"Kick a Jew" Day

Don't sweep this under the rug.

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(169) Leonard Lang, October 20, 2010 4:30 PM

Horrible, disgusting,

Why don't some of the Jewish organizations that I contribute to make an issue of this and make their involvement in this issue known to their contributors

(168) sol, October 8, 2010 4:48 PM

visits to holocaust museum a waste of time

I'm wondering why parents of attacked children aren't pressing charges. Is being kicked not an assault?"kick a Jew day" is clearly a bias crime. (Imagine the uproar if it had been "kick a black" day!) I'm willing to bet the "kickers" have already been exposed to plenty of holocaust curriculum in their school program. What is called for are consequences of a nature that will make another occurance in Naples or elsewhere very unlikely. Expulsion seems like a good place to start.

(167) Laura, October 6, 2010 4:36 PM


I went to NNMS when this happened, and no one even knew what Kick A Jew Day was until we heard about it in the news. I argree it was stupid and uncalled for but in reality, some of the kids kicking others were Jewish, and it wasn't done because were racists, it was some kids trying to be funny. Jewish kids are actually loved dearly at our school, but the media doesn't care about that.

(166) Anonymous, August 28, 2010 7:25 PM

These children anti-semites should be under arrest for assault and the hate crime statute connected with it. I am passed being tired of vicious hate crimes that happen every day and anywhere in this country. It is nothing new and the fact that the guilty parties got no real punishment says something really hideous about our school systems, the police, and the government that will not do the right thing when it comes to hate crimes, especially against Jewish people. Outrage is a good word for what I feel. Thank you for sharing this story with us, Rabbi.

(165) Annie, January 1, 2010 2:49 AM

ok, so I tried to write to the Gov & Lt. Gov of Florida

Sorry guys, I just typed up a letter to ask Gov. Crist and his Lt Governor for accountability, their e-mails 'don't work' ! Hmmm however, if YOU do send an e-mail, know that your e-mail may become public information in the event of public request in Florida As for the consequences for these kids' behaviour has everything to do with the quality of the adults who are in charge of 'educating' them I believe it should be mandated that the whole staff of the entire school board be 'educated' right at the Museum: Thoughts form actions, Actions form Habits Just a bit of Jewish thought

(164) Simone, December 31, 2009 2:43 PM

A short shsrp lesson

I also got bullied as a child at school because of being Jewish. My father's response was to teach me how to box. Sometimes, trying to reason with people is just not enough.

(163) , December 29, 2009 5:31 PM


I too was abused in school as a kid, but that was a long time ago and I thought that by now, all this stuff would be just unhappy memories. Guess not. We have the parents to blame for many of the problems we have today with others, especially kids. What the heck are these mothers and fathers teaching (or not!) to their offspring?

(162) elizabeth, December 28, 2009 6:45 PM

i fell bad

those children are stupid

(161) Shirley Feuerman, December 25, 2009 1:26 AM


Shame on the school and the parents of the children who did this. This should not be tolorated anywhere.

(160) Jim Parker, December 24, 2009 3:49 AM

Sensitivity training is dreck.

The school is having 20 minutes of sensitivity training in the morning. How nice. How about making the offenders scrub the floors at the Holocaust Museum; write a report on the Holocaust to be read to their classes; making them go to the parents of the kids they kicked and apologizing in person? How about being arrested for assault and battery under hate-crime laws. If it had been "Kick a (negro) Day it would have made the evening news and Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been there in force with bussed-in protestors. They would have sued the school district. (But dropped the lawsuit after receiving a donation to the Rainbow Coalition.) The school's weak response just tells the students that they got away with mocking what a lot of men died to put an end to. What ever happened to corporal punishment? This would have been a good opportunity for an assembly of the entire student body to observe the paddling of the offenders. "You must purge the evil from among you." (DT 15:5; 17:7,12; 19:19; 21:21; 22:22, 24; 24:7) "What you do not hate you will learn to tolerate." Malcom X

(159) Rho, December 22, 2009 8:04 PM

Time to wake up - Anger is appropriate and a call to action

I must respond to Shirley - whose response represents what is so very wrong with American Jewry. Anger is seen as impolite. Grow up. Anger and resentment are valid human emotions that illicit an appropriate response to action. It is our silence and our inaction, our over-willingness to turn the other cheek. It is not polite. It is denial. It is burying us. No other group would put up with the hatred placed before us - no other group is so silent as we. Where are our voices? Why are we not picketing and protesting en masse? We are too comfortable and too afaid. What you are ignoring are the very same signs that existed before World War 2. NO - the signs are worse, and the very comfortable Jews want to shut their eyes and scream at Jews that say it is time to act, time to get involved. Jews would prefer to hush 'those noisy Jews.' For your children - it's time to get involved.

(158) Jackie GEORGE, December 17, 2009 4:55 AM


(157) M. G., December 16, 2009 6:15 PM

Not enough info yet for mass outrage and condemnation

I would urge a bit of caution before we jump in and stir the pot still further. We do not know whether the kids were in fact behind this, or whether they were acting at the instigation of someone else. Who was responsible for sending the email in the first place, for example? Maybe the kids' punishment was relatively light because it was determined that, although they were ignorant and wrong and followed evil directions, they were not themselves responsible for writing the email. These are kids after all, and they’re not exactly known for their ability to form mature independent judgments. I would wait to start a full court press until I had a few more of the facts. I do think that the idea of spending time at the Holocaust Museum for their community service would have been an excellent and very apt idea.

(156) NANCY HART, December 14, 2009 8:42 PM



(155) Anna, December 13, 2009 9:00 PM

Kick back

These kids are parroting what they hear at home. I like the boy knocking his kicker to the ground. Give him a big hug from me and a huge ice-cream (sorry I can't buy it for him) I can't believe that this is STILL happening. And in America !But defensiveness is not an answer. I wonder what the idiots who began would answer if they were asked why they began it. Not in a defensive way, purely a question-an academic question. I bet you'd get some pig-ignorant answers. The last thing we want is to seem victims-punch the little beasts on their little snouts. Ooops, did I just say that ? Oh dear. Do it first & forgive 'em afterwards. Hey, I'm Irish !

(154) shirley, December 12, 2009 8:23 PM

What about Hug a Jew Day?

Nu? You do not mention the school name or location and it seems like you are stirring up more hate and hatred fr the Jewish side I think it is a terrible thing to cause a Jew to become angry and hateful We do not want to do that to a fellow Jew or to anyone. There is way too much anger and hate int his society If I hear of one more shooting in this country i am moving to Europe and that is that! But why not start a Hug a Jew Day instead What is it you are so afraid of?

(153) stav O., December 11, 2009 1:45 AM

try kick this

I have made over 1000 T - shirts say "try kicking this Jew" and all my friends and family were them

(152) andrew upton, December 11, 2009 1:02 AM

Give us more so we can act!

This story must provide contact information for school, local and congressional and senatorial officials so that people can email and/or call to challenge this outrageous behavior. The wider news media, especially blogs and perhaps FOX news should be asked to further cover this story. Justice requires action.

(151) Anonymous, December 9, 2009 4:20 PM

Soft pithy excuse for a serious problem

I have an idea, lets try kick-the-negro-day or kick-the-american day, and see what it feels like to be a racist, bigoted pig. This is what these kids will become, unless there is some serious intervention. Exploring feelings, and emotional nonsense in holocaust-museum field trips is not going to solve deep-seated, racist prejudice which obviously comes from an environment of hatred towards Jews. Where do you think they got this from? Their parents. We are too afraid to admit the truth and the obvious point. Prejudice is a deep problem that is not solved at the children's level so easily.

(150) martin nerl, December 8, 2009 7:27 PM

its just like europe

while its obviously wrong what the boys did, i think its something we jews have to put up with.like the rabbi says in his new new book, "solamon says", while touring europe, the hotel had no tissues for the jewish group.we jews in america stay here despite the anti-semtism because the "pros" outweigh the "cons", just the rabbi travels to an anti-semetic hotel in an anti-semetic country because the "pros" outweigh the "cons"

(149) marle, December 8, 2009 4:17 PM

Educate These Kids....

I'm Jewish and yes I had my share of getting beat up during the 50's. After awhile I thought well I'm going to go home with torn clothes so what do I have to loose if I fight back. I fought back and was left alone. But the reason for fighting was my American heritage our Jewishness my parents instilled. I could never understand why we never had a Jewish American Week. I think that the kids who did this most despicable act should not only have to confront ADL w/parents but work at the Holocaust Museum. There is a wonderful video tape (sure it's on DVD) called "Jewish American Patriots." This is a documentary that explains our contribution from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm. What....Jews fought in the Revolutionary War? Oh yes indeed...

(148) Paul, December 8, 2009 3:49 PM

1) Dec 7, 1941 -Pearl Harbor- A Day of Infamy. 2) Dec 7, 2009- Subject Hate Message . 3) My Comment : "68 Years Shot to Hell, and What has Mankind Learned?" ANSWER- ZERO !!!"

