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Too Many Choices

Too Many Choices

How many options do you need?


June 30, 2007

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(11) Margarita, July 7, 2007 6:12 AM

that what makes me feel old

I think that is like my parents were saying to me - music, computers, some friends. I think that there is wisdom in what you say, but things are not as complicated when you are young and it's interesting to see what new things will come. On the top of everything else things like i-phone will make it easier not to forget your mp3 player and may be it will help someone to listen to the lecture or two. So may be things are not as bad...

(10) jacqueline, July 5, 2007 3:04 PM

maybe they are searching?

America is diverse and a place to sell all the choices.I think everyone is searching for something,even when they dont know it. I had XM radio in my GMC truck, didnt renew when the newcar subscription ran out,because they didnt have what i wanted.I think life today is very short on imagination and big on dictation.I'll pass.Thankyou

(9) Ruth Housman, July 3, 2007 6:19 PM

something to think about: Over the Top

Great commentary. We have so much choice we are getting confused about choice itself. Do we need ALL this? Surely we don't and yet we seemed keyed into what's new, the addictive pleasures of the "latest" in anything. Then this bloom fades and there's the next "high" or "fix". I think this is analagous in many ways to drug addiction. I also believe, as does the speaker, that this isn't necessarily a good thing. We seek distractions. From what? Well, there's so much to be done and perhaps the real music and the real satisfaction is in the doing. So BRAVO for a provocative commentary.

(8) NesanelS, July 3, 2007 3:09 PM

No word 'entertainment' in Torah

I appreciate the 'mini' - or 'no-so-mini' shiurim-Torah lectures. The verse states in the beginning of Mishlei, 'The wise man hears and adds on to the deal' (personal translation). This shiur reminds me of what I heard from my father may he be well. He said over in the name of Rabbi Avigdor Hakohein Miller ZTZ"L, that Rav miller said that there is no word 'entertainment' in the Torah - in other words, no word that means entertainment. Because, he said, "entertainment is Lo'rik -for emptiness'. Only positive, constructive things have value and get a person places. Whereas entertainment - as the rav said, is just to pass time etc. Now of course there is a purpose to everything, but the rav certainly meant that one should THINK ABOUT if this will have a purpose (and have in mind for that mitzvah!) Once again, the lectures are greatly appreciated.

(7) Anonymous, July 3, 2007 11:57 AM

Technology- Too Much Choice?

Hi there-
I wanted to respond to your very interesting video blog about too many choices. I am not a proponent of "getting out there to get the next best thing right now." I wait... the first generation is the "world's beta test," and unless they give it to me for free, no thank you. There are almost always bugs and missing elements. And the price tag is usually way too much.... that $599 iPhone today will be $399 next year and $199 the year after. Maybe the phone carriers will make it even less with a contract. And the phone will be even better then too. It is a fancy gadget, and I will probably get one or something like it when future generations come out.

I have been involved in radio (broadcast and Internet) for the past 21 years. When one of my radio buddies got XM I chastised him for it...I said "I'm not paying for radio." On a business trip I had it in the car I rented and I was hooked. I still waited 6 or 7 months for a "good deal." I have to disagree with the comment about satellite radio. Here is San Diego we have about 25 stations. five of them play just about the same kind of music. There are 2 country stations playing the same kind of music. Because of our proximity to LA, AM radio has given us at least 7 stations to hear Rush and Hannity and Dr. Laura at the same time. There are 2 stations that play mostly classic rock. Not a lot of choice. Having satellite radio has been refreshing. I am introduced to new music I otherwise wouldn't hear. I get to hear more obscure older tracks that I never thought I would ever hear again. Out of the 200 or so Music, News and Talk Stations I probably regularly listen to about 30 of them...about the same amount I can hear on AM/FM. But there are about 40 more that I listen to once in a while, when I am in the mood for something a little different. And about 10 more are good for special programs that I am interested in. So that's about 80 stations I listen to that I would want to listen to. At Hanukkah they even had a "Radio Hanukkah" that was all about Jewish music and culture. In Los Angeles there is a Jewish music and culture show once a week, early Sunday morning, for one hour.

Do I like gadgets? Absolutely! Do I always feel they are necessary? Not always. I still don't have a home DVD Recorder, Flat Screen 90 inch TV (I'm still watching a perfectly good 27" tube, thank you), or Premium Movie Channels (I DO have Digital Cable, again for the choice...but no Hi-Def for me yet). Actually just having XM in the car has turned other family members and friends on to the service, because of the variety...even listening to one station!

I did enjoy your outlook...thank you for pointing out some good things!

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