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  • Torah Reading: Naso
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Cholov Yisrael Milk - I live in rural Montana where the Cholov Yisrael milk is difficult to obtain and very expensive. So I drink regular milk. What is your view on this? More
Degrees of Non-Kosher - Are there degrees of non-kosher food? Meaning, if I'm going to cook a vegi omelet in a non-kosher pan (let's say that was previously used for pork), does it make no difference if I just go ahead and cook a Western... More
Eating in Non-Kosher Restaurant - I would like to keep kosher but am concerned about how to sustain social interaction with friends and business associates who do not. There aren't too many kosher restaurants where we could meet. Is there anything I... More
Is Coca Cola Kosher? - I've noticed religious Jews buying Coke at my local supermarket, but I don’t understand how it can be kosher if the formula is a big secret. Also, it doesn't say "kosher" anywhere on the label. ... More
Israeli Produce - My local supermarket carries some Israeli produce like tomatoes, oranges and avocados. I know that the Torah prescribes various laws for crops grown in Israel. Does that apply also to exported produce? ... More
Kosher Bacon Bits - I have recently begun keeping kosher, and had a philosophical debate with a friend who does not. I want to use soybean "sausage and bacon" products that have kosher symbols, because as long as they're kosher, why not?... More
Kosher Grains - I bought a box of kosher cereal and next to the kosher symbol it said “Yoshon.” Can you tell me what this means? More
Kosher Travel - I travel a lot for business to small towns. I usually stay at a hotel that does not have a kitchen, so I am unable to prepare my own food. Also, these hotel rooms usually don't have a refrigerator, so I can't get... More
Pareve Food - Please could you explain to me the origins of the term Pareve and how this came to refer to food that is neither dairy nor meat? Thanks very much. More
Why Keep Kosher? - I grew up in a kosher home, and now that I’m out on my own, I am examining these issues for myself. So my question is: In today's modern world, why should I keep kosher? More