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Sara Yoheved Rigler

Sara Yoheved Rigler is a popular international lecturer on subjects of Jewish spirituality. She has given lectures and workshops in Israel, England, France, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Panama, and over 35 American cities. She is one of the most popular authors on Aish.com, world’s biggest Judaism website, and is a columnist for Ami Magazine. Sara Yoheved Rigler is the author of five best-sellers: Holy Woman; Lights from Jerusalem; Battle Plans: How to Fight the Yetzer Hara (with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller); G-d Winked; and Heavenprints . She gives a weekly Marriage Webinar for Jewish Workshops on a spiritual approach to marriage, with hundreds of members throughout the world. She lives in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her newest book, Emunah with Love and Chicken Soup, the story of Henny Machlis, the Brooklyn-born girl who became a Jerusalem legend, was was released in November, 2016. Her website is: sararigler.com.

God's Greatest Gift

A meditation for Shavuot.

My Father, The Alchemist

How did my father transform himself into gold?

The Hero Within

Twelve years after contracting Lou Gehrig's Disease, Dr. Rahamim Melamed-Cohen, now totally paralyzed, enjoys a life of productivity -- and love.

The First of the Fallen

I was introduced to Dvir at his funeral.

Lost Amid the Pyramids

Passover is about redeeming our core identity.

I Wanted that Fire

Rav Noach himself was the living embodiment of the fire of Torah.

Loving Those Jews

The urgent imperative of Jewish unity.

Whom We Hurt: A Yom Kippur Preparation

Most interactions are with people whose private pain is hidden from us. How can we make sure that we do not add to their distress with a harsh word?

Born Free?

Quite the contrary. Learn how to choose freedom this Passover.


Countering the economic meltdown with a spiritual climb up.

Dr. Laura, God Loves You

Judaism is not a fast-food religion.

Selling Your Soul

Do we each have our price?

Out of the Mouth of Roni

How an 8-year-old is holding down the borders of Israel.

Leave the Driving to God

This Passover stop the backseat driving.

The Capture of Saddam: A Chanukah Meditation

Some surprising lessons are unearthed with Saddam Hussein.

Why TIME is Right... and Wrong

How the Jews can win when we can't win.

Only in Israel

The joys of living with the family.


Sukkot and Judaism's bailout plan.

My Neighbors, My Heroes, Part 2

People who do great things become great people.

Heaven Can Wait

If Jews believe in a blissful afterlife, why does death cause us such inconsolable grief?

Nowhere To Run

One woman's experience of Israel's national nightmare.

The Secret Diary

A diary written in German unravels a mystery that changes a woman's life.

A Holy Woman's Power

How can someone so great be so humble?

Bar Mitzvah Highlights

Extracting the significance behind the party.

The Life and Death of a Clown

The eternal value of cheering up sad people.

The Catapult

Passover: Why redemptive things happen to good people.


What was the secret of her greatness?

Tisha B'Av: Waking Up to a World without God's Presence

How to bring God's palpable presence back into our world.

Friend or F.O.E.?

Beware. Forces of Estrangement are lurking everywhere.

Our Soldiers

The idealism and faith of Israel's Army.

My Guru, Dr. Jacobs

A funny thing happened on my way to saving the world.

The Prosecutor

They're wrong, but are you right?

Beyond Just Desserts: A Recipe of Thanksgiving

Seventy-five orphan girls in Calcutta taught me the real meaning of thanksgiving.

The Horse in the Gate

Why you are never stuck.

My Palace, My Sukkah

Every little girl dreams of being a queen in her own palace. One day in India, I tripped into my childhood fantasy.

It's My Party

A parable for Thanksgiving

Gabbing About Goodness

How to change the world with your tongue.

At Home At Last

Celebrating the Jewish holidays in Israel.

This Is a Test

Recognizing the spiritual challenges behind life's little calamities.

The Heartwarmer

Hershel Puretz wasn't looking to become the savior of 2,000 Israeli families.

More Holy Woman

In shark-infested waters, their only life raft was reassuring words.

The Intruder

Even suffering can draw us closer to God.

Trusting God

When reading reports of hair-raising cruelty, trusting God means knowing that the answers to why Israel is under attack are there, even if they are not obvious at the moment.

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