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Educational Program

The Western Wall Explorium will be the first major center in Israel to explore the entire epic saga of the Jewish people: “the greatest story ever told."

The Explorium frames 4 millennia of history as the story of one man, Abraham, who made a covenant with G-d to undertake the mission of perfecting the world. Visitors will be transported back 4,000 years in time and then journey back to today, weaving together the historic landmarks with the ideas that powered that mission.

Using highly interactive cutting-edge methodologies, participants will be immersed in a fascinating world that is theirs to discover. The climax of the Explorium is a giant-screen film that shows how in our generation – as Jewish history reaches its final chapter – we must seize the moment to bring Jewish wisdom into our lives and to the world.

Step 1 – Eternal Jewish History

During a virtual tour of Jewish history, we will showcase the central role the Jews have played in the world, and give participants a sense that they are key players in this eternal and still-unfolding story.

Step 2 – The 7 Wonders of Jewish History

These unique aspects of Jewish history are not only unique phenomena in human history, but are also self-contradictory and, amazingly, all predicted in the Torah.

  • Eternal Nation
  • Few in Number
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Light Unto Nations
  • Dispersion Around the Globe
  • Return to Our Homeland
  • The Land Will Bloom Only for the Jewish Nation

Step 3 – Light Unto Nations

Participants will delve into the contributions the Jewish nation has made to world development, and discover how the very foundations of Western civilization are in fact Jewish innovations.

  • Universal Education
  • Infinite Value of Life
  • Justice and Equality
  • World Peace
  • Family
  • Social Responsibility

Step 4 – The Job Is Not Finished

Humanity is still in need of Jewish values and wisdom. Our job is not yet complete. We will challenge every visitor to learn more and to take his/her personal role in advancing the work that has begun.

Step 5 – Exploration of Personal Growth Through Torah

Going far beyond the traditional classroom, guests will have an opportunity to explore the wisdom of Judaism and to find out for themselves the personal relevance of Torah as instructions for living.

Step 6 – Follow-Up

Many mechanisms will be built-in to encourage visitors to take immediate action on their inspiration, and to stay in touch with Jewish educational programs back home.