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Women's Group to Bring 1,000 Women to Israel in 2011

JWRP participants report huge increase in Jewish identity.

November 2010

JWRP, the Jewish Women's Renaissance Project, is a subsidized, 9-day action-packed trip to Israel available to young Jewish mothers of the world. The program is based on the concept that if you inspire a Jewish mother, you change the entire family.

Women tour the major sites in Israel and discover the significance of their ancient homeland. This program is packed with exciting trips, and moving experiences. The women discover the holy sites in Tzfat, kayak down the Jordan River, climb Masada, and meet Israeli soldiers and influential Israeli women. The highlight of the trip is spending Shabbat in Jerusalem accompanied by singing and dancing at the Western Wall, the holy site where the Divine always rests.

JWRP was initiated by a group of eight women whose mission was to create a movement that would bring values back to the world. The group, headed by Rebbetzin Lori Palatnik of’s "Lori Almost Live" fame, consisted of an eclectic group of women who were distressed that societal values were spiraling out of control. They wanted to create a movement that would provide a serious social change, where Jewish women would become leaders and improve their families and communities.

JWRP is currently running a trip with 100 women from across the United States. The excitement of touring, learning and sharing with other women from all walks of life, is unforgettable. These women have a fantastic time and connect to their Jewish roots like never before.

The women come on the trip as a group, and return to their hometowns as "sisters.” As one participant observed, "It is said that saving one Jewish soul is as if saving the whole Jewish nation. Sponsoring this experience has impacted, inspired and caused a rebirth of we, our families, and entire communities."

JWRP has also spawned a Men's Mission, due to the demands of many of the men whose wives had gone on the JWRP trip, bringing about 40 men this past October.

Amazing Impact

Women who came on the JWRP program were polled about the changes they have made in their life since coming to Israel and the results were phenomenal. 43% stated that the trip was "life-changing.”

However, even more remarkable are the actual changes in identifying with the Jewish community and observance amongst the women since their trip. Almost three-quarters of those polled increased their observance of Shabbat, 78% increased their financial support to local Jewish organizations, 63% increased their volunteerism in their communities, 36% moved their children to a Jewish day school, 100% have encouraged their family and friends to go to Israel and 29.2% are considering moving to Israel.

Lori Palatnik, JWRP Executive Director, called the statistics incredible. "Women have always been the backbone of Jewish life throughout the millennia and we know if a mother or wife identifies more with the Jewish community then the family will follow," Palatnik said. "By January 2011 we are hoping to bring 1000 women on the JWRP Israel program, can you imagine the affect that this will have on Jewish life in America?"



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