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Mr. Richard Horowitz

Richard Horowitz is an active member in a wide variety of charity events within the Jewish community in particular. He is vastly recognized amongst peers, employees, and family members as being one of the most giving individuals in the community. In the spring of 2015, Richard received the Jewish American Heritage Award for his hard work with Aish HaTorah, a worldwide educational outreach organization that focuses on helping Jews understand the values of their religion, a company of which he serves the North American President. Richard has dedicated countless hours to give other the opportunity to learn about Judaism and the importance of philanthropic work within any community. He is not only an inspiration, but a leading force in the Jewish community that acts as a mentor to everyone he meets. Richard Horowitz is involved in a wide array of meetings throughout the year that cater to mentoring young adults between the ages of 18-32 to help them find meaning in their lives. Having been in the insurance industry since his graduation from Pepperdine University in 1970, Richard Horowitz, Life Insurance specialist credits selling life insurance for a majority of his ability to mentor others. He believes that if you can help a person to understand life insurance, you can help them understand anything. Instead of trying to convince people to make certain decisions, Richard Horowitz, Life Insurance specialist understands that it is best to let them come to their own conclusions and acts as a guiding hand along the way. It is clear that Richard Horowitz is a man with many talents, who goes above and beyond to help others whenever they need it. From giving life insurance advice to helping Jews understand themselves in relation to their religion, Richard Horowitz continues to thrive at being a leading mentor in the community.

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