Anti-semitism bounces into Dubai.

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(14) Anonymous, February 26, 2009 9:49 AM

Don't feel hurt

To Ingrid--separation sounds hurtful, but isn't. Much of Judaism is about separation--the food laws, the Sabbath, darkness vs. light, but it doesn't mean any less love, it's just about fulfilling a role in life given by our Creator. We have to separate our laundry, or everything will turn a muddy shade of grey. But if we're careful to wash things separately, the individual items make a beautiful outfit when they're all clean. or think of the instruments in a symphony, they blend because of knowing how and when to join and how and when to play alone. Every soul on earth is holy, Jews don't see themselves as above anyone, but as keepers of a certain task that must be carefully guarded for the sake of the whole world. It's a fine distinction (separation?) and can easily be misinterpreted by both Jews and non-Jews, but it's based in love.

(13) roberto yamamoto, February 24, 2009 11:31 AM

I think that we have to leave in peace

I am from Brazil and i intend that we have to live in peace with all countries of the world.

(12) aviala, February 24, 2009 11:08 AM

This is a hard one.

yes we are jewish and yes we are different but being different does not mean one / many / all of us should separate ourselves. I am Jewish and I am Black. I am obviously different on another level does this mean I should be separated 2 fold?. I think not! I think an Israeli presence is needed at the tournament. They tried to flex their muscles and be bully ...should we stand up to a bully or just leave and quit before the battle has begun? . I believe in order for we the Jewish people to fulfill our destiny in being a light onto the nations/ the world is to live the example of being a light to actually live it not to separate ourselves but to be the light - be the very action of the light. to separate ourselves and acknowledge our differences will not "help" us. If you take away my Jewishness I am another black person that is what people on the outside see first coupled with any misconceptions, negative thoughts, personal feelings both negative and positive. they see this first even before they learn that I am a kind ,gentle and loving person . If I held myself away from them would they learn and come to understand what kind of person I am ?

(11) Israel Aye, February 24, 2009 10:39 AM

Seperate but not isolated

Discrimination on any grounds cannot be acceptable... The act of the UAE in denying Shahar Peer visa lowers its standing in the comity of nations. However, emphasising the seperateness of the Jewish people sends out mixed signals. Sometimes, I think that we confuse seperateness with isolation. No people can be light if they yield to isolation.

(10) ingrid, February 24, 2009 10:25 AM

Why do you want to be seperate of the rest of the world?

As a non-Jewish I understand your feelings when anti-semitism is spreading in the world and I feel very sorry and concerned about it. But when you say that you are separate from the rest of the world I feel rejected. Am I not a creature of God like you? As a Christian I see that we owe so much to Jewish religion. I have some Jewish friends, and we respect each other. It hurts me that you want to be separate. We should work together to bring light into the darkness of the world.

(9) Deborah Bach, February 24, 2009 10:04 AM

Change takes time, when it's positive let's welcome it!

Change is a slow process and I think that it's great that the male Israeli player was granted a visa. I think that it's even better that Andy Roddick is boycotting (as I read in comment 1 - I don't keep up with all the details of the news). Only when good people are willing to take the risk of standing up for justice will the world become a better place. I'm disturbed by Rabbi Salomon's attitude which seems to me to be a sort of holding a grudge. Clearly, it was wrong that Dubai didn't give the female Israeli player a visa, but it seems that they are acknowledging their error and not repeating it with the male player and I think that change should be received by us gracefully.

(8) Rob Barnett, February 24, 2009 8:36 AM

Stop and Take a Second Look

I am a Jew. I've been to Dubai more than once. Other Jews have been to Dubai. There has been no problem here. The issue is allowing or not allowing Israeli citizens into Dubai. Whatever the prudential, debatable merits of that topic may be, it is wrong and inaccurate to conflate this with a supposed anti-Semitism that hates all Jews automatically.

