talks with Ahmed Khalifa who courageously pursued and help arrest the attacker of a Jewish woman on a NY subway.

White Privilege
A South African representative offered my mother, a war refugee, a ticket to freedom. “You’re white. That makes you a first class citizen.”

Everything Comes to Those Who Wait
Discovering my mother’s favorite adage isn’t true.

Countering Hate in Montana
Neo-Nazis are planning a march against Jews in a small Montana town. Here's what you can do about it.

Why Vince Lombardi Was Wrong
Lessons from playing Foosball with my grandson.

The Three Most Common Parenting Mistakes
And how to stop making them.

Where has Zaidy Gone?
A new book teaches parents how to talk about death with kids.

My Son with Asperger’s
I have begun to see your life through the prism of Asperger's and my frustration is slowly transforming into understanding.

Death, My Companion
The doctor told me I had a fatal disease, and at age 77 I realized I'm actually going to die.

Words and Marriage
What you say and how you say it make a huge difference, especially in marriage.

Light and Dairy
Easy to make, no fuss dishes to enhance your dairy selections.

Listening to My Parents?
School is hard. I want to take a day off. But my parents say I shouldn’t.

8 Ways to Cultivate Happiness in Your Child
Nurturing optimism in yourself and your family.

Uncovering Jewish History in Vilna
Cutting edge technology is unearthing fascinating new evidence regarding the Jews of Vilna.

Walking 5:30 in the Morning
You? Exercise? At 5:30 AM? This will last maybe three days.

When Your Husband Becomes Ill
Suddenly I woke up on a different planet.

#9: Envy: The Path the Self-Defeat
Harvey S. Hecker Character Development Series: Avoiding the damaging spiral of jealousy and frustration.

The Power of Gazing at the Stars
In a miff? Sometimes all you have to do is look up.

Next Jewish Holiday

February 11, 2017
New Year for the Trees – how to celebrate our connection to the environment and appreciate the fruits of the Land of Israel.