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  • Torah Reading: Naso
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No Child Left Behind
Salomon Says

No Child Left Behind

Implications of the three year old left at the airport


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(20) Anonymous, February 14, 2013 9:13 PM


As a child I was abandoned by my father when my parent's divorced...I felt abandoned by my mother as well....she worked three jobs and often went out on weekends---us children were left on our own and as a result a predator came into my life and I paid the price in many ways throughout the rest of my life older and wiser...I have forgiven them but know the importance of placing children and family far above material, a social life and yes, even career...I think children are too precious to be placed on the back-burner while chasing too many worthless things...I don't think people can ever regret not working too much...but not spending quality, nurturing time with your children can be a painful regret...think about it

(19) Feigele, August 28, 2008 3:34 PM

Who's Abandoning Who?

We do leave our children at times. We are told that it is good for them to use their imagination to create their own activities. It doesn’t mean that we abandon them. Of course, unfortunately, lots of people do try to get rid of their children by escaping their responsibilities. It is true more and more today people are getting so busy trying to make a living and keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table. But why do they also need more than one car per family, televisions in each rooms, cell phone per person, etc. etc. It is very difficult to have a just middle with teenagers. You are doomed if you are too much on top of them, and you are doomed if you don’t. All you can do is try your best and also get advices from different sources. Lots of problems are due to peer pressure, which makes it more difficult for people to be good parents. When my kids were young I could control everything, we had only one television in the whole house, I refused having more, or in their bedrooms, I wanted them all together in one room and close to me next to the kitchen while I was making dinner. Then came the computer age. That went in my oldest son’s bedroom and again they all stay together there and I would glance once in a while. Then came the teenager age! Hi! Gevalt! That meant independence for my daughter. She had friends over behind close door, or she went to their houses. I didn’t abandon her, she abandoned me! The boys no problems but they too needed their privacy. So I am the one who was abandoned here!

(18) Feigele, August 28, 2008 2:41 PM

3, 4, 5 or more!

Once more it shows how material possessions are so important in people’s life! what seemed at the time, 18 luggages were more important to get on the plane than their own progeny! What should come first? Not that I’m perfect, but I have 3 children and anywhere we went I had 3 hands in my 2 hands, I kept counting them, made sure they were of different sizes because I knew each one or they would hold on to what ever I was carrying, I never let go, I had anchored in my head that nothing else mattered even If I lost my purse or car or whatever. I suppose when people have children they should anchor that in their head too, especially if they have half a dozen. 3 for me was perfect but I could have had more and do the same thing, it’s all in your head how you perceive what having children is and where your duty toward them lies. These parents are not guilty in the sense that they didn’t planed it, they were negligent yes and brainless maybe. If you ask them what would they prefer, to have their kid on the plane or their 18 luggages, what do you think they would reply? … and they would be sincere too. They could not imagine doing what happen to them.

(17) George, August 23, 2008 11:47 AM

There Is Another Lesson In This Story

There is another lesson to be learned from this story... Society is WAY TOO BUSY! We are so busy we don't have time for anything including our kids. We have so many interruptions and so many things trying to grab our attention that we lose focus on the important things in life. We are always in a hurry, like these parents were, and then we leave our children behind in the process.

(16) Grace Fishenfeld, August 23, 2008 10:07 AM

Time value

Two hands, two children. That's how it worked for me. That how I felt about being responsible for the safety and nurturing of my family. I figured that out one day when I had to cross a busy street. Holding on to the two of them was enough for me. I lived in three rooms in Brooklyn upstairs from a Rabbi. That family was a beautiful model for anyone. I was advised by the Rebbitsen to have more children because she believed that economics was not important and that the future would take care of itself. Their two young adults who were being well educated in all ways were the only children who survived the Rebbitsen's pregnancies. Today, our two talented and bright children are happy, good and productive. If I had another lifetime, I think I would have had at least one more because the the Rabbi's wife was correct. The future did take care of financial needs. The parents who left their child behind at the airport were distracted by the excitment of the occasion. All of them together made the awful mistake. As you said,the outcome was OK. As for parents whose children sit watching TV for long stretches must see that the TV becomes the guide to life exposure. This is dangerous. Time for viewing should be limited and monitored. Our children are in our charge for a short time and much of what we impart remains in the back of their thoughts even when they leave home. Hopefully, we give our children the tools to meet tough situations that are bound to come up in life. Parental involvment does not end. When things go wrong, we can still be there to laugh and cry with them. For this we give thanks.

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