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Salomon Says: The Great Google Rebellion

Salomon Says: The Great Google Rebellion

Can't live with it; can't live without it (2 min. 11 sec)


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December 10, 2005

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(28) Anonymous, December 28, 2006 7:09 PM

OK. I would never tell someone, "Why are you asking me? Just go Google it!" But I do admit that several times in the course of a week I will go to Google - for many different reasons. Sometimes it is to find a recipe that I don't have in a cookbook. Sometimes it is for medical reasons - what are the symptoms, what are the medications. And sometimes it is, yes, for school papers - to do my research.

However, I think that in many ways, you can get on Google what you can't get in an encyclopedia. The websites that feature recipes allow people to comment on the recipes - you can tell if it's worth trying, and if people decided to change it around and how. There are websites that discuss medical issues and how people experiences and dealt with them. There are clothing websites that sell clothes for much cheaper than you could ever find them in a store. And there are websites that feature long articles on what your report will be on, which you read through to choose what information to use.

So for me, Google is not really a substitute, but a higher level of research. I am able to do things with it which I would otherwise not be able to. It's not an addiction, I don't think - but it is definitely a very big help for me in many ways.

(27) Anabela, February 6, 2006 12:00 AM

The google rebellion

I could not agree more with the short video. It seems that a virtual reality can bring you virtual knowledge and even if google or any other search engine is used, it is supposed to help and not substitute the knowledge and the pleasure coming from reading.

(26) Yisroel Rabinowitz, January 3, 2006 12:00 AM

Quick results

Fanatstic, like always. I teach teenagers and when I mention this fact to them-that we have lost the art of working hard- they come back and challenge me with "we work harder in school then anyone has ever worked before" . To some extent they are correct. Here in Toronto, the acedemic level demanded by the public school system is very high, and kids need to put in extremely long hours and study very hard to get good marks in order to get into the university of their choice. They are also spending more time working out, particapating in sports programs and all around lead very busy lifestyles, with each facet of their lives demanding a certain level of excellence. They feel that they are truly working very hard and that they recognize that the only way to get long term results is through putting in a lot of effort and struggle.
They seem to be correct..they seem to realize that you can only get good results through working hard and do not share the belief that Rabbi Solomon so eloquently espouses.
I tell these hard working students the following:
If lets say you get married and you spouse is really making you crazy, would you be willing to put in three weeks worth of effort to just see a very slight change? The answer I usually get will be no.
What the kids are confused about is though they are putting in a lot of effort towards a long term goal, they are only maintaing those efforts because they are able to see quick and tangible results. And that is the true failure of our society..that it is only worth doing if you can see that it pays offf quickly. The hard work doesn't bother them, the effort towards some long term goal doesn;t scare them. What makes them continue is the fact that they see that they actual are accomplishing something looking a little better, getting a better time at their swim competion, getting a better grade on their exams.
But if they had now tangible results, if they were not able to touch and feel soemthing instantly, and would have to wait a very long time to accomplish their goal and in the meanwhile be met with only failure and rejection, they would never be able to keep at it. The real tragedy is that when building meaningful relathionships with your spuse, child, boss or anyone else, it will take a long time and a lot of effort without seeing any immediate results. So when it comes down to actual ly working on something like a realationship, they cannot do it at all. That is the real tragedy of today..they realize that they are working hard...but they think that hard work brings immediate benefits, and if it doesn't they feel soemthing must be wrong and give up the fight.

(25) Michael, December 19, 2005 12:00 AM

Googles, Forums & Blogs, oh my.......

I have a friend who has just started learning about Judaism. The other day he sounded very perturbed. I asked him what's the matter. He went in to a mini tirade about how he’ll never be able to become shomer Shabbat. He explained that this is because he is in complete disagreement with the rabbis over the issue of using electricity on Shabbat. I was surprised at this since it had not been anything we had discussed yet. I asked him respectfully where he attained the knowledge to decide to “take on” the rabbis. He told me he had spent the last whole Shabbat online doing research on the matter. Apparently a day online in “heavy research” gave him the feeling that he was now on a level playing field with the Chazon Ish and R’ Moshe Feinstien zt”l.

I think you are right on the money about creating dependency on a Google search as opposed to researching the old fashioned way. However, if used to gather more and more knowledge it may not be all that bad. The key is to humbly acknowledge and recognize a “Google” for what it is. A quick “nosh” at the fast food store of knowledge. The potential danger lies in believing that the quality of this research makes us now an expert in the field. To become knowledgeable, Google away, to become proficient, hit the books.

(24) Ariella, December 18, 2005 12:00 AM

Oh common- give us a break!

Life is tough enough. It's like saying get rid of your washing machine, because it makes life easy. Hashem gave us Google because he has other challenges in mind- think about that. Have a good day and an easy life!

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