(147) A.T. Halmay, December 7, 2009 4:38 PM

Get whoever initiated this.

I'm riled by the civilized, plaintive attitude of the good Rabbi and many of the commenters. All Florida Jews who are 6 feet tall with muscles need to congregate in Naples to visit the homes of the children who did the kicking to have talks with the parents and determine what their attitudes are and if they are the wrong attitudes some persuasive arguments must be delivered to them with hobnailed boots. Time for new Stern gangs to be formed.

(146) Anonymous, December 7, 2009 4:37 PM


If it is true that the FL children were kicking Jews, when will the ACLU step in? They are so quick to defend Muslims, now is the time to defend Jews.

(145) BT, December 7, 2009 3:42 PM

It would be interesting to have a 'kick a muslim day' or 'kick a black kid day' ....

It would be interesting to have a 'kick a muslim day' or 'kick a black kid day' ... just to see what happens. Of course, we know what would happen: busted shop fronts, looting, fires, riots, etc. The 'kick a Jew day' should not come as a surprise -- the person currently 'serving' as President of the United States encourages, emboldens, and empowers the barbarians.

(144) CMGIGUANA, December 7, 2009 2:00 PM


HMMMM..something pertinent was somehow 'left' out of my comment: and it was the FOCAL point. WITHOUT it< my comment makes NO sense!! Would someone PLEASE be forthcoming with the "ethnic background" & or 'religious persuasion/Ideolgy 'of the students caught DOING THIS? Thank you>

(143) MW, December 7, 2009 12:23 PM

Yes, it's a hate crime. And this is the situation America has allowed to develop.

Of course. I knew this would happen. And yes, it is a hate crime. Just as the 'kick a ginger day' crimes were hate crimes. But nothing will be done. Can you imagine the uproar and riots that would have occured had it been 'kick a black kid day' or 'kick a hispanic day' or 'kick a muslim day' ? Nothing will be done during this reign of the Fuhrer Obama. His attitude and tone encourages this world-wide. Also, nothing will be done because only rioting in the streets accomplishes anything. And civilized, educated people don't riot.

(142) Anonymous, December 7, 2009 8:03 AM

If indeed this atrocity was taken lightly, the poweres that be should be convicted of abetting hate and suffer the consequences of hate crimes committed as pepetraters of those crimes. Also the chidren involved should be prosecuted to the utmost as a lesson to be learned from being hateful. Mankind must learn to coexist with all peoples of this world

(141) Dr.Steven Kremer, December 6, 2009 11:41 PM


Firstly, I think that if this had been "kick a muslim day" or "kick a Black day" that the media reaction would have been much greater. And then the question becomes why is that. Secondly, I thik that if this had been"kick a muslim day" or " kick a Black day" that the punishment would have significant as opposed to the excuse for a punishment that those kids received. Again, why is that the case? Thirdly, if this had been "kick a muslim day" or " kick a Black day" there would have been a formal response from the Florida Jewish community denigrating any form of hate crime regardless of the target. Where is such expressions of support and criticism of "kick a Jew day" from such other religeous and ethnic minority communities? They probably didn't occur. And why is that and what do we learn from that. Lastly, as I read the story and viewed a news video that I found on the internet after googling this topic the strongest feeling that I am left with is a sense of dissapointment in the Jewish community who appear to to have a tenedency to react to such assaults and threats with passivity and weakness.And perphaps that is a big part of the reason why it was "kick a Jew day".

(140) , December 6, 2009 10:33 PM


Bert says that this is an on-going and troubling phenomenon nation wide. Kick a "ginger" day, beat a "haole" [white person] day in Hawaii, get a gringo day in CA., etc. Mostly instigated by non-whites against whites. Now going after Jews too. Often done on the last day of school as no punishment is possible for two months or so and then it is all forgotten. This should be taken very seriously. Sue the parents of the "kids" in civil court for the willful misconduct of their "kids"!! I had a bad fear this sort of thing would become a growth business after the election of O. Non-whites would feel emboldened to perpetrate such actions, considering THAT HATE CRIMES CANNOT APPLY WHEN THE VICTIME IS A WHITE!! OR A JEW FOR THAT MATTER TOO?

(139) Wade, December 6, 2009 9:27 PM

Leave the federal government out of it

Kicking a person because he or she is Jewish is wrong! But I'd like to kick the damned fools posting here who want to involve the federal government. That is like asking the devil to help you solve a problem. I was always taught not to start a fight, but if someone started with me to finish it. People tend to pick on people who do not fight back. Kick them back and leave the federal government and ill-considered hate-crime laws out of it.

(138) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 1:11 PM


(137) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 10:05 AM

To: Principal of Naples, Florida Middle School This is an outrage! What exactly are you doing with your students to correct this hate crime? My husband and I want answers and so does the rest of our community here on Long Island. You cannot dismiss this with a one-day, in-school suspension or as your local papers describe as “chewing them out good!” This will certainly not change whatever deep-rooted prejudice and anti-Semitism that is apparently rampant in your community. We would appreciate your detailing the course of action you intend to take in order to address this horrific situation in a more responsible and successful manner. As the Aish Rabbi suggested, you could start by taking all of your students to the Holocaust Museum that I understand is minutes from your school. This is a disgrace to our communities, to our country, and to our world! It is unfathomable that anti-Semitism is alive and well in our supposed “enlightened” world and our supposed “tolerant” United States of America! Maybe our country is TOO liberal for its own good!

(136) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:50 AM

we are greeters - to our kids and husbands and friends and guests and sons in laws and mechutanim and whoever Hashem places into our lives to greet and deal with and smile at . we have to face every one of these interactions with yirat shamayim and with the understanding that this is our dream job given to us by Hashem .

(135) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:49 AM

There are federal guidelines relating to hate crimes. Federal prosecutors should be contacted and the parents of these children questioned along with the scholl authorities who apparently have given less than a slap on this wrist for this eggregious behavior.From Salomon Says Have a great day!

(134) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:48 AM

The Jewish Children should sue the SCHOOL and make in example of this school and file A LAWSUIT against the parents of the children.

(133) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:47 AM

I'm wondering what has been done to investigate the origin of this. That is the person who should be expelled. Not for a day but period. Did the Jewish parents go to the newspapers, the television station, their local council? What is the age of the child that did the kicking, why weren't the parents of these bullies brought to the school to speak to the classes and explain this is terrible behaviour and they were ashamed of their children. Education starts with the parents. The school should have called a meeting of all (I repeat all) the parents in the school and discussed this....Don't be silent. Come out kicking!!!!

(132) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:44 AM

The ADL has a wonderful program called No Place For Hate and this school should be forced to institute the program.

(131) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:43 AM

Letter fron Anonymous dated Dec. 3, 2009 alarms me almost more than the actual Jew Kicking incident. Anonymous states that a middle-school=aged child is not capable of commiting a hate crime. The statement may well be true, but there is no dooubt that such children learn this behavior from an adult, mnst likely a parent. We should not be lulled into inactivity just because the perpetratror is a child. The child must be taught, by all possible means, that his/her action is unforgivable. Child should be suspended for a reasonable period that would act as a detterent and also force fed facts concerning the holocaust. Parents should be made to partidcipate with their child in the punsishment. Perhaps a whopping fine would make them think twice in the future before instilling such horrid thoughts in the minds fheir children. Right now, I feel uncomfortable living in the state where these hate incidents occurred.

(130) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:28 AM

Don't blow it up out of proportion. There was also a "kick a ginger" (redhead) day, It's bad, but not necessarily the start of an anti-semitic campaign.

(129) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:28 AM

As a Jew and a retired teacher I think that there is a middle ground to take. Expulsion at this level is too harsh and a 20 minute sensitivity class is too lenient. First what needs to be done is to find the person(s) who instigated this on the internet. Probably not a middle school child but someone older who should be held accountable. Remember, in the 1930s it was not everyone waking up suddenly hating the Jews, it was a prolonged indoctrination by the Nazis that created the situation. Get to the instigators and come down on them. An ongoing cultural awareness program in the schools should be instituted so that if someone does this again the kids are smart enough not to follow along.

(128) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 9:27 AM

This is horrible! Looks like a new version of "Kick a Ginger Day" which came from a episode of South Park and then was a Face Book group -kick a ginger on Nov 20. Last year is was redheads that were being kicked and beaten. It was supposed to be a joke!? That it has morphed into kick a Jew Day just shows that anti-Antisemitism is alive and well in middle school and no doubt in these children's homes

(127) Donna Perel, December 6, 2009 2:59 AM

It happened here

About a year ago it happened here in the midwest. In this case it was at a public school. Again the punishment was a joke.

