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"Jessica's Journal" is the diary of Jessica Shaeffer (not her real name, sorry), a 29-year-old newspaper writer living in the sunny Southwest.

Jessica #16 - Reaching the 'Sell-By' Date

Age is a thing to be beaten, not savored, announces the sisterhood. And Jessica doesn't quite understand why.

Jessica #15 - Sister Meltdown

Jessica's sister has a messy track record with guys. But Jess is still sympathetic through this sniffling rant.

Jessica #14 - Sticky Soda Shower

Jessica wonders, when does treating everyone with dignity become part of your business?

Jessica #13 - He Does Declare

The Guy is off again, but before he goes this time, he lets Jessica know how he feels. Sort of.

Jessica #12 - Magnetism

Jessica's playing it cool -- or at least trying to -- while an evening with a family gives her a taste of what she thinks she wants.

Jessica #11 - Hanging Out

With square dances and "Happy Days" as measuring sticks, Jessica tries to figure out whether Mr. Wonderful is really as wonderful as he seems.

Jessica #10 - Platform Shoes and A Scowl

On location for a TV fashion shoot, Jessica gets an earful about models and morals and things.

Jessica #9 - Attention From the Y Chromosone

Jessica gets five stars for her performance at Adonis' impressive business functions. Too bad he wasn't part of the audience.

Jessica #8 - Ring! Ring! Is It Him?

Jessica's waiting for Mr. Wonderful to call. When the phone rings, it's -- guess who?

Jessica #7 - Of Fashion and Grenades

I work, therefore I am. Jessica gets plenty of attention for her job -- and not all of it pleasant.

Jessica: #6 - The Flowering Adonis

Jessica's new friend is interested. But she wonders if she's interesting enough for him.

Jessica #5 - Membership Drive to My Heart

Jessica gets dragged, kicking and screaming, to a Jewish singles social. No one told her that Adonis is on the guest list.

Jessica #4 - Carole and the Geek

When a suitcase pratfall puts Jessica in the midst of a college reunion, she takes a gander at boyfriends gone by.

Jessica #3 - Fumble Into the Future?

Andy made a proposal but Jessica's not sure if it's the one she wants. Does moving in mean commitment or just less closet space?

Jessica #2 - Sophisticated Wooing Strategy

Jessica's pretty sure her ex didn't come 2,500 miles just to catch up and he's definitely courting her for something... but for what?"

Jessica #1 - Quest for the Sparkling Ring

Episode #1 of the popular 66-part "dating diary" series.

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