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Israeli Aid Fighting Ebola Spread

by and

Israeli expertise is working to prevent the spread of the deadly virus in Africa.

Paula Abdul is Keeping Shabbat

Discover why she is part of the upcoming worldwide Shabbat Project.

The Jews of Syria: A Lost Civilization

Syrian Jewry’s illustrious past began thousands of years ago. Today some 50 Jews remain.

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Einstein's Biggest Mistake


Ingrained bias caused Einstein to make what he called the biggest blunder of his career.

The After-Holidays Blues

It’s during the quiet times of life that we show God what we are truly made of.

Truth, Justice or Peace

Which one are you really seeking?

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Quarantining Ebola


A contemporary lesson from the Torah’s application of quarantine.

Europe’s Alarming New Anti-Semitism

Attacks and hateful rhetoric against Jews are on the rise – and it’s not just Jews who should worry.

Sears’ Swastika Ring

Is an apology enough?

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Glory Days

Don’t live in the past. The best is yet to come!

The Sukkah’s Embrace

Rebbetzin Kanievsky & the sheltering sweetness of a mother’s love.

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Casey’s Dating Wisdom


As someone who hated the dating scene and did something about it, Casey Shevel knows a thing or two about effective dating.

3 Dating Questions for the New Year

On setting up previous dates, moving to small town for a great job but few dates, and taking a break from dating.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Breaking someone’s heart for the right reason.

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Losing Sleep


When I go to sleep I’m out like a light. My wife though takes a bit longer and then blames me for it, like there’s a certain amount of sleep to go around, and I’m using all of it up.


We Jews love to laugh at ourselves. So let’s do that with some “Jewpers” – or Bloopers involving Jews.

Jtube: Jerry Seinfeld at the CLIO Awards

Does focusing on material things bring happiness?

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My Syrian Friend


What is the essence of friendship?

Vertical Success: Lessons from the Gym

Are you on the path to attain true success?

The Three Most Important Words in a Relationship

And they’re not what you think!

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Judgment Tempered With Mercy

Is Yom Kippur a day of atonement or a day of judgment?

Noah's Ark

The Torah’s contemporary lessons not included in the hit film.

Noach and Avraham

Why wasn’t Noah the father of the Jewish people?

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ABCs of Honoring Parents


In Judaism, every day is Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Jewish View of Money

The Torah manner of giving charity, respecting others' property, and dealing honestly in business.

Biblical Archeology: Bringing the Bible to Life

Independent sources confirm many of the major and minor characters of the Bible.

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