(126) Anonymous, December 6, 2009 12:05 AM

In School Suspension

As a former inner city school teacher, I recall that in school suspension for was for kids who's out of school suspension would have been considered a holiday. Parents at work, free video game time at home alone, etc. I agree it should have been a harsher consequence. But expulsion or out of school suspension might not provide that for some.

(125) Binyamin, December 5, 2009 1:21 PM

Never Again

I always taught my son Andrew, that if he was ever assaulted because of his Jewish heritage, to hit back hard...not to just take it. If he got suspended so what. The point is, it wouldn't happen again...NEVER AGAIN.

(124) CMGIGUANA, December 5, 2009 12:27 PM


I am very curious to know the so called "ethnic background" and/or the religious 'persuasion' of the !) students who were 'suspended". I have my own 'ideas" butt I would like someone to please be forthcoming. Alot of people are most willing to keep the 'status quo" going full_tilt: '..oh< it was all those "white kids< white supremist types, Christian right wingers>>" etc. Personally, I THINK NOT!! Thank you! CMGIGUANA

(123) CMGIGUANA, December 5, 2009 12:39 AM



(122) Maxie Canant, December 4, 2009 6:24 PM

Barking up the wrong tree

The adult who began this hate crime and those adults who participated in this hate crime should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and lose their right to join any group that even hints at anti-semitism. The children who participated and their parents should be required to attend sensitivity training, and parents and children should also work in the Holocaust Museum. People, kids would not do this unless they have been taught anti-semitism at home. That's where the education must begin.

(121) Sholom, December 4, 2009 4:47 PM

Fight back

Bottom line, get your kids out of the public schools. They are not wanted there. And if you can't, then teach them self defense and let the kick back. Meir Kahane predicted this in the 80's and was dismissed as a "controversial Jewish Fascist because he spoke the truth and no one wanted to hear it.

(120) Bruce M, December 4, 2009 9:14 AM

Fight Back

My son also was "kicked" because he waa a Jew and he turned around and knocked the kid to the ground. Both were suspended, but it never happened again. Never Again!

(119) G.M. Grena, December 4, 2009 5:18 AM

Send Them to the Museum?

Don't send them to the museum to learn about the Holocaust. Send them to the museum to clean the toilets! The problem is not that the kids "hate" Jews, but that they're lazy & spoiled.

(118) Pleasant, December 4, 2009 2:43 AM

Well, I definately sympathize......

Honestly, this kind of stuff has been happening to my kids and I since beginning to be Jews in 2000. Do we get support and sympathy from Rabbis and fellow jews? No. We get told we're kvetching and get a grip. We get told we are over reacting or imagining it happened, was said, was done to us. So all I have to say is "Now do you believe me?"

(117) Anonymous, December 3, 2009 11:43 PM

alternative punishment

Why not involve the police. Sounds like an assault which would be classified as a hate crime. That would lead to sensitivity training!

(116) arnold, December 3, 2009 10:51 PM

To Anonymous. Middle school students are older than 10 years. They are teenagers. The ones in this piece have already been exposed to hate. Why not expose them to what the results of that hate can cause?

(115) DANNY, December 3, 2009 9:41 PM

We could all use a good kick in the butt ...

Of course the "kick" day was/is awful. What I have difficulty in grasping, is why, as Rodney King put it, we all can't get along. Emee- Meemme MinNEE MOE - was popular with my grandparents, they thought it was cute; (they would be over 120, today). Religious persecution of MUSLIMS, JEWS, CATHOLICS, BAHAI's and you name it is alive and well, everywhere. Institutional racism, (like we just needed to read that minorities get worse health care than non minorites is supposed to be NEWS..( duhhh) We are all created equal aslo means that we are all just as equal for not standing up for universal truths, that religious persecution, when we do not point it out, no matter what a persons religion is, IS worth getting a kick in the butt, too. It is true, that sometimes parents are to blame, but sometimes NOT; sometimes, it is the culture, and the psychology of low self esteem that our great nation pours on young children daily with our marketing of great non sense, etc. that too, deserves a swift kick in the butt, so to speak. All religions should be outraged, too, at 45 million Americans with no ins. for health, and another amount even greater that has to coe with the bullies who reap their profits off of our diseases and illnesses. OK, I feel better now.

(114) Anonymous, December 3, 2009 9:00 PM

It starts at home

My 11 year old Jewish son attends a wonderful local multicultural public school, where the children seem to have enormous respect for each other and their school...and as a parent, I know I have done everything possible to instill a strong sense and respect for not only his identity, but the identities of all people. In regards to the school, I know that in my son's particular school, they have adopted a zero-tolerance policy wherein something of this nature would carry with it more severe consequences than those applied to these kids. Respect for all starts in the home and must be reflected in all school environments to negate these incidences.

(113) Anonymous, December 3, 2009 8:28 PM

Appalling behavior, no accountability

I am not Jewish, but I am appalled to hear this. It seem no one is accountable anymore.Shades of the 1930's .Parents don't discipline anymore, and the kids run rampant. Take away their cell phones, You Tube, Facebook until they graduate from High School.

(112) Shmuel Zev, December 3, 2009 7:53 PM


If this bothers you, then you ought to respond. Please call the contacts listed in comment 83. Let them know how tepid and insipid their reaction was. Would 'kick a black day' also have inspired such a weak response?

(111) martin nerl, December 3, 2009 7:15 PM

the rabbi is right on the mark,as usual. i just read a copy of his new book salamon says and this new blog is another classic.i cant wait for the next volume to come out and i'm sure this blog will surely be in it.

(110) Anonymous, December 3, 2009 6:47 PM

Unbelievable! (though not really)

1-day suspension?! I think by only suspending kids for such acts, school officials are giving a clear message that they condone this kind of behavior. I agree with Solomon's idea of sending these kids to the Holocaust Museum. Even if they are acting out based on outside influence (parents, peers, etc.), they are bound to be touched by this visit and be able to form their own views, which is much better when done at a younger age, in my opinion.

(109) Anonymous, December 3, 2009 6:05 PM



(108) , December 3, 2009 5:16 PM

Where did the idea come from? Those people are the ones who need to be punished. The children are simply acting on their parents prejudice.

(107) David, December 3, 2009 5:12 PM

The times they are a changing

While there has always been anti-semitism, name calling and racism, anyone over 40 has to recognize the changes that have been occurring in N. America recently. The Muslim population has grown significantly and many of its members retain the hatred they grew up with (there is a disturbing article in Monday's Toronto's National Post by Barbara Kay about a Jewish teacher and then virtually all non-Muslim faculty leaving a school because of intimidation by Muslim students), the left is increasingly anti-semitic, on university campuses, where not too long ago it was "cool" to be a Jew, there is intimidation, blood libel and demonization of Israel. The U.S.A. is still one of the greatest countries there has ever been (even if your own President doesn't believe that) but the golden age of the Jewish community there and in Canada is coming to an end. Fighting the battles is important and it often has the benefit of unifying the Jewish Community and engaging Jews who were previously disconnected. However, to deny the reality that the overall trend is negative is dangerous.

(106) Jon Schuller, December 3, 2009 1:50 PM


This is similar to the "Kick a RedHead Day" started on the TV show "SouthPark". Kids are so enmeshed in Internet social networking sites that any suggestions are flashed around at the speed of light. The next trends may be kick a fat kid, kick a thin kid,kick a smart kid, kick a dumb kid.If someone kicks you, KICK "EM BACK! They'll stop bothering you. Since 1948 JEWS HAVE BEEN KICKING BACK. Thank you.

(105) Sondra Katz, December 3, 2009 1:25 PM

It's the parents fault.

Where do children get these ideas? From their parents, of course. There must be anti-semitism in the home for it to filter down to the kids. And then the kids act on what they have been hearing by instituting "kick the Jews day."

(104) David, December 3, 2009 11:39 AM

Not only in Naples

It also happen here in my son's 6th grade class in East Brunswick, NJ. 2-3 kids turned in the offenders. They were suspended.

(103) Kip Gonzales, December 3, 2009 10:44 AM

What would happen if...

Super clip from Rabbi Salomon! He´s right, we have to do something. This is a repeat of Germany 1933. In this age of "anti hate-crimes", I wonder what the authorities would have done if about 10 Christian pupils had organized an "Kick a Non-Christian Day!" They would have been punished more severely! Then imagine if 10 Jewish kids had organized a "Kick a Muslim Day" !!

(102) Anonymous, December 3, 2009 9:28 AM

whatever it takes to send a reminder to kids in public shcools that they are JEWISH! sometimes Hashem sends messages in weird ways!

(101) Anonymous, December 3, 2009 9:28 AM

Salomon is 100% wrong on this 'kick a jew' thing. A middle-school-aged child is not capable of committing a 'hate crime,' any more than a 10-year-old should be exposed to the graphic atrocities depicted in a holocaust museum.

