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My Protest
Mom with a View

My Protest

It's hard to stay silent against a bald-faced lie.


My kids like lists, books of lists. So when I saw The Top 10 of Everything 2008 prominently displayed at Barnes and Noble, I knew we had to take it home. It was right next to the Guinness World Records 2008 (Guinness, you will be relieved to note, has refused to have a "fastest surgery" category, erring on the side of safety). The Top 10 book was written by Russell Ash and published by Hamlyn, a British publishing company.

As predicted, the books were a hit, and everyone fought over them in the car on the way home (a sure sign of success and perhaps the beginning of a new advertising campaign!). Later in the evening one of my daughters was reading some of the lists aloud. It was like background music as I tried to sort through recipes, my mind only partially engaged. (Most successful movie biopic?...) Until she got to the largest Jewish populations.

This is something I care about, I instinctively responded, laying the details of Korean short ribs aside. She began to recite the places and numbers. The largest Jewish population in the world is here in the USA with Israel a close second. No surprises there. Next comes France, Argentina, and Palestine.

I sat bolt upright in bed. Palestine? No longer was this entertaining bedtime reading. "What's wrong?" asked my surprised daughter.

"There's no such thing as Palestine!" I ranted. "How dare they?" I raved.

I have such little outrage left these days. We are so constantly maligned in the press that I barely raise an eyebrow. But this one got to me. An out-and-out lie. A creation of a state that doesn't exist. Not in an opinion piece. Not in a temporary blog or newspaper article. In a book. A book that will probably be ready by millions of impressionable children. And impressionable adults.

How do you function in a world where lies are given the credence of truth? Who should I speak to? The publisher? Barnes and Noble? The NY Times letters page? Where can I express my pain and outrage? After my family experienced the full brunt of my fury, I had a realization. I happen to have a blog; I could write about it here!

It's hard to argue with individual opinions. But against a bald-faced lie it's hard to stay silent. I can't accept that distorted view of reality being propounded in mainstream publications. And worst of all, I can't allow my children to believe it. I can't allow anyone's children to believe it. If lies can so easily become ‘truths', I fear what may be next.

Lies, repeated often enough, start to take on the appearance of veracity. It has been the talent of the ‘Palestinians' (the very term rankles) and the Nazis to take advantage of this psychological fact.

Honest people have limited recourse against an adversary who will regularly and routinely lie to achieve his goals. With the frequent support of the British press and now, it seems, their publishing houses.

But honest people cannot always remain silent. Silence is interpreted as acquiescence (although it may just mean despair!).

We have two options -- the practical and the spiritual (not to suggest that the spiritual is not practical). In this world, we need to protest -- to the publishers, the book stores, the newspapers. The world needs cold hard facts, a reality check. We need to harness our talents and resources to combat the all-too-effective Arab propaganda machine.

In the spiritual realm, we need to plead with our Father in Heaven to bring clarity to His world and all His children, to peel back the layers that obscure reality. To reveal Himself and His truth. We live in a time when the Almighty hides His face. The printing of lies is a wake-up call. We can't tolerate the distortions and untruths. We need to beg the Almighty to open up the clouds. A world of lies is a world of darkness. It is insidious and dangerous. We need the light of Almighty and His Torah.

We need to protest. We need to let the publisher (who probably won't listen) and the book stores (who might) know what we think, know what is real. And we need to let our Creator know that we have been roused out of our comfort. And that we need His help. And if you ever want to know the top 10 Olympic Canoeing countries, don't buy that book to get the answer.

You can email your protest to Hamlyn, the publisher, which is a division of Octopus Publishing group at:

August 18, 2007

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(53) vogelgesang sylvie, May 17, 2011 3:45 PM


Official country Israel 1948 ! undeniable historical fact !

(52) Anonymous, September 2, 2007 1:33 AM

As I read this article I said to myself, "I know just how you feel." For several years I have been frustrated by the barrage of disinformation about Israel and about Jews in general. Every time I read one of the lies, I am filled with disgust.

In the past several years I have written letters and articles protesting such false information. This particular incident is one of many in which the world is trying to talk Israel into nonexistence. I do not know why this is, but the world would be happier if Israel just did not exist, and the propaganda shows that. No one could get away with writing continuous lies about other major countries.

Terrorists attack a school bus filled with children killing several. The IDF responds by bombing the place where they take refuge. In the world press, there is no picture of the mutilated little bodies. Sometimes they show alleged bombed out houses in Gaza or somewhere. Many of these photos have been proven to be fake. The articles condemn Israel for "overresponding." Israelis cannot even defend themselves from these animals without being criticized.

