Israel is using missile defense to protect its civilians and Hamas is using their civilians to protect their missiles.

A Special Soul
How my special needs sibling changed our family and our community.

Should We Cancel our Trip to Israel?
I’m scared to visit Israel now and want to cancel, but my husband is adamant about going.

Hamas’s Secret Weapon
Hamas counts on Jewish compassion to compensate for their weakness.

Stop Complaining
And do something about it instead.

Civilian Deaths in Gaza
Hamas’ dead baby strategy works because the media facilitates it.

My Cousin in Gaza
Married one month ago, my 20-year-old cousin is risking his life for Israel and the Jewish people.

The Jewish Army
The Israeli army fights not out of hate for the enemy, but out of love for the Jewish nation.

Who's to Blame for Gaza Civilian Deaths
Conservatives and liberals surprisingly agree on one thing.

5 Steps to a Happier Life
Change your attitude, change your life.

5 Surprising Facts about Judaism
Including you don’t need to be Jewish to get to Heaven.

Terror in School
The Middle East conflict explained through school bullying.

Part of a Team
What I learn from sports.

10 Ideas Judaism Gave the World
Some revolutionary concepts found in the Torah.

Paris Synagogue Attack
In the heart of Paris, calls to kill the Jews inflame a violent mob. An exclusive interview.

Life in Sderot
At home with her two children, Tami Jorno’s home was directly hit by a Hamas rocket.

Top 5 Dating Fears
And how to control them.

The Real Reason I Eat Kosher
And it‘s not because it’s more healthy.

Next Jewish Holiday

July 15 - Aug 5, 2014
A Major Fast Day -- remembering the day when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, not once but twice.