Ahmad Batebi bears witness to a brutal, untrustworthy regime.

Faith after Heartbreak
After his wife’s sudden death, Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz is determined to live with meaning and joy.

The Young Woman who Saved an Airplane
Everyone told her to sit down, but Mussie Weinfeld insisted something was wrong with the plane.

A Tale of Two Heroes
Personal glimpses of young men who gave their all for Israel.

Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers
The Gaza war means a particularly sobering Yom Hazikaron for Israel this year.

My Surgery Right before Passover
Being completely dependent on others forced me to redefine myself.

A Nazi in the Family
Three years ago I discovered that my grandfather was a member of the SS and arrested for crimes against humanity.

In the Cockpit above Gaza
An Israeli Air Force pilot examines his mission. An Aish.com exclusive.

Embracing Failure
Why failure is essential to building genuine self-confidence.

From Pain to Joy
Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Israel.

You in One Word
Sum up who you are using one, single word.

The Holocaust Torah
How did a survivor who wouldn’t buy a ticket to Israel afford to commission a Torah scroll all by himself?

L'Chaim: The Dov Landau Story
In Poland, a Holocaust survivor shares his harrowing experiences with young Jews.

The Witch Hunt against Prof. Andrew Pessin
A pro-Israel philosophy professor is being hounded, and you can help.

Six Jewish Strategies for Spiritual Growth
A daily regimen for building your spiritual muscles.

The Kosher Song
A must-see rap song about keeping kosher.

Marrying Young
While marriage rates continue to plummet, my son, 22, is bucking the trend and marrying his 21-year-old bride.

Next Jewish Holiday

April 22, 2015
Israel Memorial Day -- giving one's life in defense of the Jewish people is a mitzvah of the highest order.