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  • Torah Reading: Naso
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Intimacy Issues

Adultery - Jewish Law - My wife confessed to having an extramarital affair. What does Jewish law say about how to proceed? More
Adultery - Jewish Perspective - What is so bad about adultery that it is prohibited in the 10 commandments? More
Blessing on Sex - I know about many of the blessings recited for various events and daily occurrences, but in all my studies, I have yet to find mention of a blessing for marital intimacy. We have a blessing for using the bathroom, for... More
Extra-Marital Affair - I was recently assigned to a long-term project where I had to work long hours with a colleague who is a married man. We slowly grew closer and now we are in a full-fledged affair. I never planned this, but now I want... More
Hole in the Sheet - I heard that observant Jews have relations through a hole in a bed sheet. I tried finding the source, but was unsuccessful. Is this true? More
Homewrecker - I have been seeing a married man for over a year now. He has been separated from his wife for four months and we see each other as much as possible. I have been separated from my husband for over a year and am in the... More
Homosexual - Is Change Possible? - The Torah says that homosexuality is an abomination; but isn’t there a more modern view? Aren't people compelled to engage in homosexuality? Isn't a clear percentage of any given population of homosexual... More
Homosexuals - Equal Rights? - Recently a friend and I had a long discussion about the appropriateness of homosexuals as teachers and rabbis, etc., and on how Judaism should deal with homosexuality in general. It seems that there is a conflict... More
Homosexuals in the Family-Oriented Jewish Community - Given that the Jewish community is so family-oriented, what possible role can a homosexual have? Shouldn’t they be allowed to adopt children to gratify the normal human longing to be a parent? ... More
Living Together - My boyfriend just got a new job and will be moving to my city. He says that it’s time we start living together. The idea seems to have advantages – shared expenses, and we can spend more time together. But... More
Marital Relations – Mitzvah - What is the Jewish view of intimacy? Is sex just for procreative purposes, or is it all right to have relations with one's spouse for recreation and intimacy? More
Marriage – Older Couple - I’m happy to write that I recently met the woman of my life. After the failed marriage of my younger years, I feel I have at last met my true soul mate! We look forward to marrying in due time. My question is that my... More
Mikveh - Why? - Why are a man and woman prohibited from marital relations during her menstruation? Does Judaism consider women somehow “unclean”? And if a woman always has to go to mikveh, when is the couple together? ... More
Niddah: Why - Why is a couple prohibited from marital relations during the wife's menstruation? Doesn't this reduce the ability of a man and woman to connect through the deeper aspects of marriage? And isn't this whole thing... More
No Touching! - I was raised in an Orthodox home and the idea of being physical with guys was discouraged until after marriage. Now I met a guy at school and I figure that some innocent hugging would probably be all right, I don't... More
Premarital Relations - I’ve been dating a man for the past six months and he says “it is time to get serious.” I agree, except that we differ in how we define that. In my mind, “getting serious: means to talk about... More
Rape - I was reading in an online forum that Judaism advocates that a rapist marry his victim. This sounds so backward and oppressive, and difficult to reconcile with the compassionate Judaism that I know and love. Is what I... More
Sexual Immorality – Giving Up One's Life - I read that all the Torah's commandments "can be broken to save a life" except for three. I think I understand two of the three: 1) Idolatry - this would threaten the very fabric of Judaism and therefore... More
Sexual Morality - On an intuitive level, I believe that intimacy should be reserved for a husband and wife. But on a philosophical level, I have no good reason to explain why to friends (or my children!) who insist on a more liberal... More
Transsexual Jew - I have a difficult issue that I wish to discuss with a rabbi. I am a female-to-male transsexual. My soul and self-identity feels male, yet my body is biologically female. Every time I look in the mirror, ever since... More