(100) "Caveman" - Marc S. H., December 3, 2009 5:33 AM

Vacationing in Naples

My family has vaccationed in Naples for years, This winter we will boycott and go elsewhere to spend our holidays and $$$$$$$

(99) Jon, December 2, 2009 11:16 PM

I agree with Alan Stein

I continually am amazed that supposedly intelligent American Jews plant themselves firmly and immovably in the Democrat party. Virulent antisemitism is on the Left and has been for some time.

(98) Anonymous, December 2, 2009 9:34 PM


To: Principal of Naples, Florida Middle School This is an outrage! What exactly are you doing with your students to correct this hate crime? My husband and I want answers and so does the rest of our community here on Long Island. You cannot dismiss this with a one-day, in-school suspension or as your local papers describe as “chewing them out good!” This will certainly not change whatever deep-rooted prejudice and anti-Semitism that is apparently rampant in your community. We would appreciate your detailing the course of action you intend to take in order to address this horrific situation in a more responsible and successful manner. As the Aish Rabbi suggested, you could start by taking all of your students to the Holocaust Museum that I understand is minutes from your school. This is a disgrace to our communities, to our country, and to our world! It is unfathomable that anti-Semitism is alive and well in our supposed “enlightened” world and our supposed “tolerant” United States of America! Maybe our country is TOO liberal for its own good! And yes, I agree with writer John G about Baron Cohen and his movies ... how about the Coen Brothers and their movie.. Also, note the spelling of their name ... are they embarrassed that they are Jewish? Do they think that spelling works better in Hollywood?

(97) Maxim, December 2, 2009 7:38 PM

kick a jew day

you have all a home in Israel, waht are you waiting for come over to us home

(96) Yechezkel, December 2, 2009 7:19 PM

email from Holocaust Musem

After I watched R. Salomon's video, I emailed the Holocaust Museum in Naples to suggest that they watch it too. I also asked if they had interevened in the situation. The DIrector of the museum responded in less than 24 hours to thank me for sending the link to this video and to assure me that they are working with the school, offering their programming and expert educators. I mentioned in an earlier post how impressive the Naples Holocaust Museum is. If you are in the area it is worth a visit and worthy of our support. www.hmswfl.org

(95) , December 2, 2009 6:49 PM

I sent an email to the superintendent of schools for that district.

I sent an email to the superindent of schools for the Napales school district. I told him how I felt about the punishment and I gave one suggestion of what the students could do... something that was suggested by the Rabbi. I also told him that my family and I would not vacation in Florida or buy products made in Florida because their sense of justice reminded me of what happened in Germany before WWII.

(94) shari, December 2, 2009 5:15 PM

What would they do

What would they do if it was "Kick a principal day?"

(93) Sondra, December 2, 2009 4:37 PM

Regarding Kick a Jew day - and remembering the elders of my family talking about pogroms - even one grandfather being literally chopped up and thrown down a well - and having worked on staff in Juvenile, Superior, and Municipal courts, I feel the kickers should do time as adults - before anything else. Have seen kids around age 16 that don't get turned around no matter what you try to do. It's too late.

(92) Eman, December 2, 2009 4:31 PM

Hate Crimes

Isn't this called a hate crime? Assault is a crime by itself. There should be a ZERO tolerance law on assault in schools. Get a lawyer and go after the school for trying to sweep this under the carpet. These kids need to be taught to respect others. In the case that the "hate" was taught at home, a few weeks of school suspension at home will teach the working parent that it was wrong to teach them how and/or who to hate. Hate doesn't pay. In fact, hate should be expensive and not worth the crime.

(91) Henry A. Wiltschek, December 2, 2009 3:59 PM

Terrible what young misguided people do.

To send these young people to the Holocaust Museum and let them see what the Jewish people and others have suffered, is the answer, instead giving them a one day suspension, which means nothing.

(90) john g, December 2, 2009 2:02 PM

Kick a Jew Day or "Throw the Jew Down the Well"

That's what you get for showing "Borat" in the school auditorium. Mr Baron Cohen maybe very funny to some and he even may be making a 'sophisticated' statement, but at what cost to those who didn't get his privileged education.

(89) Bernard, December 2, 2009 1:17 PM

Some extra info

I have learned from someone who has contacts in the Florida Jewish community that the students who were suspended were also "chewed out but good" by the principal, and that a significant number of non-Jewish parents are deeply upset by the incident. If you look online you can find local and cable news stories about this as well. We are certainly entitled to draw attention to this story but it is nice to know that it is not being ignored by the general community.

(88) John Roane, December 2, 2009 12:33 PM

Red heads

What if it was kick a red hair, freckled, fair skin kid would that be tolerated? Oh wait it was and is. We all have something at stake when anyone is singled out for this behavior.

(87) ariel, December 2, 2009 12:00 PM


this is the email address of the principal for the school jacksoma@collier.k12.fl.us This is the school's website: http://www.collier.k12.fl.us/nnm/administration.htm If you have watched this video, take 20 seconds to forward it to that email address. Everyone should voice their concern about this. Staying quiet is what got us into trouble over history

(86) Anonymous, December 2, 2009 7:40 AM

I am am emailing in refernce to " kick a Jew day." I am angry. I am taking the advice of the Rabbi and am wanting to do something. The problem is though, you did not tell me what to do about it. If you want serious action taken against these kids, and if you want to send a message that this is not ok, then organize us to do something. You have thousands of readers, have is sign a petition or call the school, or talk to our representitives about tougher laws. Give us something concrete to do. This is something that could be a rallying point for the entire community, but it's up to you guys to start us off. Tell me what to do.

(85) Phil, December 2, 2009 6:01 AM

"What is 'in school suspension'?"

I had in school suspension one day back in the mid 80's in eighth grade public school. I was in a fight with another kid near the cafeteria. The following day, we were actually both put together in the same small room. After 4 hours of extreme boredom and not talking to each other, we started to shoot our click pens at each other (just for relief, and without animosity). We never became friends, but I never fought again after that. Am I saying that a one day suspension is enough for these punk kids? I don't know.

(84) Mason, December 2, 2009 3:57 AM

How about kick kids out of school day

Here are some contacts for the North Naples Middle School (where this incident took place) and Collier County school superintendent. Dr. Dennis L.Thompson - Superintendent 239-377-0001 thompsd1@collier.k12.fl,us Margaret Jackson- Principal 239-377-4600 JacksoMa@collier.k12.fl.us Fred Mapes- Dean of students 239-377-4600 MapesFr@collier.k12.fl.us I sent an email to Dr. Thompson and carbon copied to the other two. Let them know your feelings on this matter. Eva it has always been like that here to some extent. My father experienced quite a bit in the late 1930's & early 40's as a child & teen. I have had a small taste since Islam has become so popular. Shalom

(83) barry e lerner, December 2, 2009 3:56 AM


Rabbi Salomon is shocked? I'm amazed that he's shocked. What did he expect with the daily demonization of Israel, and by extension, Jews? When the anti-Semites constantly make wild, scurrilous charges and our lame, ineffectual PR apparatus remains firmly on the defensive, he can expect more of this kind of thing. And if he continues to be shocked I would be astonished.

(82) Rochelle Michaels, December 2, 2009 3:53 AM

The Red Scarf

When a teacher randomly chose half the class as "superior" and identified the others as "inferior" with a red scarf around their neck she instantly laid out the rules ... Those with the scarf were told they were not good enough to participate in the activities and rewarded the “elite” group with many special privileges. After a day of humiliation “red scarf student”, the teacher told the class that she had made a mistake and the children with the scarf were to give them to the other students... Now, the “elite” students were cast aside and treated with contempt This is what these “kick a Jew” perpetrators should experience... They should be made to feel the victim of intolerance and hate. but alas... our education system is not about learning ... it's about pushing students through with the least effort.

(81) mommala, December 2, 2009 3:53 AM

Crime always starts small

The 1-day in-school suspension for this hate crime is equivalent to a vehicular manslaughter charge for a drunk driver who kills an innocent person in his way. This is pure anti-semitisim being swept under the rug instead of added to the children's school record - end of story. I think the children who were kicked or ridiculed need to bring the names to a media source for publication.

(80) Beverly Kurtin, December 2, 2009 3:14 AM


Today's kids are not being taught a thing about the Holocaust except, perhaps, that it is something we Jews invented to make the world feel sorry for us and give us Palestine as a homeland. Now if that doesn't turn your stomach nothing will. One "fine" school district in Texas decided that Jewish kids should not be given "special treatment" for the High Holidays; if they didn't show up for school, they would be punished! Well, they found out that there are a LOT of Jews living in that school district and more than a few Christian groups that came to the rescue and the edict was reversed. But the very THOUGHT that Jews shouldn't have "special treatment" while Christian children get their Easter and Christmas off...well that's a different story. I believe the school board has been changed. The disease of Jew--hate has been with us since we became a nation. There is no cause for this, it just is. As for the school that gave a slap on the hands of those brats who invented a kick a Jew day have broken FEDERAL LAW. It was clearly a hate crime and if the school won't punish the unspeakable acts of the kids then the Feds should show up. Hate against us and other minorities is a Federal crime now, President Obama signed the law in the last two months.

