbat.

The Jew who Financed the American Revolution

Haym Salomon’s financial risk-taking helped establish America.

Alaska Airlines and the Jews of Yemen

Despite enormous danger, 28 Alaska Airlines pilots made some 380 flights and airlifted 48,818 refugees to Israel.

Tufts University’s Anti-Israel Resolution

An open letter to the students of Tufts from one of its Assistant Professors.

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Our Son’s Special Bar Mitzvah


One milestone day encapsulated the highs and lows of raising a child with Down's syndrome.

Hare Krishna & My Search for Truth

Growing up in an abusive environment, I was always yearning for home.

Viktor Frankl, Passover, and the Meaning of Freedom

Taste the power of true freedom.

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Becoming a Mother Changed How I View My Body


My journey from having a negative body image to finding self-love.

Hookup Culture Wreaks Havoc on Campus

New research reveals that a many students find themselves in a fog of depression, confusion, and hurt.

Should I Turn Off My Phone?

People think we are too connected to our phones. I’m not sure I agree.

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Women Want Empathy, Men Crave Affirmation


My new insight regarding differences between my husband and me.

The Line Outside My Bedroom Door

If only I had an ensuite bathroom!

Kosher for Passover Zoodles

Tantalizing vegetable recipes for Passover.

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Overcoming Dating Anxiety


7 practical tips to calm yourself down and focus on connecting with your date.

5 Techniques for Meaningful Conversation in Dating

How to go from casual conversation to a deep, meaningful one.

10 Questions to Find Out if You're Dating Jewishly

Because how we date is just as important as who we date.

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Jtube: The Boss Baby

Why do some people love animals more than they love humans?

The Unreported Benefits of Matzah

Why matzah is a detective's dream.

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If I Forget You, Jerusalem


An inspiring music video celebrating Jerusalem in all its beauty.

Passover: I’m in Love with the Taste of You

An epic Passover mashup celebrating freedom throughout history.

Matzah: Running Out of Time

This is your chance. Don’t miss it!

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Holy Food


The gift of self-control.

The Light of Holiness

Becoming partners with God in creation.

You Eat What You Are

The right way to feed your soul.

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ABC's of the Omer


The significance, customs and mechanics of counting the Omer.

The Truth about Refugees

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs explains the historical facts relating to the issue of refugees in the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Pidyon Ha'ben - Redemption of First Born

Explaining the Jewish ceremony of buying a baby boy for five silver coins.

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