About the Author

Adina Soclof, MS. CCC-SLP

Adina Soclof is a Parent Educator, Professional Development Instructor and Speech Pathologist working with children in a school setting. She received her BA. in History from Queens College and her MS. in Communication Sciences from Hunter College. Adina is the founder of ParentingSimply.com. She delivers parenting classes as well as professional development workshops for Speech Pathologists, Teachers and other health professionals. You can find her text based CEU courses at PDResources.com and video courses at Homeceuconnection.com and SpeechPathologypd.com.

Adina is available for speaking engagements. You can reach her at asoclof@parentingsimply.com or check out her website at www.parentingsimply.com.

Parenting without Anger

4 tips on how to keep your cool.

Helping Your Learning Disabled Child

Helping children with learning disabilities deal with their negative feelings about school.

Understanding Your Introverted Child

How to stop power struggles, genuinely connect with them and help raise them to meet their full potential.

8 Ways to Teach Your Children to Respect You

How to teach our children to be respectful and establish authority in our homes.

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How to discipline your kids in a positive way.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mistakes

Let your kids make mistakes and grow from them.

3 Steps to Teach Kids How to be Happy

It’s Purim time, is everyone happy? If not, try these tools with your kids.

6 Tips on Encouraging Your Kids to Help Out

Make your kids feel appreciated and valued at home.

4 Ways to Build Resilience in Kids

How to instill confidence in children that they can handle life’s challenges and disappointments.

6 Ways to Get Your Child to Bed on Time

How to take charge and stop losing this battle.

4 Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful

How parents can teach their kids to curb their drive to acquire and appreciate what they have.

5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen

How to stop struggling with your kids and win their cooperation.

6 Ways to Avoid a Public Meltdown

With a little forethought, lots of empathy and a good babysitter, they can be prevented.

Say Little

Avoid the lectures. A gesture or one word is often the best way to communicate with kids.

Stop Rolling Your Eyes at Me!

A simple way to get through to your kids: empathy.

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