Be bold and give it a try.

The World Stayed Silent
Iran repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel. Indifference is not an option.

#TheAskCharlieShow: Perfection and Procrastination
Strategies for perfectionists to overcome procrastination and pull the trigger.

Winton's Children
Nicholas Winton saved 669 children from the Holocaust. In this moving clip he meets them for the first time.

Everyone is Fighting a Great Battle
One way to deepen your sense of compassion and empathy.

God Bless America
One thing I love about America is that as a nation they are not shy to talk about God.

Eight Things Women Say and What They Really Mean
A user-friendly guide for men who sometimes have no idea what their wife is really saying.

Shiva and Sheloshim: Personal Reflections
How the Jewish mourning laws counteract the upheaval left in death’s wake.

17th of Tammuz
Beginning three weeks of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Why Didn't the Allies Bomb Auschwitz?
One possible answer to Pope Francis’s question.

The Dangers of Willful Blindness
The masses prefer to ignore reality and ordinary people can courageously speak up and become heroes.

Short People
I’m really frustrated about being short.

ADHD and Women: The Hidden Disorder
About 40 percent of those with ADHD are women, but many are undiagnosed.

App Run Amok
New App tells you who your real friends are!

The Accidental Muslim Zionist
A wide-ranging interview with Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a physician and Muslim intellectual who defends Israel to the world.

Torah and Thoreau
My enthralling discovery that Henry David Thoreau’s ideas have their roots in Jewish consciousness.

Our Landlord, the Rabbi
Renting Rabbi Shmuel Orenstein's NYC apartment changed our lives.

5 Powerful Lessons about Giving
How Cami Walker’s book, “29 Gifts”, changed my life.

Next Jewish Holiday

July 5 - 26, 2015
A Major Fast Day -- remembering the day when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, not once but twice.