About the Author

Rabbi Eytan Feiner

Rabbi Feiner is a senior lecturer at Yeshivat Aish HaTorah and a popular speaker in Jerusalem.

FAQs: The Mission Statement of the Jewish People

It's our national responsibility to repair the world.

Spinning the Dreidel

The discrepancy in how the Chanukah dreidel and Purim gragger are spun reflect a profound lesson in the nature of the two holidays.

Rekindling the Sparks of Peace

The heart of fire contains the unifying power of peace.

To Become Like Angels

On Yom Kippur we can taste spiritual perfection by relinquishing our innate ability to choose as we attempt to blend our own will with that of God's.

The Two Sides of the Purim Mask

Exploring the Purim/Yom Kippur contrast.

Joseph: Unifying the Jews

A foreshadowing of the future paradise.

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