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Between Iran's pursuit of the Bomb, and missiles from Hezbollah and Hamas, I fear that Israel is facing a Holocaust. Should we start running away from there? Or are we going to forget the mistakes of 1939 and wait until it's too late?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

Not being a prophet, I cannot say with certainty what the future holds for us in Israel. But there are two basic factors at work here:

First of all, Israel is home. We've been running for two millennia and we simply have nowhere else to run!

Secondly, we must trust that God did not bring millions of Jews here to simply be snuffed out. That element of trust and belief is part and parcel of the challenge – and the spiritual growth – inherent in living in Israel. If we are going by regular sociological norms, the Jewish people would have disappeared long ago. And we certainly would never have returned to the Land of Israel, surrounded by 300 million Arabs. As David Ben Gurion, not known to be a big theologian, said: "In Israel, to be a realist is to believe in miracles."

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