Suffering Through Others

You wrote that the hurt we suffer is atonement for the mistakes we make. This puzzles me. If someone hurt me, how can it be atonement for my mistakes? Not that I never make mistakes, but they are often totally unrelated to the person who hurt me. I don't see the connection. Could you explain further?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

What happens when a person makes a mistake and chooses to indulge in materialistic desires for their own sake, rather that acting in accordance with the will of God? The person moves away from God and becomes attached to the materialism instead.

Suffering has a counter-effect. It gets the person to detach himself somewhat from the physical word -- and focus on meaning, God and spirituality.

Therefore, since the suffering helps the person focus on God, it does not matter who causes the suffering, whether the person is connected to the mistake or not. (Anyway, it is God arranging for the suffering, as a method of realigning your spiritual sensibilities.)

Of course, there are many complexities to this equation, but this is one aspect of how things operate.

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