Patrilineal descent and intermarriage are the problem, not the solution.

Involuntary Manslaughter through Words
A recent, precedent-setting case shows how words can literally kill.

The Scandalous Murder of Alexander Rubowitz
In 1947 a Jewish boy, 16, was kidnapped from Jerusalem and never seen again. His alleged abductor, a British WWII hero, apparently got away with murder.

6 Mindsets for More Attractive Dating
How to reframe your thinking to reveal a better you.

Q&A: What Is the Purpose of Prayer?
God already knows what’s best for me, so why pray?

#11 – Preserving the Peace
Harvey S. Hecker Character Development Series: Meeting others more than halfway.

Why the Messiah Must be on His Way
My unforgettable encounter with unadulterated innocence, sincerity and truth.

(Not) Dressed for the Prom
What message are we giving our daughters when we pay for revealing dresses that objectify their body?

Tuvia Ariel’s amazing true story about a number from the Holocaust.

Real Friends: The Key to a Healthy Life
Reclaiming the art of connection.

Be a Playful Parent
It’s one of the best parenting skills, and your children will love it too.

The Blessing of Failure
If we learn from an experience, there is no such thing as failure.

Sarah Halimi’s Murder: Masking Jew Hatred in France
French police refusal to call the murder of an Orthodox woman by a Muslim a hate crime is causing an uproar.

J.R.R. Tolkien's Jewish Great-Grandson
Nicholas Tolkien is an observant Jew whose new play about the Holocaust just opened in New York.

A Granddaughter Without
From beggars and millionaires to Kabbalists and cynics, everyone was captured by my grandfather’s warmth.

9 Ways to Get Your Partner Back
Headed for divorce? Don’t give up hope yet.

Four Priceless Gifts for Father’s Day
An open letter to my dad.

I Am Not My Disability
Despite being a diabetic paraplegic, I view myself as a healthy person. Why?

Next Jewish Holiday

July 11 - August 1, 2017
A Major Fast Day -- remembering the day when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, not once but twice.