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Judy Gruen

Judy Gruen is the author of several books, including the newly released The Skeptic and the Rabbi: Falling in Love with Faith. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Jewish Action, and many other media outlets. She is also a writing coach and book editor. Read more about her at www.judygruen.com.

Chocoholics Unite!

If chocolate wasn’t heaven-sent, why else would the first three letters of Godiva spell G-O-D?

Go Ahead, Make My Boycott

Advice to those advocating a boycott of Israel: be consistent and boycott everything that comes from the tiny Jewish state. This will make your life much more…interesting.

Great Expectations

Scoring a professional goal can take a long time. A really long time. But it’s worth it.

Saving Mr. Banks

The story of the makings of Mary Poppins shares something in common with the story of the Jewish People.

Dressing for Distraction

Is the gender gap partially a fabric gap?

Lauren’s Light

Honoring a vivacious life tragically cut short.

Dare to Dream

What to do at 3 a.m. when everyone else can sleep except you.

Change the Raunchy Playlist

Working out in a gym that proudly displays organic soap – and plays misogynistic music.

Attorney for Israel

Baruch Cohen knows the art of the fight.

Home, Sweet, Expensive Home

I am one of those Jews who knows nothing about home improvement projects, other than how to write the checks for them.

“Fill the Void” – A Chasidic Love Story

Chasidic Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein’s fascinating film is almost as fascinating as her own story.

A Candle for My Father

Thoughts on lighting the 20th yartzeit candle.

Camp Mom

What if there was a summer camp for moms?

Aging Ungracefully

In the 1960’s they used to say “Don’t trust anyone over 30”; Now, they say “Don’t trust anyone who looks older than 30!”

Not So Smart-Tech

Next-generation technology is watching you. Behave, or else!

Mrs. Princeton

On the strategic benefits of finding a husband at college.

Why Is This Luxury Resort Different From All Others?

While my body would love to go away for Passover, my soul enjoys making Seders at home.

Eat, Pray, Love, Connect

The Shabbat of Unity allowed me to get out of my own bubble and connect to Jews different than me.

Armed, But Not Dangerous

Why do people think I’m a menace?

Thinness: We’re Just Not That Into You

Fewer Americans are dieting now than in recent years. If you ask me, that’s very healthy.

The Nana Chronicles

First time grandmother Judy Gruen finds out that looking after a newborn is harder than she remembers.

Eight Family Ideas for Hanukkah

Ideas to light up your celebration during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Driving Me Crazy

When my kids drive me, they drive me crazy.

Jennifer Livingston: The Fat Anchor

Can fat people be good role models?

My Yom Kippur Confession

My tip for a more meaningful Yom Kippur – lighten up.

Guilt Trip Shopping Trip

I long for the days when grocery shopping was simpler.

Cosmo & Helen Gurley Brown

Many young women are realizing just how damaging were her views.

Facebook Faceoff

”Like” this article or we are no longer “friends.”

Is God My Friend?

Belief was the easy part. Friendship took more work.

Rock n’ Roll Bomb

Israel’s real secret weapon against the Iranians: Rita Jahanforuz.

Hostage to Fashion

Politics aside, the real war on women is being waged by fashion designers.

Judy for President

Today I announce my candidacy for president of the United States. My motto: "Opinion over Experience”.

The Brainy Bunch

Does being Jewish make us smarter?

The Artist

Michel Hazanavicious’s Golden Globe winning silent film imparts powerful lessons about the power of speech.


Is Tim Tebow taking a page from Judah the Maccabbee?

Thanksgiving Is for Turkeys

I’m sitting out Thanksgiving this year. Not because I am un-American, but because I’m full.

Herman Cain’s Women Problem

How Jewish guidelines of male-female relationships could have helped.

Family Guys

The fathers I know don’t look anything like the ones we see in the media.

My Commencement Address

Students around the world who will be graduating shortly, gather around and listen to my pearls of wisdom.

The Passover Hustle

I love cleaning for Passover. No, I am not mentally unstable.

The Skeptic and the Rabbi

I was no spiritual seeker and wary of drinking the kosher Kool-Aid.

Crouching Tiger Mother Hidden Dragon

Amy Chua unleashed a firestorm of debate about “wimpy” western child rearing. Is she right?

The Finkler Question

The Man Booker Prize winning novel raises important questions about Jewish self hatred and anti-Semitism.

I'm Not Messy; I'm a Genius

January is national “Get Organized Month” and I just may get around to organizing… by next January.

How Smart Is That?

It’s time to outsmart our smartphones.

War and Remembrance

A review of Herman Wouk’s epic WWII miniseries.

Emptying Nest Syndrome

After 18 years of selfless love, all I get before my son leaves is: “Bye, thanks”?!

Cabin Fever

After 20 years, my husband and I decided it was finally time for a vacation.

The Epidermis Epidemic

Where has all of our clothing gone?

Can I Say That?

They don't call gossip "dirt" for nothing.

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