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Lori Almost Live


My adventures in central vacuuming.


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(24) Anonymous, February 5, 2008 7:20 AM

Pipes Clogged

Thank you for the inspiration and motivation. The plumbers were here for 7 hours yesterday trying to clean the roots out of the main drain of my house. First they snaked the lowest shower drain, then they had to get to the main drain, but it was covered in 2 feet of cement. The price was going higher and higher every layer of cement that they got through, there was another problem. Finally the plumber got through to the main pipes. He brought in this huge equipment and was working on those pipes for three hours. It would not clear. Then he had his coworker come with his machine- still not clear. Today they are coming back with an even stronger machine to blast out those pipes. But I remembered what you said, because I saw your video last week, I took out the tehillim book as soon as he started working in the morning, and I prayed. I am trying to think of what I am doing that is making me stuck. I prayed to Hashem, that I would try not to complain, that I would try to do better, and be more conscious of my actions. I wish I could see the genuine deeper message, so that I could improve myself. Thank you Lori for making me look within. Do you have any suggestions where to start? Are there any special prayers to say that will unclog the pipes?

(23) Anonymous, February 3, 2008 2:18 AM

To Skeptic Again

To Skeptic: Is it blaming the victim to say a sore throat is caused by a person speaking loshon hora—even if it is the person with the sore throat examining himself?

To answer: A righteous person does not at all know why Hashem has given her a sore throat. A righteous person, since she does not know why Hashem has given her any affliction, instead uses the affliction solely as an opportunity to stop and ask, why COULD this be happening to me? Not why IS it, but why COULD it be happening to me.

We don't know why anything happens to us. We don't. But everything, from getting an illness to getting over an illness—everything from good to bad as we see it (though to Hashem it is all good and we should ultimately see it this way too)—is all an opportunity for us to slow down our regularly-scheduled lives and to stop to connect with our Maker.

Example: A righteous person gets a bruise on his hand. He can stop to think why this has happened. He remembers that he forgot to write a letter to someone he had said he would write. Or, he can stop to think about why this has happened and honestly may not come up with any answer at all! Both are good according to Torah; both times this person has done what Hashem has asked us to do. Sometimes a sore throat can lead a person to realizing that she spoke badly about someone, sometimes it might lead one to daven to Hashem and not come up with anything else to work on!

In fact, the reason we are to look at someone else with an affliction as being a holy person is as follows. Hashem knows that a righteous person is going to look at her deeds whenever she is given something that causes discomfort. Many times Hashem sees some attonement is needed in the world and Hashem knows that a righteous person is going to bring that attonement into the world by the mere fact that she is always making strides to improve herself. Hashem is not going to send an affliction to an unrighteous person because it would be a waste of time; that person won't examine his deeds and bring attonement or even daven to bring attonement. So when we see someone else with an affliction we are to think, "There's a holy person," because Hashem knows that person is going to capitalize on the opportunity to bring some kind of attonement into the world that Hashem sees is needed right now. Is the affliction because the person did something wrong? No, it's because that person is going to daven and get closer to Hashem. That person is going to bring brachot into the world. The attonement needed from this person's davening and self-examination might have to do with something completely unrelated to the person with the affliction. This is an important point. Hashem gets attonement into the world in a variety of ways. He knows holy persons are going to get the job done. This is why we have no idea why we get the afflictions we get, why anyone gets any kind of discomfort. We just know that holy persons are going to look at any affliction as an opportunity for personal growth.

This also works with "good things" too. For example, if you ask any elderly holy person, why has Hashem given you so many years in this world? That person will have an answer ready and it will be a well-thought out answer…because a holy person doesn't waste any opportunity, whether "good" or "bad" to serve her Maker and connect with Hashem. I have also asked holy people, why did Hashem do "x" in your life or "y"—and these are good things by our standards, such as a child having an easy time finding his shidduch or a child overcoming an illness in a seemingly miraculous way against all odds—and thinking people will have some answer because they use every event as an opportunity to become close to Hashem.

We don't know whether we are right at all in ANY of our examining. But we don't have to be right. We do have to be striving and honestly examining and always wanting to be closer and closer still to Hashem.

I hope with all my heart that this was a better explanation. All the best to you, and keep asking questions. See what brachot you have brought into the world by your questions?

(22) Crystal, February 2, 2008 5:14 PM

secret mitzvah

I tried and tried to take you up on your offer. And, what I ralized amazed me as much as your idea. Some of the first secret mitzvahs I wanted to do, I realized that as soon as I'd done them, everyone would know who did it. There are some things I do that I am now known for. Alas, a great feeling! So, finally I'm at a Bat Mitzvah for the Rabbi of our Chabad and his 18month old is runnign around the hotel happy as can be, but with LOADED diaper. So, I grab him and change him lickety split, and no one was the wiser. Just he and I, and G-d. Thanks for the test.

(21) Scott Granowski, February 1, 2008 6:12 PM

Two Levels Of Understanding

Excellent presentation, as usual. I particularly related to the concept of two levels - the physical and the spiritual. Nothing is random in the universe; HaShem works my growth on both levels simultaneously.

(20) Annette, January 31, 2008 10:17 PM

so true... accountability doesn't have to be heavy stuff...

Many years ago I went to look at a house on the market with a girlfriend because she didn't think she was worthy of 'looking at a house just because it was on the market', the realtor caught on and she pulled out a book to share with my friend, a book she attributes to the beginning of the success in her life; it was a book on metaphysics and self healing; I latched onto it too! I had tried it without knowing others knew how to heal themselves using 'the power of the mind' - as we used to call it.
My girlfriend & I, over the course of some 10 years, attended self improvement seminars. All of this combined led me faster to discovering my own judaism, as did with her and her faith.
The point of this is, what Lori is sharing with us maybe something seldom heard of at secular & secular jewish circles, but the rest of the world is working anxiously at it... I figured 'they want it, we've got it, why don't I just give it a try through judaism and... see what happens!' All the positive affirmations, metaphysical healing, PMA (positive mental attitude learning) and more, much much more than I can imagine, IS judaism.
As one of aish's rabbis said 'they got it from us'... darn right!
When I learned how to heal my throat, it worked; in how to deal with headaches/migraines, etc., it works;
It takes accountability to a new level where there is no fingerpointing, just the one in the mirror: ME - and I am the only one I have to sell myself the idea of self healing, therefore getting rid of the 'tales of whah whah' and straight down to the point.
All our illnesses and situations are caused by ourselves, and in Torah/Talmud we can learn how to heal ourselves.
I hope you try it; you'll LOVE it.

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