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Jewish Convert to Islam
Lori Almost Live

Jewish Convert to Islam

Why couldn't she find what she was looking for in Judaism?


Published: June 6, 2009

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(62) Anonymous, March 28, 2014 4:44 AM

Lori speaks about a very big problem

How comes that all the funding and aid for jewish education cannot fight against frivolity, superficiality and emptiness in not few jewish circles and kehilot?
Spirituality is loosing the war against materialism.
Parents: wake up, think, commit to jewish values, and act.
Unless we feel we can´t fight back.

(61) william, June 19, 2013 4:22 AM

Question no answer?

I believe this young girl was not shown any of this in Judaism.I myself have just found that my grt grt grt grandmother was a Jew.I have been trying for the last 5 yrs now to convert when I find out I have Jewish blood in me.Sadly the many email I sent out looking for advice or help have gone unanswered.Then questions come up and it seems there is the lack of any one to answer them or give advice or help?If more people are to convert then maybe some Jews should not come off so cold and uncaring.If all Jews seem to act this way or even respond this way then many people will be turned off from even thinking of being a Jew. I cannot run to any synagogue.The closet one is a 2 day drive away.Yet any request for help from Orthodox or Reformed or even Conservative Jews goes unanswered. Maybe so many restrictions and rules and regulations will only make the Jewish people less popular and smaller in numbers. I hope this does not offend anyone but I think maybe this young girl has also seen this and maybe we are just being blind to the truth.\i do not believe I will get a reply never have to other emails.Hope at least you read this with an open heart.Shalom

Maytal, October 31, 2013 11:38 PM

Advice reg conversion.

Shalom William,

I come from a Muslim family well from my fathers side and my mothers christian but i have hearly had any attachment to either sides. Judaism i strongly feel for and i have been through the process of conversion first,y by getting to know people in the jewish community, learning practices, going to spend shabbat at my rabbis house... It was just beautiful. I can understand how you must feel and how much you want to dig deep into your family roots and i must admit judaism is beautiful. I love the culture, hebrew and pretty much all of it. Give it time. Have you emailed or called your nearest shul( synogogue)? Just to inform you reform comversion arent really excepted in Israel as you'll have to go through orthodox conversions. From what i have heard some rabbis push you away but proving youre determined to convert and rabbi realising so he'll then send you to live with jewish family and you'll have to learn hebrew and obviously a case will be opened where you'll go to a jewish court and dayan judge will be present to approve of your conversion and a certificate is recieved.

Friend, March 27, 2014 12:31 AM

Judaism doesn't accept converts easily

Firstly, Judaism doesn't accept converts easily. This is because the Jews want to make sure that a convert is joining because of the right reasons- Judaism is very binding, as there are 613 commandments that a Jew must keep! Although it's very rewarding because of the beautiful culture and meaning, the Rabbis must ensure that you really know what you're getting yourself into. Also, the difference between the Ashkenazi and Sephardi community is mainly because of the places they lived. While Europe has a more cold climate, the people tend to be more formal and close-knit. The Sephardi lived in warm climates where communication with people and interpersonal relationships were more central. The reason they are so different is due to geographic and historic reasons. Btw, I've met many people in both groups, and they are all wonderful, charitable, kind, warm people that devote their life to helping others! All in all Judaism is well worth all the trouble, so if you really believe that it's the right path for you, go for it! (Even though it won't be easy)

(60) Anonymous, March 11, 2012 3:23 AM

Hospitality and welcome (and adab/manners)

I am converting into Judaism, but once explored and studied Islam. There is so much the same in them but I can see why she might have made the other choice. Islam is more culturally middle-eastern, very welcoming and demonstrative. When I visited the mosque, everyone in the room greeted me with kisses and treated me as if I belonged there. A big contrast to my experiences in churches, which were cold and akward with invasive personal questions. Synagogues are not as bad as churches, but the more Ashkenazi they are, the more they tend that way. My synagogue is mixed, and it's the Sephardim that are the most expansive and friendly immediately. The Ashkenazi and westernized people are "slower to warm up" (No finger pointing here, my background is uptight British) I would've preferred Orthodoxy in many ways, but the Frum shul had incorrect times posted, mislabelled doors, and bluntly rude people asking me why I was there. Some people there excepted, they are not more welcoming to other Jews either. The Haredi communities are even more difficult to get into...whereas in Islam, even the most observant mosques are welcoming to visitors. I could never marry in a Haredi community but she will have little trouble marrying. There's no "Who is a Muslim?" issue. No one will go through her ancestry with a fine tooth comb, or question her descendants' status. Her conversion won't be retroactively overturned. I am lucky that my local synagogue has a core group of wonderful worshippers, and a commitment to study but there are only enough of us that we study all together. I don't mind, but sometimes it's nice to have single gender groups. The dynamics are different and it's rare for most of us today to get the opportunity to have single gender groups that aren't centred on sports, or some sort of "pagan womyn's empowerment" thing. I love Judaism and it's what God wants of me but it comes complete with a lot of tzuris that Islam is free of. You have to love it to stay here.

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