These subhuman butchers of children are called militants. This implies that they are soldiers of a legitimate government. Both are false. They are not militants, but terrorists and there is no legitimate government they represent. I have written to these newspapers protesting this coverage and misuse of terms.

In addition, the press continues to refer to Judea and Samaria, ancient holy territory of Judah and Joseph, as occupied territories. These places always belonged to Israel and were occupied by enemies of Israel from the beginning. When those enemies attacked Israel in 1967, these territories were liberated and reclaimed by Israel. But the world does not recognize the truth. I have written and published articles explaining this, but it falls mostly on deaf ears.

The truth is that the world hates Israel and blames Jews for every problem in the world. This reasoning is amazing to me. How can a tiny number of people scattered in the world be the cause of all the world's problems? Nevertheless, the cry to get rid of the Jews is rising in volume throughout the world, and the intelligent leaders of the nations do nothing to stop it. On the contrary, they encourage it.

Nations and Churches divest their funds from Israel and from companies doing business with Israel based on this hatred and false information. At the same time, the United States does business with China, the largest murderer of Christians and its own people in the history of the world. They send poison toothpaste, dog food and various tainted food products, lead toys for American kids, and other dangerous things. Where is the outcry? Where is the demand to divest? There is none. It shows the topsy-turvy state of world opinion.

What is the answer? I am not sure there is one, at least not an easy one. I have thought about this and wondered how to change public opinion. The only way I can see to do it is by a massive PR campaign, but that would cost many millions, perhaps a few billion, and the Israeli government does not have the money to allocate to that purpose. Each embassy has an information officer, but his exposure is greatly limited. One man cannot do it all.

We need an Abba Eban who is, like that great man, eloquent and able, and funded sufficiently that he is on TV everywhere and becomes a household word. During the Six-Day war, Mr. Eban was on TV constantly giving speeches to the UN and to the world. He was so very eloquent and persuasive that people listened and the anti-Israeli feelings over this just defense was partially diffused.

With enough money, we could have many Abba Ebans all over the world speaking to the people. We ordinary people could support this effort with letters to the various publications. We could have TV programs devoted to showing the truth. They could show the actual atrocities committed by the subhuman terrorists, and present the true story of the courageous people of Israel. They could show the lies of the enemies of Israel by reason, logic and tangible proof.

The only drawback here is that most broadcast and print media will not allow this sort of broadcasting. They would call it inflammatory and offensive to the Arabs (who cares) and not appropriate for emission. But there are sufficient greedy broadcasters out there who, given enough money, would do it. Put a $million in a guy's pocket, and he will do most anything. That is our problem right now.

Hooray for Emuna Braverman. We need to follow her example and write to protest these blatant and unjust falsehoods. I encourage all of you reading this to do so.

(51) Anonymous, August 29, 2007 1:22 AM

I completely concur with the feelings of outrage at the inclusion of
"Palestine" as a country. Two similiar incidents come to mind:

The first happened at the beginning of a recent Olympics. During the opening

ceremony, when the athletes from the countries filed into the stadium, I was

flabbergasted and angered to see athletes from the "country" of, (you
guessed it) Palestine!...They were roundly cheered by the crowd. When the
Israeli athletes entered they were greeted with loud boos. That was the last

Olympic I had any interest in at all. I felt completely disgusted.

Secondly, The National Geographic Magazine had a large article regarding the

treatment of women throughout the world. They included a map of the world
with captions showing where the female populations had rights. Excluded from

the map - Israel. There was no caption explaining the freedoms and
protections afforded women there...Israel was just not shown at all! It was
as if the country did not exist. I was so angry I called the magazine to
complain and cancelled my subscription.

(50) Rachel Montagu, August 28, 2007 7:16 AM

I think we need to be a bit more cautious here. I also expected UK to figure on the list. How to calculate numbers is notoriously difficult - the figure for Jews given by the most recent UK census was just over 260,000 tho' the Jewish community usually assumes it to be nearer 300,000 but if there are 275,000 in the West Bank, the publisher might feel able to justify the figures.

What strikes me as much more questionable is protesting the use of the term Palestine. No of course it isn't yet a state but I believe that working towards a two-state solution is currently Israeli govt policy. There were entries under Palestine in the last Olympic games. There is enough really antisemitic stuff out - why not keep our protests for something which really hurts the Jews more than this.

And yes the Jerusalem Post was the Palestine Post during the Mandate and I have definitely read autobiographies in which Jews from Mandate Israel were described as Palestinians and very disconcerting it was at first.

(49) DR Thomas M. DiResta, August 27, 2007 4:59 PM

Fantastic--leads directly to the point

We & others are in dire need to keep abreast as to what other misinformations are published & to protest in a loud voice (in unison)

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