You won’t believe what this man says about being an Israeli Jew.

9 Great Quotes about Jews by Non-Jews
Stop what you’re doing and give your Jewish pride a boost!

Three Lessons from Our African Safari
In the wilds of South Africa, I learned a lot about animals, and life.

The Wall Street Crash and the Torah
Another wake-up call just in time for Elul.

Don’t Flaunt It
Shaq O’Neal and the real meaning of modesty.

Jew Vs Jew Vs Iran
Jewish infighting is giving our enemies just what they want.

Beat the Back to School Blues
How to ease your child’s anxiety and motivate her to achieve in school.

How Long Before Someone Helps Spongebob?
You're never going to guess who rescues SpongeBob.

My Frightening Ovarian Ultrasound
I was never comfortable with the idea of miracles. And then one happened to me.

My Resilient Jewish Soul
In a dysfunctional home in the Bible Belt, a young woman discovers she’s Jewish.

7 Tips for Rosh Hashanah
How to get closer to your best self this New Year.

Jewish Fashion Design
A new fashion design sketchbook shows less isn’t always more.

Birthright Launched My Jewish Journey
I was 13 and completely turned off from Judaism. Now, at 23, I couldn't feel more proud to be Jewish.

Tyranny of the Should
How to free yourself from the destructive, incessant pressure to be perfect.

Free Ranging Children
Should parents let their kids walk to school by themselves?

How to Lead a Group Well
My youth group president hogs all the power and doesn’t listen to anyone else.

A Tribute to a Man You Don’t Know
The startling legacy of Matis Friesel.

I’m Such a Jerk
The art of self-destruction.

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September 14 - September 23, 2015
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -- a day of sweetness and a day of atonement are the culmination of a month-long process of coming back to God.