Why I left one of the most influential Christian families in the world.

David Gordon: Death of a Lone Soldier
A tribute to David Menachem Gordon through his own moving words.

Beheading James Foley
How can I and the person who saws off a man's head with a 6-inch knife be of the same species?

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Six tips on how to break up like a mensch.

Back to School Nerves
My stomach hurts every time I think about going back to school.

Opposites Attract
This couple has nothing common. What is the secret to their happy marriage?

The Muslim Spy who Became a Jew
Avraham Sinai was a Hezbollah informant who risked his life for Israel.

Energy Boosting Foods
Natural power food for the summer.

Higher Standard or Double Standard?
Don’t set a double standard for Israel on norms of war.

What Do I Know?
When not knowing is true wisdom.

Face to Face
Avoiding the trap of living parallel lives in a marriage

Completely Unbiased News
The "Settlement Freeze" may be over, but the media bias isn't.

The Real Robin Williams
We never really knew him.

Stay With Me
Lying in the bed she had no questions. Sitting at her side I had no answers.

When a Loved One Has Depression
8 tips to help you cope.

The Redneck
I learned a valuable lesson that fretful Friday: it’s best to not judge other people.

Victimhood: The Jewish Secret to Overcoming Oppression
Rather than wallowing in self-pity, Jews have always taken responsibility.

Saying Shema in Gaza
The Jewish prayer may have stopped a would-be suicide bomber who was Jewish.

Next Jewish Holiday

September 25 - October 4, 2014
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -- a day of sweetness and a day of atonement are the culmination of a month-long process of coming back to God.