(79) Anonymous, December 2, 2009 1:13 AM

Your informative videos are much appreciated. I took the time to email the Naples, Fl, government officials expressing my absolute horror and urging them to take action. Thank you for bringing this to light!

(78) Michael, December 2, 2009 12:55 AM

I'm sick and disgusted........

(77) Pinchos, December 2, 2009 12:20 AM

nothing new under the sun...

Growing up in Australia in the 60s, in grade 2 I moved to a new state school. Once the other children realised I was Jewish due to having left the class for the one hour of weekly religious instruction, I was subsequently set upon and bashed by a gang of my classmates in the yard. When I asked why - the simple answer was "because you killed Jesus". The excuses may be different, but the results the same...

(76) Anonymous, December 2, 2009 12:00 AM

Don't try it on the Irish.

There was a comment in the Naples media that the Jews should take to heart. If someone came up with a Kick the Irish Day, it woild be the last thing they would ever do.

(75) Abe, December 2, 2009 12:00 AM

bed sighns

Was that video presenrted at the school or at the Board of education?

(74) Joel Cohen, December 1, 2009 11:57 PM

Teach Jews to FIGHT BACK (verbally and physically)

Call me extreme, but these bullies need to be KICKED themselves. Forget about this "sensitivity training" nonsense. It costs too much money and takes too much time. Jews need to be trained not only in educating others but STANDING UP to others. This includes physically and verbally standing up for themselves. (Note: I don't condone violence and would rather talk my way through things - but this case is an exception) It's the same garbage that occurred before the Holocaust and the same is happening in the middle east with Jihadism. It needs to be nipped in the bud NOW. Jews have been too nice and soft-spoken in the past (myself included). Stand up to the Jew-haters! Fight back! We must use stronger language if we must. Maybe then, the anti-semites will truly learn their lesson.

(73) , December 1, 2009 11:55 PM

I am not from America, but this happens in Europe aswell. This ist sad and alarming. The best thing is to never stop talking about. The young are still able to learn the better way.

(72) alan stein, December 1, 2009 11:46 PM

kick a Jew

As you can see " Kick a Jew Day " and a one day in school suspension is typical of the liberal agenda that most American Jews seem to support. As long as American Jews continue to participate in the political agenda of self destruction, ie. supporting people like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, we may as well get in the cattle cars. After all they wouldn't have a " Kick a Jew Day ", would they?? After all we ARE Americans! We need to pay closer attention to how Democrats treat Blacks, seniors, children ( education ), taxpayers, women, married couples and other main stream American ideals. Then look at how they treat Muslims, gays and other agendas that goes against the Jewish upbringing to understand why they would have a " Kick a Jew Day " . So keep on supporting and voting for the very same people who likes your money but NOT the people who gives it.

(71) Peter Choukalas, December 1, 2009 11:22 PM

The staff, student body, AND paents need to be notified

The school district staff, school student body AND the parents of ALL students need to be notified of this activity. Secretly suspending 10 students does NOT let everyone know that this behavior will NOT be tolerated and is unacceptable. The students should be suspended until the parents, student and principal meet and decide on a remedy. Each student would receive zeroes on all work and exams until the situation is remedied. Each of the ten students would write apologies to the students who were kicked and explain why they thought it was all right to attack them. The perpetrator of the e-mail should be caught and punsihed as well in a similar manner, perhaps being charged in court as a terrorist if necessary, in juvenile court if a child, in adult court if an adult. If we don't defend ourselves, who will?

(70) Daisy, December 1, 2009 11:15 PM

Any suggestions?

You're right that "this is something to do something about" but you don't offer any suggestions about what we can do. Can Aish.com arrange for a petition to be sent to the principal of the school or some other plan of action that will be effective?

(69) marilyn blum, December 1, 2009 10:12 PM

Naples Florida school should be contacted

I will contact the school and suggest they go to the Holocaust Museum in their town and hope others will join me.

(68) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 9:57 PM

as reported by rawstory.com - a little more information

KICK A GINGER DAY The "Kick a Jew Day" incident seems to follow in the footsteps of "Kick a Ginger Day," which started as a Facebook group inspired by an episode of South Park, and resulted in suspensions in school districts around the world after red-headed students were assaulted. The Fox affiliate in Los Angeles reported Thursday that police are questioning 25 students at a Calabasas, California, middle school after seven red-haired students were allegedly assaulted. Two dozen students at an elementary school near Toronto, Ontario, were suspended last week after taking part in "Ginger Day," the Toronto Star reports. Metro.co.uk reports that the first "Kick a Ginger Day" was organized for Nov. 20 of last year by a 14-year-old Canadian girl. The girl has reportedly apologized and renamed her Facebook group "Universal Hug A Ginger Day."

(67) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 9:25 PM

Re Comment 16

I am disgusted that you have slurred the President of the United States. And the greatest threat to the Jewish people AND the State of Israel at this time comes not from Communism but from right-wing extremists (whether radical Muslims or neo-Nazis, etc.)

(66) , December 1, 2009 9:09 PM

is this the beginning?

Are they starting a holocaust here. There was a depression the first time it happened. One day "in school" suspension is ludicrous. It is though the system is supporting the heinous act. remember, these were CHILDREN. Elinor Braitmanj

(65) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 9:06 PM



(64) molly, December 1, 2009 8:35 PM

How about community service for these kids of a jewish nature

The jewish parents must go to the school and the school board and insist on a more severe punishment for the kids involved. These children are learning to hate at an early age. Where are they hearing these things and who organized this hateful act? Was an effort made to get to the root of the idea to kick a Jew? I imagine that most of the kids were followers, but there was a leader and who is that kid? The leader of this effort must be singled out and be made to apologize in the school's assembly where the entire school can hear his apology.

(63) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 8:23 PM

It seems to be we always get huffy but that's the way things have always been. The Non-Jews don't even know what Jews are, neither do most of the Jews for that matter. Why are people comparing us to a gay person or an arab? And besides, the Non-Jews don't care about the holocaust, that was created for us to learn from. Why don't they put out another e-mail in another month called "thumbs up to a Jew day," or "hug a Jew day". We're always ready to give blame and guilt, but we need to point the finger at ourselves.

(62) Brad, December 1, 2009 8:19 PM

Wake-up call

I live in Europe and anti-semitism is just below the surface. Every now and then you see articles in the newspapers about some anti-semitic behavior. It is more common than you think. It's shocking that it is happening in the US as well, and doubly shocking that it is happening in Florida where I would imagine there are very large numbers of Jews. How about providing the worldwide Jewish community with an email address or contact details for the school district so that they can get the message of the concern this behavior has created from Jews around the world? I hope this is one-time incident, but if it isn't then this is a wake-up call that Jews in the US need to be aware of the increased risk and this spreading to other schools across the country.

(61) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 7:54 PM

It is scary and, as youhave said, very [Nazi like] much like -here we go again.

One of the many reasons we made aliyah to Israel a number of years ago was because we felt "not-at-ease" in a historic way within the American Ideal of brotherhood, everything-is-okay, everything will be all right. The true and sad fact is that so much is not right. Which starts from a school tolerating kids hurting kids...and the Prinicipal and school-board should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, have those kicking-kids be taken to the Holocaust Museum. Let them witness the truth. Will it change their mean-hearted, hating minds? I think it is a sobering inspiration to expect that it would!! It is terribly sad that should go (unpunished) on withimpunity.

(60) William Rogers RN (Ret.), December 1, 2009 7:31 PM


First, this video made me sad, then it made me ANGRY the more I thought about it. Send this video to every school, and in every church. This is an iossue that affects us ALL Jew and Gentile alike, we cannot let this all happen again! It was an unconscionable act, and I have to believe this had to have been learned in the home, I don;t believe kids naturally pick on Jews, or Gays, or African- Americans, UNLESS they learn it in thewir communities and more inmportant in the home, a careless word, an ethnic or racial slur- that's all it takes to spark a fire. Not good, not right, and NOT ACCEPTABLE! THank you Salomon for calling this to our attention!

(59) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 6:58 PM

There is more to the story than what was reported.

