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Rabbi Yaakov Salomon

Rabbi Yaakov Salomon, C.S.W. is a noted psychotherapist, in private practice in Brooklyn, N.Y. for over 25 years. He is a Senior Lecturer and the Creative Director of Aish Hatorah's Discovery Productions. He is also an editor and author for the Artscroll Publishing Series and a member of the Kollel of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath.

Rabbi Salomon is co-author, with Rabbi Noah Weinberg, of the best selling book "What the Angel Taught You; Seven Keys to Life Fulfillment," (Mesorah), and is also the co-producer of the highly-acclaimed film, "Inspired."

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In these marvelous stories -- brimming with wit, understanding, a touch of irony and a large helping of authentic Torah perspective -- we will walk with a renowned and experienced psychotherapist and popular author through the pathways of contemporary life: its crowded sidewalks, its pedestrian malls, and the occasional dead end street. This is a walk through our lives that will be fun, entertaining -- and eye-opening. In our full -- sometimes overfull -- and complex lives, Yaakov Salomon is a welcome and much-needed voice of sanity and reason.

His speaking, writing and musical talents have delighted audiences from Harvard to Broadway and everything in between. Rabbi Salomon shares his life with his wife, Temmy, and their unpredictable family.


Nobody's perfect. God understands that. Let's try to understand that too.

Healthy Healing: The Doctor

Six rules every doctor should follow.


Where we are headed -- if we don't get our act together.

No Child Left Behind

Implications of the three year old left at the airport

Good Mourning

The do's and don'ts of making a shiva visit


Love means never having to say you're crazy.

Passover: Homeland Security for the Jewish People

Our kids have had a mighty tough year. Passover can help.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Navigating the TEXTING phenomenon

The Seinfeld Call

How long can you spend all alone, without your laptop, TV or cell phone, before going insane?

Marriage and Mental Illness

Are they mutually exclusive?

Tattoos for Jews?

Isn't there a better way?

Divided Loyalties

Can American Jews support wars that benefit Israel?

Going Ape

Should primates be treated as humans?

Waist Removal

One creative way to lose weight.

Last Requests

The death of the Prince of Pringle's.

Doing God a Favor

I'm in Jerusalem, doing a special mitzvah.

Promoting Shavuot

How do we get the message out?

The Woman who Can't Forget

Perfect memory: is it a blessing or a curse?

The Restriction Prescription

Is less really more? Why does Judaism have so many restrictions?

The Wine Trials

Failing the taste test of life.

What Kids Need to Know

Just one piece of advice.

Touched By An Angel

God has many ways to communicate with us. It's the unexpected ones we remember forever.

Olympic Shame

Do boycotts really matter?

The Blow-Out

Don't let life's little aches become a thorn in your side.

Getting Over the Hump

Priming our Passover potential.

Heavenly Healing

Should a Doctor pray for his patients?

Spying on our Kids

Invasion or responsibility?

Hit and Run

Surviving adolescence with two words.

The Vanishing Jew

What can we do to keep the Jewish people connected to Judaism?

Mr. Good Enough

Should a woman ever "settle"?

Praising Paris

…Sarkozy's educational bombshell.

Praying with Ire

Should Jews care about Christian prayers?

The Connoisseur

This Passover, access that mysterious joy we all yearn for.


Sometimes hitting rock bottom isn't enough.

Rap, Hip Hop & Look Out

Should we be censoring our kids' music?

Just Ask

Great discoveries often begin with a question.

Shock Value

Does the Holocaust belong at a parade?

The Three Most Important Words

And they're not "I love you."

Bondage: Circa 2004

Remembering that success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

Lost in Disney

The most frightening six minutes in a parent's life.

Being There

What would you stand in the cold for?

Putting the Pundits in their Place

Who knows more: the experts or you?

Jewish Americans or American Jews

How we have managed to retain our roots and embrace change?.

I Want My Head & Shoulders

Airline security ad absurdum

Want, Want. Spend, Spend.

Why we are getting swallowed up in debt?

Steroids: The Real Story

What the scandal means to me.

Buy German?

Is it okay for Jews to buy German products?

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