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Born in the USA?

Born in the USA?

Happy Birthday, America.



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June 30, 2007

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(26) Jack Altmark, August 1, 2007 2:00 PM

Absolutely an honest, true statement about USA

We, citizens, are the only ones that create a problem where there is none. Lori hit the nail on dthe head. I have gone thru some of this nonsense with paperwork. The government will believe an alien before they will believe one of there own. I say this as a person who is the fourth generation born in the USA.

(25) Alan, July 17, 2007 11:53 AM

Being a Friend to Israel Only Factor?

I love all of your videos, but take exception to this one. There's nothing wrong with preferring life in the USA to life in Canada, but it a bit shallow to base your opinion solely on that factor alone.

Yes, the US can be described as a grat friend to Israel, but what is the motivation? Is it because of a love of the Jewish people and their right to a state? Perhaps. But I think not. The US supports Israel strongly because at this point, Israel continues to meet the US's needs strategically. Well, that and the fact that the Christian right "needs" Israel to justify their own spiritual position.

But the US, due to its weapons arsenal and financial power is the one country in the world with the greatest ability to influence the government of Israel. We've been lucky until now that for the most part, the US's desires and Israel's needs seems to average out at a "draw".

On the other hand, Canada has shown unwaivering support for Israel the vast majority of time, and at this point, shows great support for Israel, including working towards establishing a free trade agreement with the state.

Aside from that, other parts of life in the US seem to me to be completely contrary to what one would consider to be a "Jewish approach". Canada provides social medicare for its citizens - the US does not. Canada has a much strong network of social support programs aimed at helping those in need. No one here goes without medical care or medication, or for that matter, education. Anbd just try to get medical insurance if you're already sick!

Again - nothing wrong with loving the USA, but I question your criterea and your values when it comes to your preference. (By the way, my late father (may he rest in peace) was an American, and so half of my family, as well as siblings, are also dual citizens.)

(24) aliza, July 5, 2007 4:08 PM

Good friend?

I have to point out, as an American living in Canada, having to write a cheque for every form is what makes *Canada* great, too!

Is the US really Israel's best friend? Based on the recent UN Human Rights Council motion to make Israel a permanent agenda item, it was Canada who said 'no.' The US has a history of abstaining, rather than putting itself out there with a definitive 'no.'

Yes, the US can be a very good friend to Israel. The US has also contributed strongly to the situation Israel finds itself in today.

(23) Rachel J., July 5, 2007 1:54 PM

WHAT??!! I don't believe this........

What does one have to do w/ another?
How does your paperwork required by the U.S. Embassy and loving & being proud to live in the U.S. come together???

I am not so sure the U.S. was always as good to Israel as you are describing them to be. Don't get me wrong, the U.S. has done good for many nations, not only Israel; ...And yes, we should be thankful that U.S. is backing Israel right now, but don't you think you are exagerrating a bit?

Remember this:

"Proud to live in the U.S.", proud for what exactly are you? I am not proud to live in the U.S. on the contrary, I am ashamed!!!!! ...Ashamed that I don't have the courage to pick up & go back home, like the rest of those brave Jews that make aliya; ashamed that I have all kinds of excuses (legitimate ones, but still);
...and what about intermarriage that our so-called "best friend" caused?
I don't think it is right for you to advertise on AISH how proud you are to live in the U.S. Truthfully, I can not understand why Aish would let you post this video?
Please write back, I am really puzzled.

Rachel J.

(22) Anonymous, July 5, 2007 1:18 PM

only Israel

I wonder what all the Jews used to say when they lived in Germany before the war? hmmm
Hashem gave us the Torah to learn from and us Jews never get the message.
History always repeats itself (just read Aicha and see pictures of the holocaust and you'll know what I mean) and as great as America is, we are so blind.
Rebbetzen I have so much respect for you, I think you're wonderful and I can't wait every week for your next article but as a Rebbetzen who knows that Jews belong in Israel and history will repeat itself, until we understand that torah and mitzvoth should be kept in Israel, I was very unpleased to hear what you said. Yeah happy birthday America but that's all I give. Because I relay on Hashem to help us and not America.(with all due respect)
make America your house if you want, but please don't make it your home. Because you will forget where you really live.
Im an American because I was born there but I'm a Jewish Israeli because I was at "Har Sinai" and I have no other home.
May we all get to see Geula very soon and all MOVE to Israel bekarov amen.

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