I was very upset after reading the article in my local paper, the Naples News, but I have become more so with the blogging that is taking part. I really don't know all the details of what occurred at the Middle School. Our paper does like to report first and check the facts later, so I have a tendency to wait until more of the details become available. Several of the blogers have identified themselves as students of the school who witnessed the event and stated that the incident was childish and without rancor. That could be possible. It is the venom of the adults against the Jewish community that frightens and disgusts me. One of the blogers starts with: "it's not as much a matter of racism as the goyim are starting to wake up to the fact that the world is under a Z.O.G.." Or this string of acid from one blogger: "Perhaps Collier County is not the right County for you. Ah but there is no fun in retreating from the goy. You must show us all that you are "Chosen" and that we must change not you. Let me ask you. What makes you think we must bow to you with respect to our European traditions values and culture? It is you who will in the end come to us. Just as you come to us to do your dirty Satanic deeds in Iraq." That guy scares the dickens out of me. There are many more comments that are similar to his. Please take a moment to go to the Naples News site and protest these blogs. Here is the address for the report: http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2009/nov/23/north-naples-middle-suspended-kick-a-jew-day-email/?partner=popular The blogers are adding their remarks at the end of the article. Please let the the bigots of Collier County know that the world is watching their hateful comments. Thank you.

(58) Hank, December 1, 2009 6:57 PM

this is not only a problem for Jews but also for Christians

I am appalled to hear about the "kick the Jew" day. I, however and unfortunatley, can believe it is happening here. We are living in a "politically correct" world where we cant call a Muslim who murders unarmed soldiers an" Islamic terrorist" but Jewish peoole and Christians are open game for ridicule and worse...Thank your Liberal Left for this. George Orwell's "1984" was only about 20 years too soon.

(57) Nachum, December 1, 2009 6:56 PM

You forgot something

How about confronting the children's parents. You might find out a bit more about 'from where these attitudes stem. If the school doesn't adopt measures, then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that tepid measures are just moves to placate.

(56) Deborah, December 1, 2009 6:38 PM

Not the First Time

A similar situation happened in a St. Louis County middle school last year. The Jewish community got involved and the entire school participated in sessions about tolerance and anti-semitism. I agree that this should not be taken lightly.

(55) Levi, December 1, 2009 6:38 PM

kick an anti-Semite

Why not have a "kick an anti-Semite" day and see how the authorities react? Then sue them off the planet.

(54) Beverly L, December 1, 2009 6:31 PM

let's understand the problem

I do not agree that the children should be expelled from school, because that would deny us an opportunity to teach them right from wrong. I think that children, and their parents, need to learn what the progression is from bullying in later life. People need to be taught that this behaviour is not acceptable in our society. Even out of pure self interest, everyone including the bullies are potential targets.

(53) Deborah, December 1, 2009 6:29 PM


There is a "kick a Jew day"in Broward county (Florida) schools also. When I complained I was told I was "overreacting"

(52) , December 1, 2009 6:01 PM

Three boys who were involved in a "kick a ginger [redhead] day" in California were ARRESTED on suspicion of threatening to inflict bodily injury. The link is here: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gnV-fXMF3hArNVryYlqzDJ2KPiewD9CA3VM80. No "one day in-school suspensions" for them. I guess redheads need more protection than Jews do.

(51) ShoshPen, December 1, 2009 5:58 PM

To the Museum!

Taking those kids to the Holocaust museum is the best idea you could suggest. It will be an eye opener to teach them how powerful these little offenses can become. They must go there!

(50) stacia, December 1, 2009 5:51 PM

TOO tolerate of these events

I was a H S teacher for fifteen years and can say that the sqeaky wheel gets the justice...school systems are so afraid of being sued that there is great pressure not to punish or fail anybody. Even when they richly deserve it.

(49) Sylvia Laifer, December 1, 2009 5:40 PM

Let us do something about Kick a Jew day.

Why dont we send a petition (signed) to theschool board of Naples to send these children to the Holacaust Museum, as the Rabbi suggested. Perhaps these ten children who thought of this horrible act should get counselling in Human Relations.

(48) Dalia, December 1, 2009 5:34 PM

Lets do a letter writing campaign stating outrage in a CIVILIZED manner and with the suggestions we have.

North Naples Middle School 16165 Livingston Rd Naples, FL 34110 Phone: (239) 377-4600 Example: Kick A Jew Day requires public outrage. If, not, what will it lead to next? The students should be expelled, have permanent violence on their personal records. There should be anti- Semitism and tolerance education. Students must be required to learn about how these very same actions precipitated the Holocaust. They should be mandatory study and volunteer work at the Holocaust museum or other anti-racism networks. Please respond to this urgent message. Florida is the Sunshine State, where people should be naturally good-natured and friendly citizens. local political speaker:writedebbie@gmail.local newspaper:http://www.marconews.com/staff/joe_landon/contact/

(47) Terri, December 1, 2009 5:20 PM

I am so sorry that this happened.

The parents need to be brought into this, because the kids' attitudes begin at home. I am wondering where the kids of character were: those who got the email, and decided to do something about it. Why was there no one reporting the emails to a teacher? Schools have become effective in teaching tolerance for alternative lifestyles, but where is the Constitutional freedom of religion taught? As a Christian, my children are taught, at home and at church, that Jewish people are still God's chosen people and that we are to bless them, period. The Scriptures say, I will bless those that bless Israel, and I will curse those that curse Israel. I think that the Holocaust museum is a great idea, and the parents of the guilty children should be among the chaperones.

(46) Miriam, December 1, 2009 5:07 PM

Not just a slap on the wrist in Naples

Go to the web site http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2009/nov/23/north-naples-middle-suspended-kick-a-jew-day-email/ to learn what else the Naples School System is doing to counter this anti-Semitic act. Twenty minutes is dedicated each morning to teaching students how to recognize and eliminate acts of hate.

(45) BenTzion, December 1, 2009 5:00 PM

The message is clear - it's the Galut!

The Jews in America have had it so good for so long that they forget that we are in the Galut, and that things can change very quickly. The colleges are havens for anit-semetic, anti-Israel rhetoric. The product of these colleges will soon be our politions, judges and educators. Jews in America need to wake up and realize that we are guests in this great country and the country is becoming less great every day.

(44) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 4:52 PM

What started this?

Unanswered in this Kick a Jew video is why did this happen. Whot put these little punks up to this? Prosecute the instigators to the hilt. Don't send them to the Holocaust Museum. They'd go there and laugh, pop a beer, and say too bad Hitler didn't finish the job. . Put their names and pictures in the paper and where they work. Then get the Jews of Naples to picket their homes and places of business..Meet hate with hate. That's all these slimeballs understand.

(43) DickardF, December 1, 2009 4:48 PM

"Kick A Jew Day"

What actions were taken against the parents of these foul children? The Naples School Administrators should be subject to some re-education sessions to force an attitude adjustment

(42) Dalia, December 1, 2009 4:46 PM

That's not all...

I live in Miami and have heard about several other antisemetic crimes on the news in South Florida. This was not the first by far....

(41) Esther, December 1, 2009 4:46 PM

Get a dialogue going

I live in Florida and when I heard about it on TV shortly after it happened, I went to the Naples newspaper's Web site and posted a comment. I also posted a link to the story on my Facebook page with the comment " This is an outrage! Are we becoming Nazi Germany?" I wanted my non-Jewish friends to feel the outrage that Jews felt. Unfortunately, nobody commented. It's absolutely true -- don't sweep it under the rug.

(40) Kirk Pearson, December 1, 2009 4:42 PM

An American Holocaust.

The actions of the kids in Naples are the acorn from which the oak tree of a Holocaust grows. This has been taken far too lightly. Expel the children and attempt to find the source of the emails. I agree Rabbi that the children should be taken to the Holocaust museum to learn of the horrors. It is ok to hate bad ideas such as prejudice and discrimination. It is never ok to hate people. The children must learn this or we are doomed to repeat history.

(39) Andy, December 1, 2009 4:41 PM

come to school wearing shin guards or learn to kick back

expelling a kid in the 5th grade seems excessive but I think many of your ideas are sound. it's my experience that most bullys are cowards and usually this stuff stops when someone kicks back harder.

(38) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 4:36 PM

something different

So you think that these kids who think jews are dirt should be shown holocaust films? Why? So they can say the jews are trying to make them feel guilty like they made the germans feel guilty. That would be the sad result. No.. we jews need to roar and scream for the expulsion of those kids, and the firing of the principle. Period. That should be the example. No apologies for felonious assault which was premeditated. And standing up and demanding those who would slaughter us, simply because we are jews, who demand our 'submission' as per Mo's strict orders for us and all 'infidels' across the globe is now mandatory lest the other hatefreaks, like the source for these midget jew haters in an elementary school will feel emboldened, and strengthened. It's not about 'tolerance'. That whole notion is nonsense. It's about right, and wrong, or in this specific case... rights and the wronged. We need a ten thousand people march to demand the expulsion of those would be jew beaters, and the firing of that principle and anyone involved. No more baloney tours of holocaust museums which only wets their lips to do some of that again.... which is where the made up agenda of 'tolerance' goes. Nowhere. There's only right and wrong... or rights and the wronged. If we've been wronged, scream it and demand satisfaction.

