It is pointless to argue with those who happily pervert reality in the service of their profoundly held prejudices.

Coming to Grips with My Anxiety Disorder
Suffering from panic attacks and depression, I felt like I was turning into a monster. What was happening to me?

How to Build a Happy Second Marriage
What a remarried couple needs to know to start their blended family on the right foot.

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize
Kudos to the Swedish Academy for their bold and wise decision to honor a man who "created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition."

The Most Important Interpersonal Skill
How to work on being a better person this New Year.

Manhandling My Kids
My husband has been violent with our children. How do I stop his abhorrent behavior?

Sukkot and the Purpose of Life
Finding holiness in day-to-day life.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Without Hands and Feet
Kyle Maynard’s courage to live with no excuses demonstrates the sukkah mindset.

Happiness: The Three S’s of Sukkot
Three tools for attaining more happiness.

Sukkot: The Dual Festival
An in-depth exploration of Sukkot and its focus on Jewish particularity and universality.

Sandcastles: A Sukkot Parable
A story about a boy on the beach, a man in his office, and facing the inevitable.

Sukkot: Elevating the Physical
How to inject meaning and purpose in your holiday while shopping and cooking.

Kabbalistic Secrets of Sukkot
Exploring the inner depth of the Talmudic tale about a King and his cup of wine.

Sukkot Infographic
All you need to know. Share it with friends and family!

Bob Dylan’s Jewish Odyssey
Born to a fairly observant Jewish family, Dylan had a decidedly Jewish upbringing.

Creation: A Convergence of Torah and Science
Once unthinkable, the accounts of creation by Torah and science are converging.

Living to 120
Quality is more important than its quantity.

Next Jewish Holiday

October 17 - October 25, 2016
The Festival of Booths - with Lulav and Etrog in hand, we camp out under the stars seven days and remember that God is our ultimate protection.