Some women seem to be more interested in over-achieving than in maintaining a relationship.

Purim & the Dress that Took Over the Internet
Appearances can be deceiving.

Take Off Your Mask
This Purim, remove the four masks we wear and experience true joy.

Freedom Under Attack
A warning to the world from the UN General Assembly podium: Don’t close your eyes to the atrocities around you.

Israel's Legal Founding
Despite Israel’s lawful origins, it is the only country in the world whose legitimacy has been questioned.

A proud polio survivor, I was blissfully unaware of the stigma many attach to paralysis and deformity. Until I wanted to start dating.

Five Motivational Quotes
And their underlying Jewish values.

The Jewish Story Behind Spock
Leonard Nimoy, who passed away last week, explains how the hand-gesture of the Priestly blessing became Spock’s Vulcan salute.

Purim Animated
Watch the Purim story come alive.

Teens, Drinking & Purim
Giving your teens helpful, safe guidelines.

Delicious, Healthy Purim Recipes
Some tantalizing salads for your festive Purim meal.

Purim: Redeeming the Sin of Eden
A video series that takes a closer, more grown-up look at the Book of Esther.

Self-Discipline and Grit
Help! I need to lose weight after being in bed for a month with mono.

One Jew’s creative way to help people quit smoking. Whoopi Goldberg is on board.

5 Rules for Fighting Fair
The latest studies on how to have a good fight.

7 Keys to Long-Distance Dating
Yes it can work. Here’s how.

Mordechai’s Secret Weapon!
How did he get the Jewish people to listen and help save the day?

Drinking on Purim
When love transcends understanding.

Next Jewish Holiday

March 5 - 6, 2015
Purim: The Holiday of Joy -- dress up and celebrate God’s hidden miracles, while remembering how the Jews of Persia narrowly escaped annihilation thanks to the bravery of Queen Esther.