(37) Al ....In Florida, December 1, 2009 4:30 PM

When will it end

As a Jew and Florida resident I'm appalled that this has happened. This is the fault of the parents. Where else would school age children get these kind of notions. It all starts in the home. Their punishment does not fit the crime. The parents should be held responsible as well. The school did not handle this well. The school officials and the youngsters should be held in contempt. These kind of actions should be brought to the attention of State Of Florida board of education and the Governor. Those in charge need to be death with servilely.

(36) Aitan, December 1, 2009 4:23 PM

don't just let this go by

Please visit the school's website and forward this video to the principal and other administrators: http://www.collier.k12.fl.us/nnm/administration.htm

(35) Aitan, December 1, 2009 4:14 PM

This is the email of the principal: JacksoMa@collier.k12.fl.us This is the web address of the school: http://www.collier.k12.fl.us/nnm/administration.htm If you are reading this, take 20 seconds to forward the video to the principal. We need to voice our concern for these acts. Letting this slide with a tap on the wrist is the same as encouraging it.

(34) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 4:11 PM

this must have stemmed from the questionable "Hug a Jew Day"

There was recently a "Hug a Jew Day" declared on Facebook. I had my qualms about THAT whole thing and the discussions it engendered on Facebook...but this recent Middle School "Kick a Jew Day" proves to me that my qualms were justified. I think it was an outgrowth of the above.

(33) Pat, December 1, 2009 3:56 PM

Kicking Jewish Children

Judging from public school stories I read almost daily, had the perpetrators of this act brought a tablet of aspirin to school, they would have been suspended for a week or more to stress zero tolerance of drugs. If they brought a nail file to school, they would have been suspended to stress zero tolerance of weapons. And one can imagine what the penalty would be if they wore T-shirts with politically incorrect statements, like a belief in God. One day of in-school suspension for what the law defines as assault and battery speaks volumes about what types of minds run the public education system. All parents in Naples should demand harsher punishment and educational programs about WW II, the Holocaust, antisemitism and bigotry.

(32) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 3:50 PM

my daughter was given a note in school that said "Kill Jews"

Last week my daughter was given a note in school that said "Kill Jews". The boy also said to the other kids, "See, that's why Jews are annoying" even thoough my daughter wasn't doing anything. The school sent him home early but he was right back at school the next day.

(31) MichaelMN, December 1, 2009 3:37 PM

Don't count on the parents

So many thoughts... We may not have killed Jesus, but we did argue that he was preaching outsdide accepted Jewish norms at the time, and that he was a trouble maker, yes? Combine that with the Roman Empire's willingness to kill upstarts, and you know what happened. In-school suspension can be better than out of school because many parents will not stay home with their child, and it turns into a day off with television and video games. I taught in Florida for four years, and we left, in large part, because we felt that the culture did not value education. Some did, of course, but from the cleks who were bothered that you came into the store to the parents who told me that it wasn't THEIR job to get their child to do his homework, it was mine...keep them in school for any punsihment if possible. You cannot require parents to do anything except meet with school staff so that the student is allowed to return. Anti-Semite parents will learn from the Museum? Or will they cheer?

(30) Yocheved Landweber, December 1, 2009 3:33 PM

Not only do the children need to volunteer at the Holocaust Museum, but their parents need to as well! The children didn't learn this on their own, but from those whom they look up to, their parents. Suspension, expulsion and parental training, that's what they need in Naples Fla.

(29) Bernard, December 1, 2009 3:17 PM

Make a federal case

Physical abuse based on religion is a violation of a student's civil rights. This must be treated as a crime and I am shocked that a school would respond so casually. The parents of these students need legal help immediately to make sure this crime gets the treatment it deserves. I am also surprised that you did not mention that this is the reason for the existence of the Anti-Defamation League. The lack of concern on the school's part means that this community does not understand the nature of prejudice and the ADL has a century of experience in this field.

(28) peter kraynik, December 1, 2009 2:57 PM


Send all those who administered this punishment; and the parents/guardians, to sensitivity education!

(27) Jonathan, December 1, 2009 2:44 PM

Hey! Kick my other leg now!

So intelligent, so careing so politically correct. "Send them to a museum!" I'm sure that will have a big impact on a 11 year old. How about this. THe only way to deal with a bully is to FIGHT BACK! Have you not learned the lessons of the 20th century?

(26) Anonymous, December 1, 2009 2:38 PM

we should start a petition

This is outrageous behavior that would not be tolerated for any other ethnicity (nor should it). I propose that each of us start an email petition, and once you hit 500, send it along with the video to the Naples School System and the media, calling for these children to visit the Holocaust Museum and to undergo sensitivity training with their parents in tow.

(25) Kinamohn, December 1, 2009 2:33 PM

Teach Children to Defend Themselves

As a child growing up in the 50,s and 60,s in a rural Colorado area I was subjected to many anti Jewish slurs and altercations. My grandfather taught me how to defend myself and once thse bullies were put in their place I was left alone. And as an adult still with this attitude of "Never Again" I have no problems what so ever!

(24) Margie, December 1, 2009 2:17 PM

I agree that the parents of these horrid kids should be called to the carpet!

The parents should be forced to work side by side with their kids, somehow exposing them to the horrors of the holocaust. Maybe cataloging pictures of mass graves, or watching movies of the extermination. And the principal of the middle school, along with the board of ed is also at fault!

(23) Jonathan, December 1, 2009 2:01 PM

another suggested response for the parents


(22) Rochelle, December 1, 2009 10:17 AM

This needs to be sent to the school

I do hope that you have plans to forward your video to the school. I think these suggestions should be sent to them...

(21) gs, December 1, 2009 6:26 AM

Look to the Parents

Surely the kids who participated in the bullying need to be shown what the Holocaust was all about - what led up to it, all the cruelty that was perpetrated, but we need to ask where their opinions came from... I think most of the time, it's their parents. That's who REALLY needs to visit the Holocaust Museum. They're going to continue to fill their children's heads with hate if they are not shown the ugly results of that hate. And in response to comment #6... Christians who believe that the Jews killed Jesus are missing the point... SIN killed Jesus, and we are all guilty of that, still today.

(20) eva, November 30, 2009 11:37 PM

what if it had been kick a gay day?

can you imagine what would have happened if it had been kick a gay day, or kick a muslim day? Now THAT'S something to think about!

(19) , November 30, 2009 11:34 PM

I wonder what would have happened had it been kick a gay day or kick a muslim day. Now THAT'S something to think about!

(18) Anonymous, November 30, 2009 11:29 PM

Goldene Medina America

There seems to be this 900 lb primate that all with the possible exception of Shuali is being ignored. The first thing that should come to mind is that this occured in the Galut/Exile. GASP! I hate to break the news, but America is neither Israel nor Co-Israel. Despite its being perhaps one of the most noble experiments in human history, it is merely one of the many nations in the world -- a nation that as we speak is undergoing radical demographic and consequentially political change and it's not for the better. Holocaust and diversity education may correct those individuals for whom education succeeds as a method of correction. However it does not work for everyone, so the thinking goes that we must rely on a justice system of a jurisdiction foreign with respect to our own to deal with those for whom education does not work. Now with the common law system of justice as it is in the USA, juries are involved. Remember what I said about demographics? All one needs for one to go unpunished is for one juror in a criminal case or a simple majority of jurors in a civil case to not see justice: jury nullification. What are we to do? Seek from some radical beis-din some workaround to dina-dmalkita-dina and engage in extrajudicial actions (e.g. hire a hitman) to dispense with the aformentioned Amaleq? What if those involved in said extrajudicial action are caught, tried and (certainly will be) convicted? Shall we take to the streets in protest and then have our identities registered as troublemakers like the Tea Party participant? What if we find that as a result of speaking our minds we have trouble renewing our driver licenses, professional licenses and/or passports? If there is one thing from history we must learn ourselves is to keep our 'friends' close, enemies closer and our passports/ closest.

(17) Anonymous, November 30, 2009 6:25 PM

Very Familiar

Dear Honourable Rabbi Salomon: My guess is that there were parents involved, at home coaching and teaching their own "opinions" about Jews. I grew up siince the age of six years, being assaulted, on a daily basis by "mainstream folk," for this very reason. Christians from other countries were not subject to this, I was, for some reason (Jewish!), I had to deal with this until my family moved, in the middle of the night, (old habits never die), to another state. No one would believe this, and yet, this is very common behaviour, when Jew-hatred starts pouringits rage upon unsuspecting children. Sad to say, please donot be 'shocked', it is Only going to get worse, unless the Community steps in and takes LEGAL action, anything less will be viewed as "personal issues." I feel so HORRIBLE for those Jewish children, but I survived a lifetime of this type of vicious daily assaults, and I had not community to care - even the "Nuns" to whom complained, smiled and sent me on my way. Please take legal action, it is still time to make a point and use Law and Order.

