The shmata on my head is a statement as bold as my red curls: I am proud to be a Jew.

A Hate Incident in LA
An Arab yelled at me, my wife and our four kids: “I hope your children die! Just like you’re killing children in Gaza!”

A Soldier's Account from Gaza
Lieutenant Adam Landau on Hamas’ use of human shields.

Wounded Father on Gaza Border
Last week, during a birthday party for his 3-year-old son, a mortar landed just outside the kindergarten where they were celebrating.

The Long Road to Heaven
If God loves us, why did He place us in such a dark and evil world?

A Life Unexpected: The Childless Woman
Even though I married later in life, I anticipated having children. I still can’t believe it’s not going to happen. I wasn’t prepared for this.

Submitting Your Annual Report
This Rosh Hashana, celebrate your spiritual accomplishments.

Zara’s Holocaust Shirt
The fashion faux pas is offensive, but save your indignation and focus on more critical issues.

Did I Miss My Chance at Love?
Three mantras for finding your soul mate.

Red Flags in a Relationship
Telling the difference between a minor problem and a major character flaw.

Marriage & Mystery
Maintaining a sense of mystery in today’s oversharing world.

Dishing the Dirt
Should I tell my friend some negative information about the man she is dating?

In Search of Aaron Sofer
Let's do our part to help find our missing Jewish brother.

The Tragic Death of Daniel Tragerman
A timely message from the Book of Daniel.

The Rise of Anti-Semitism in Britain
Nearly two thirds of British Jews are questioning their future in the United Kingdom.

ISIS, Jim Foley & Confronting Evil
It's not enough to condemn evil; it must be confronted and conquered.

5 Things Every Child Needs
How to ensure your children thrive.

Elul: The Secret to Change
When you don’t know where to begin, start here.

Next Jewish Holiday

September 25 - October 4, 2014
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -- a day of sweetness and a day of atonement are the culmination of a month-long process of coming back to God.