(7) Dvirah, February 23, 2009 8:04 AM

Not Just Because of the War

This is an ongoing problem with Arab and other Moslem countries and is not new. In fact, you may recall that Syria pulled her team out of a Bowling competition so as not to play against Israelis - though at least then she pulled her own team out, not demanded that the Israeli team be dropped. Here, however, there may also be a prejudice against women generally, again due to the Arab/Moslem culture. To be a woman and a Jew is probably too much for them to swallow, a male Jew is easier.

(6) Alejandro, February 23, 2009 4:41 AM

What happened with our Jewish brothers and sisters, Do not believe we are different

Rabbi, What do you our Jewish Brothers and Sister who do not believe we are different? I would like an answer to this! Thanks Alejandro Levy

(5) israel halpern, February 22, 2009 2:22 PM

a nation that dwells alone

Dear Rabbi Salamon shlita May Hashem give you the strength to continue to inspire us across the world until Moshiach. You are especially loved here in Manchester UK The Talmud says there is a halacha that eisev hates yaakov and also am levaded yischon = a nation that dwells alone. no matter what we say or do the world hates us. they asked churchill why don't you bomb the rails to Auschwitz he replied " we don't have enough bombs" We all need to daven for the Geulah because until then we will always be hated.

(4) ross, February 22, 2009 8:31 AM

And what if she wins?!

If she becomes the champ, will she "prove" to the nations of the world who hate her that she's the best? And if she's doing this for herself, will it be worth all the extra antagonism when she comes out on top? It seems the ball is in her court.

(3) Moshe Rosen, February 22, 2009 6:02 AM

blaming Jews is the oldest excuse in scapegoating in the book

The Jews and Israel being blamed for everything bad and conflicting that goes on in the world is the oldest excuse and scapegoating in the book, and it certainly precedes long before they time of Jesus and the accusations that came blaming the Jews for his death of "deicide"...During the Roman times, a Rabbi mentioned that "every generation they rise up against us." At any rate, I hope that the truth about the goodness of us Jews can spread faster than the anti-semitic lies. Also, I'm getting rather weary of those who criticize Israel and preface their arguments saying "Jews will accuse this as anti-Semitic" - chances are, its just that amongst the same category of the anti-Jewish propaganda that went on during WW2...I'm all for us as the Jewish people uniting once again either in the diaspora or ideally in Israel, so as long as the Palestinians stop living in self-pity and use that same time and energy to create their own Palestinian state, as Israel has often given them that opportunity.

(2) Anonymous, February 22, 2009 5:22 AM


Yes, we need to be seperate..we say that every motzei Shabbat with the Havdalah prayer. It would be nice if we could just blend in....but sometimes we can't & shouldn't. I think it says in the Aleynu prayer that out share is not like the rest of the world's & we should not be like them!!! But, unfortunately, we want to blend in & dress like them & drive the same cars & live in the same McmMansions like them. This , I think is why we are in the situation that we are in......the greedy syndrome. We are suppose to live simple.....if we did that most of us would not be facing our current financial struggles. Our houses, simchas, cars & of course dress should be tzniut..but they are not. We do want to blend in & be like them,...but you are right , what we need is to be seperate!! Where did we go wrong????

(1) jamie, February 22, 2009 3:19 AM

Dubai tourney fined, loses Andy Roddick

February 21, 2009 bostonherald The WTA yesterday fined Dubai Tennis Championships organizers a record $300,000 - more than double its previous high - after Israeli player Shahar Peer was denied a visa by the United Arab Emirates earlier this week. The WTA also took steps to compensate Peer and ensure she and other Israeli players wont be shut out of future tournaments in the federation. The UAE and Israel do not have diplomatic relations. Also, U.S. star Andy Roddick said he wouldnt defend his Dubai title next week. I really didnt agree with what went on over there. I dont know if its the best thing to mix politics and sports, and that was probably a big part of it, Roddick said.


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