An Arab terrorist killed Karen Yemima Mosquera, a convert from Ecuador, but he could not kill all her dreams.

Witchcraft and Judaism
If magic and the occult do exist, why are they so evil?

Coming On Too Strong?
I thought things were going amazing when she out of the blue called it off. What happened?

My Life with Asperger’s
Despite the fact that I can be awkward, Asperger’s is something I can use to help better other people's lives.

Top 3 Reasons Not to Retire
If possible, avoid it as long as possible.

Have You Embraced a Convert Today?
Converts personify a Judaism that is fresh and exciting. Does that make us jealous?

The Danger in Your Head
Why negativity is dangerous for your health.

Renée Zellweger’s Unpopular New Face
Old is not ugly. Looking like a mask of your former self is ugly.

Countering 4 Top Reasons Not to Move to Israel
Taking the mitzvah of living in Israel seriously.

Parenting’s Dirty Secret
How to go from hyper-parenting to calm-parenting.

Drink Up
When I go to parties, my friends all pressure me to drink.

The Life Saving Paramedics of Operation Protective Edge
An inside look at the harrowing work of treating injured soldiers and saving as many lives as possible.

After the Shabbat Project
Three ways to transform inspiration into action.

A Torah for the Army
A new Torah scroll for the U.S. military re-writes a legacy.

Understanding Your Introverted Child
How to stop power struggles, genuinely connect with them and help raise them to meet their full potential.

Three-Month-Old Baby’s Funeral
My thoughts and feelings after attending the heart-rending funeral of the baby brutally killed by an Arab terrorist.

Time of Death
You never know when could be the last time.

6 Ways to Think Positive
Life is full of disappointments and frustrations. Now what?

Next Jewish Holiday

December 17 - December 24, 2014
Hanukkah, The Holiday of Lights -- celebrating the miracle of a little oil that lasted eight days, and continues to illuminate our lives to this day.