My thoughts and feelings after attending the heart-rending funeral of the baby brutally killed by an Arab terrorist.

The Shabbat Project: Making History
As the sun dips below the horizon on October 24, an estimated one million people worldwide will be participating in this extraordinary initiative.

Quarantining Ebola
A contemporary lesson from the Torah’s application of quarantine.

Protesting the Met’s “Death of Klinghoffer”
The death of Leon Klinghoffer cannot be explained away.

6 Ways to Think Positive
Life is full of disappointments and frustrations. Now what?

Suddenly, Divorce
My wife of two months just told me she wants a divorce.

The Guru and the Hasid
The stranger-than-fiction true story of Swami Vijayananda.

Truth, Justice or Peace
Which one are you really seeking?

The Shabbat App
We have become enslaved to the very technology designed to liberate us.

Window on the Rabbi’s Door
Judaism's timely guidelines on preventing illicit sexual relationships.

Derek Jeter is a Mensch
And why that is big news.

Europe’s Alarming New Anti-Semitism
Attacks and hateful rhetoric against Jews are on the rise – and it’s not just Jews who should worry.

Sears’ Swastika Ring
Is an apology enough?

Einstein's Biggest Mistake
Ingrained bias caused Einstein to make what he called the biggest blunder of his career.

The After-Holidays Blues
It’s during the quiet times of life that we show God what we are truly made of.

Israeli Aid Fighting Ebola Spread
Israeli expertise is working to prevent the spread of the deadly virus in Africa.

Holding onto Joy: Celebrating Simchat Torah
Five ways that the Torah brings us joy.

Sukkot and the Single Woman
A holiday of thankfulness and self-invention.

Next Jewish Holiday

December 17 - December 24, 2014
Hanukkah, The Holiday of Lights -- celebrating the miracle of a little oil that lasted eight days, and continues to illuminate our lives to this day.