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  • Torah Reading: Naso
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Want, Want. Spend, Spend.
Salomon Says

Want, Want. Spend, Spend.

Why we are getting swallowed up in debt?


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(49) Don, May 31, 2008 10:59 PM

Debt is more than just keeping up with the Jones''

The reason for debt isn''t always people buying junk they don''t need. Some people are in debt because of medical expenses, bad decisions, poor education which leads to not understanding what borrowing money means and how to pay it back quickly and especially the deceptive practices by the credit card companies that you don''t find out about until it''s too late. And unfortunately money is that last thing that anyone will help you out with. They need to know why you''re in debt, etc. and qualify they''re help. You have to be destitute and homeless before anyone will help with money and then it''s done with disdain most of the time. It''s just a game we need to learn how to play like any other part of life. It''s a blessing if parents actually teach their children how to live, but in reality the world shows that no one is teaching anyone anything. If only we were all raised with Torah this would be a wonderful world. But what do we do with this mess that we have besides praying for HaShem to come quickly and speedily and TODAY! Barukh HaShem!

(48) doron, January 7, 2008 12:20 AM

leaders should lead down the right path

We have given all of our choices away to 'keeping up with the Jones' and we need leaders to lead us down the right path. Our leaders have become the concept of rampant consumerism and when our world is built on senseless wants and spending, our real leaders need to set the example for us. Let's see the school principals, the council representatives, the religious leaders, and the local government officials throw away their televisions in a public display! I bet that would get the ball rolling…

(47) Rosen, January 6, 2008 6:51 AM

To Aron

I wasn't really pushed in any particular program in college. With my degree in parks/rec, I have been able to follow thru with a couple of seasonal or summer jobs after I graduated, but nothing yet permanent. I am already seeing career counseling in my area. I am still appearing to do all of the right things. When you say "re-inventing" myself in order to find a more permanent job, would that imply starting my own business? I live in the DC metro area in Northern VA where the jobs being offered are virtually endless. Thus, I have been applying to as many relevant jobs as I can. Since I am seeking job counseling in my area, my job counselor understands that I am a good learner and developer for my career. Not only does he say that I am on the right track, but many of my other counselors, friends, and family say that I am as well, given that I am energetic and proactive in my job search. It's much like a consensus similar to when the Jews saw before G-d with Moses upon Mt. Sinai....Financially, I try to make ends meet by working with what I can (both outside and at home thru chores), making stock trades/sells, getting tax refunds, etc....As for seeing that your name looked familiar, I was thinking of my aunt whose last name is Arons...All in all, I have been very resourceful over the past number of years, and should be bound to find work for hire in a matter of time, sooner or later.

(46) hershy, January 5, 2008 9:08 PM

First of all Rabbi S. you ROCK. Second I think i have the solution to this problem. The value of a honest days work has lost its value. N ow if i want to deliver milk its considerd to be embaresing. My great great gand daddy who knew shas by heart delivered milk and i know 10 blat and its emabaresing. Its more embaresing the way i spell because of my great education in yeshiva. I say we all got to value a honest days work and not value a new car which will be trash in 5 years.People want to make millions over night cause they dont realize we are here to work. Adam liamal yulad.Y ou gotta sweat baby!!! Anyhow peace to everyone.And thanks to the Rabbi

(45) Wayne, January 5, 2008 6:28 PM

half the battle

The spend, spend, spend is a result of the want, want, want. Half the battle (or more) is curbing the wants. I suggest picking up your television and donating it to your favorite charitable organization. Then do the same thing with ALL the tv's in the house. If you don't have 15 commercials every hour telling you what you can't live without (or what you have to have to impress your neighbor) it will be a lot easier to not spend, spend, spend.

Secondly, make a budget. (Don't panic, a budget is a plan on how you will spend your money). You WILL spend your money, whether you have a plan or not. Your chances of spending it prudently are immensely greter if you plan ahaead, rather than just spending until your credit card is maxed out.

Try it! What do you have to lose (besides worry and ulcers)?


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