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Sara Yoheved Rigler

Sara Yoheved Rigler is a popular international lecturer on subjects of Jewish spirituality. She has given lectures and workshops in Israel, England, France, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Panama, and over 35 American cities. She is one of the most popular authors on Aish.com, world’s biggest Judaism website, and is a columnist for Ami Magazine. Sara Yoheved Rigler is the author of five best-sellers: Holy Woman; Lights from Jerusalem; Battle Plans: How to Fight the Yetzer Hara (with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller); G-d Winked; and Heavenprints . She gives a weekly Marriage Webinar for Jewish Workshops on a spiritual approach to marriage, with hundreds of members throughout the world. She lives in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her newest book, Emunah with Love and Chicken Soup, the story of Henny Machlis, the Brooklyn-born girl who became a Jerusalem legend, was was released in November, 2016. Her website is: sararigler.com.

Israel's Vital First Strike

One surefire way to avert a nuclear holocaust.

Mobilizing Our Spiritual Forces

How aiding war refugees can help protect the Jewish nation.

It's So Hard!

It's today's mantra. But there are times when even super-human effort isn't hard. How do we get over that hurdle?

At War Again

The face -- and lessons -- of our latest war.

Confessions of a Creationist

I always thought creationists were Bible-belt fundamentalists. Denying evolution would put me on their side, and jeopardize my self-image as an East coast Jewish intellectual...

Seeing Clearly: A Blind Woman's Vision

The lessons of Passover embodied in one woman's life.

My Five Weeks with Cancer

Everything I need, I have. Everything I have, I need.

Loving the Land of Israel

The spiritual power of God's special place.

Not So Small Miracles

God is always communicating with us. Sometimes it takes a miracle for us to get the message.

Other People's Tears

Breaking the empathy barrier this Yom Kippur.

Holy Woman and Her Guests

A remarkable example of giving like God.

Blake Nordstrom Speaking

Our surprise direct line.

Destroying Synagogues – Again

Israel respects and protects the holy places of other religions. Why can't the same be said of the Arabs?

Sirens, Loud and Close

My night of despair and tragedy, and their only antidote.

Gush Katif: The Night After

What do Jews do when the longed-for miracle does not occur?

Gush Katif Stories, Part 3: Bryna's Story

Trying to create miracles amidst the pain.

Let Go of the Mouse

An antidote for control freaks.

Gush Katif Stories, Part 2: Noga's Story

Making the hard choice between hypocrisy and heroism.

Slowing Down

It's good for everything in your life—including your Judaism.

Gush Katif Stories

As the disengagement looms, a glimpse into the hearts of the residents.

The Right Tool

What my bottle brush taught me about life.

Holywoman: A Roadmap

Climbing the ladder of spiritual attainment.

Milka's Art of Giving

She finds the strength to feed Israel's poor by feeding her own soul.

Reacting to the Tsunami

A spiritual response to disaster.

Love's Pantry

One grassroots organization is keeping thousands of Israeli families from starving.

My Rat's Tale

What my rat taught me about joy.

How To Work Miracles - The God Factor: Part 2

The distinction between the natural and the miraculous is only one of human perception. Everything that occurs is really a miracle.

Heroes: A True Story

God becomes believable when life becomes unbelievable. *

If You Were Born a Jew

You're descended from a long line of idealistic heroes and heroines.

Dining with Dignity

A unique Jerusalem enterprise feeds the soul, not just the body.

Conflicts of a Buddhist Jew

Hebrew school and ignorance drove away a generation of spiritual Jews. A new book beckons them back.

My Arab Neighbors

A rude awakening after the death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Who's Minding the Bus?

Re-examining the attitudes behind our security measures.

Other People's Shoes

Strategies for judging favorably.

Breaking the Comfort Barrier

Forget the holiday hike. A real spiritual path is steep and challenging.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: What Are We Dying For For?

Israel's moment of truth forces Jews worldwide to identify themselves.

Adi's Angel

An amazing hour with a miracle worker.

The Spiritual Roots of Anti-Semitism

If the world hates the Jews, here's what can be done to respond.

A Taste of Heaven

An incredible Jerusalem family brings the beauty of Shabbat to the world.

An Ordinary Woman

My friend Rivka was an ordinary woman. How did she become so great?

Jewish Nobelity

The life and loves of a Nobel Prize winner.

Universalism: Can Loving More Mean Loving Less?

The opposite of Universalism is community, not sectarianism.

Of Angels And Poinsettias

Angels can be created by human beings. My father taught me how.

The God Factor: Part 1

Chanukah comes to teach us how history can take the most unlikely turns and produce the most improbable victors.

The Spy Who's Locked Into the Cold

It's time to release Jonathan Pollard.

The Dead End of Jewish Culture

One-quarter of American Jews have rejected watered-down Judaism in favor of full-strength Christianity. Why?

Laughter in a Time of War

The women of Gush Etzion launch a Purim counter-offensive.

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