Are the Ten Commandments in trouble?

Sharing the Gift of Torah
Shavuot reminds me why I’m grateful for having the Torah in my life.

Holy Cheesecake: Why We Feast on Shavuot
Why must a spiritual day include physical delights?

Seven Ways to Build Confidence
Never give up hope in yourself and in what you can achieve.

Oreo Cookie Cheesecake & Other Delicious Shavuot Delights
An amazing dairy meal to serve on Shavuot.

Torah: The Ultimate Self Help Book
So many tools for growth gleaned from modern psychology are found in the Torah.

The Scandalous Backstory of Ruth and Boaz
How two stories of Genesis shed light on the book of Ruth, Shavuot and the meaning of kindness.

Top Ten Reasons People Mistake David Letterman for a Jew
His last name ends with “man.” That's also why we think Superman is Jewish.

The Day that Shook the World
Discover the most important intellectual development in human history.

50 Days to Greatness
To celebrate my turning 50, I am running five marathons this year and defying doctors’ gloomy predictions.

Never Too Old
At 102, Ingeborg Rapoport just passed her oral exam for her doctorate that the Nazis prevented her from getting.

The Western Wall Pledge
Do we take the Western Wall for granted?

Am I A Control Freak?
I have this need to feel in control. Is something wrong with me?

The Professor and the Baby
A photo of an Israeli professor holding a student’s baby goes viral.

More Holy Woman
In shark-infested waters, their only life raft was reassuring words.

The Woman behind the President
Trailblazer Rivka Ravitz is the Israeli president’s Chief of Staff and mother of 11 children.

The Spiritual Child
Do kids need spirituality?

Mother’s Cosmetic Surgery
My mother scheduled plastic surgery to improve her appearance. My father and I think she’s making a big mistake.

Next Jewish Holiday

May 24 - 25, 2015
The Day the Torah was given -- celebrating the monumental encounter between God and the Israelites at Mount Sinai, an event which changed mankind forever.