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Jewish Leaders

Blessing for New Rabbi - I am the cantor's wife and I make the candle blessing before Rosh Hashana. We have a new young rabbi. Do you have a suggestion for a prayer or greeting that would include our new rabbi for me to say along with the... More
Golden Calf - Moses Stands Up - Why did the Jews worship the Golden Calf? More
Jewish Leadership Qualities - We are having elections coming up for our synagogue youth group, and I was asked to make a short presentation about “what makes a good Jewish leader.” This has me stumped, and I couldn’t find anything... More
Largest Jewish Funeral? - I saw on the news that the funeral of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was attended by 850,000 people. What amazed me even more is that funeral was held just 4 hours after he died! I was wondering – when was the last time that a... More
The Young Rabbi - Is a rabbi allowed to give rabbinic ordination to a 15-year-old? I do not want to say the rabbi's name, but I heard a rumor. Anyway, is it permitted? More
Who is a Leader? - How does one become a Jewish leader? Is there particular career path that you would recommend following? More
Who is a Rabbi? - What exactly is meant by "rabbi?" So many times people will question a rabbi as to whether he is a "real" rabbi or fake. Do the different branches of Judaism have different criteria? I thought... More
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