(16) Juan Pablo Gomez, November 30, 2009 3:26 PM

They Call me an "Alarmist"

They Call me an "Alarmist" Comunism is alive, and with it, antisemitism. I try to call the attention on inmiment World War 3, but pepole just say "comunism is over". Not true, the Foro de Sao Paulo", when Comunist latin american parties gathered, planned to take the power, and get to their nations to comunism.Today, most of that forum are in power, (Venezuela, Nicaragua, Dom, Rep, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paragay, Chile, Bolivia)and allied with Comunist Governments (Russia, China, Iran, Sudan, Libia, Cuba) and are really a Threat fot the Jewish People and The True. Jewish people, and his allies, must unite and protest and alert for each discrimination act, or attack, or any intend to harm them. And Believe me, these guys are not kidding. H' May protect Jews and us Bnei noach. P.S. Barack Hussein Obama is reowned comunist, and will defeat G-d and His People. Almost no one cares nor believe it.

(15) tsouris, November 30, 2009 3:11 PM

History and Parents

Please remember that children learn from their parents. I would bring the parents in to sit with their children for a day outside the principals office. I remember when I was a child having to fight my way through the Irish kids going to school. Funny thing I never had a problem with the Italian kids in my neighborhood. I found out that the Italian parents of my friends never bad mouthed Jews and The Irish parents always had something bad to say about us. The worst day was Good Friday. Then one day something snapped and I hit back . I beat up one boy so badly his parents came to school to demand I be thrown out. When the teacher told them I fought back against slurs their answer was proves what we siad all along. From that day on I fought back. After a few weeks it stopped because the other Jewish kids starting fighting back. Don't just take it, fight back. If a little girl in Brooklyn in the 1940's can do so can you.

(14) Anonymous, November 30, 2009 12:27 PM

I think this is a wonderful article and the Words should be read by the world

Thanks for letting me share these articles and comments. We need more of this publicity...a proud Jewess

(13) Sharon, November 30, 2009 8:50 AM

So what was done?

This behavior is unacceptable, you are absolutely right. What did the parents do? This kind of behavior must be brought to the attention of the parents of the offenders and of the entire school. All of the children need to be educated in the rights of all of their fellow students.They need to learn that in this country it is wrong to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual preference, gender or country of origin. The entire student body needs a good lesson on the value of living in a diverse society. This kind of behavior needs to be nipped in the bud and all of the students need to understand that it will not be tolerated. If the in school suspension required the offenders to work on understanding how unacceptable and wrong their behavior was and they were made to apologize for their behavior it is better than allowing them to stay home and play video games. The bottom line is that those kids need to be made to feel ashamed and inconvenienced. They need also to have to have parental involvement and if their parents are inconvenienced then their punishment at home for their behavior will be compounded. There is nothing more annoying to a parent than being made to look like a bigot in front of their community - and to be made to miss work to boot! Perhaps even requiring that the parents participate in a sensitivity training project with the child would be an effective way to ensure that the behavior is never repeated!

(12) Ben Sion Shuali, November 30, 2009 4:21 AM

Time to Recite Habdallah

The Torah teaches that the Jewish people are distinct from the nations of the world. Either we act distinct or we will be shown we are. Perhaps it is time we took a lesson from the Saturday night service of Habdallah. "HaMavdil . . . bein Yisroel la'Amim . . . When we will separate ourselves through our words, deeds, and thoughts, the nations will no longer have to remind us of who we really are.

(11) yechezkel, November 30, 2009 3:15 AM

Remarkable Holocaust Memorial Museum in Naples

I visited the Holocaust Memorial Musem in Naples last year and was very impressed not only with the amount of information and original Nazi-era paraphernalia (including a real cattle car) they have there, but also with the curriculum that is supposedly being taught in all the Naples middle schools. I left the musem thinking that Naples must have the most sensitive and thoughtful middle school students in Florida when it comes to the issue of anti-semitism. As a result, I was more than shocked when I first heard about this story. Rabbi Salomon, I like your idea about having these students visit the museum, but I fear they may have already been there or that the lesson they got in Holocaust studies (required curriculum in Florida) didn't sink in. I hope the administration in their school takes this more seriously than it seems they have at this stage. Hopefully the good people at the Museum are stepping up to the plate. I think I'll email them to find out more information about what's being done: info@hmswfl.org Thanks for giving us something not only to think about, but something to do something about.

(10) Anonymous, November 30, 2009 1:14 AM

Hug a Jew day

At my daughter's high school, they have days to hug people. There are "Hug a Jew" day, "Hug an Indian", "hug an Asian", etc. I think it was something that went througout the county, if not the state. She proudly approached people at random and said "Hug me, I'm Jewish!" It was all very positive and is positive with all the "hug" days. That's how it should be. I read the article on the "Kick a Jew" day, and I think that the most obvious response is basically to respond in kind. These are bullies, no matter the reason. The way you deal with bullies is to let them know that you won't be intimidated. If Israel hadn't done this over the past 60 or so years, it wouldn't exist.

(9) Lin, November 30, 2009 12:08 AM

Suffered Same Treatment

A few years ago, my son was being taunted with Nazi symbols at school, other children were drawing them and flashing them at him during class, I picked up the phone and called a federal judge, and he quickly put a stop to it, by suggesting the district could be shut down if the school could not take care of this matter. It was immediately taken care of by the school.

(8) Lisa, November 29, 2009 10:47 PM

Time to Face Reality

I used to work in the New York City school system. I hate to shock you, but there are numerous anti-semitic jokes circling around the teachers' lounges. Complaining will do absolutely nothing. God is angry with us, because so many of us value materialism over spiritual matters. When there are Jewish people starving while others are spending lavishly on themselves, how can God not be angry?

(7) Mary, November 29, 2009 10:45 PM


I hear that it started with South Park and Kick a Ginger Day, kicking redheads and it happened. I think it is time to bring back the ruler. Nothing conveys a message that certain behavior is unacceptable quite like a ruler..

(6) Beverly Kur, November 29, 2009 10:16 PM

Eliminate Jewish Holiidays

A few years ago the school boards in several counties decided that there were too many holidays, so why not cut back on the numbers. The first to go, of course, were the High Holidays, after all why should the killers of jesus be allowed to their pagan holidays. It started in Arlington, Texas (where else) and it stopped in the same place because some rabbis took it upon themselves to stop the insult before it got going. When George W Bush had JESUS DAY in Texas nobody said boo. Trying to destroy thousands of years of tradition sent a chill down the back of all right thinking Texans. A word of caution: Their plans are currently shelved.

(5) Dvirah, November 29, 2009 8:01 PM


If the school won't do something, the parents can - they can file an assault charge. This is a violent attack, not a bit of teasing.

(4) Anonymous, November 29, 2009 3:31 PM

holocaust not the answer

I'm not sure that educating them about the holocaust is the answer. that's like saying, "Hey, guys, the Jews have suffered enough. give them a break, okay?" I think it would be moe to the point to introduce them to all of the things the Jews have contributed to the world and society at large; all of the things from which they benefit on a daily basis. The message should be "You really need these Jews because they keep enriching your existence." '

(3) Anonymous, November 29, 2009 3:25 PM

Contact information

This is deeply disturbing. What is the name and address of the school? Perhaps we can write and express our disgust with the acts and the 'consequences' thereof. Also, who generated the email directing the kids to act so horribly? Was it a faculty member? A parent? A fellow student? Has that person been taken to task in any way? Hashem Yerachem!

(2) nf, November 29, 2009 2:05 PM

thank you rabbi salomon for telling us what happened but what can we do on our part now that you said what that.

(1) Rosen, November 29, 2009 12:38 PM

anti-Semitic escalations

Since anti-Semitism seems to almost always be prevelant, I tend to get shocked and saddened (but not so surprised) that anti-Semites will attack Jews and Israel for their words and actions with their "ability" to justify why they are doing it, yet denying they are really anti-Semites because many would usually say, "Jews will accuse us of anti-Semitism" - it's much like when other lines are prefaced as "no offense, but..." All in all, how much more escalation can it take again for such anti-Semites of the 21st century to get their way like Hitler tried to in attempting to eliminate the Jews? It may boil down to how much that "every generation, they rise against us" just as much as any generation has a good chance of the REAL messiah coming - for sure, the REAL messiah does NOT mean "the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ" contrary to most popular belief. Still, just as much as it can be difficult to change, so too can it be difficult to respect and be tolerant of those different than them, especially the Jews who often act counter-culturally, given that it is Hashem's will - not to mention that Judaism has the option for non-Jews to follow the 7 universal Noahide laws. As for school growing up, it can be really tough on any child or teen. If only those who bullied the Jews would get disciplined with constructive regret such as volunteering at or visiting the Holocaust museum - not just sitting idly in the principal's office. They may not necessarily have to be expelled, but certainly have a LONG suspension either in school or out thereby constructively making up for what they did such as volunteering or visiting the Holocaust museum - or by maybe a long lecture by an actual Holocaust survivor.


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