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Does God sweat the small stuff?

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(13) Anonymous, March 22, 2010 10:51 PM

What happened to the faith/effort ratio?

I believe I've learned this a number of times: the more faith someone has the less effort he is required to do. To live your life as if it depends on us can be a real trap. Because the more we live this way the more we will believe this way. Don't our actions affect our attitudes and thinking to a large degree?? I feel an important lesson of how God cares about our every day details is lost in this misleading statement.

(12) gs, March 20, 2010 3:59 AM

We don't always know what's best for us

Perhaps when we get what we think is a crummy parking spot - ie, far away - it's really a favor from G-d. He is saying "Get going, the walk will do you good! Enjoy this day I have created!" Sometimes I find that what I prayed for wasn't really the best thing for me and what G-d gave me instead was ultimately better.

(11) Bobbie, March 18, 2010 10:39 PM

Hoiw big can God be in my life?

I have found out there is more to being in relationship with God than just the daily things God has put me is a bigger track on study . Yes my position is still in prayed and reading his word.There is more than that.Do we listen to him when he speak to us in our bones? Will do we listen in order to obey?How do we allowed God to become as big as he has writen to be? What does it take from us to follow God become in this path?

(10) RWA, March 17, 2010 1:43 PM

I do believe, God requires us to take responsibilty in our daily lives. That includes planning our lives and daily activities. I also believe when we fail to do this we do not grow spiritualy. I believe that God requires us to take on burdens in our iives here. I believe this life is a learning experiance through the interaction of the relationship we have with God. That includes the sharring with him our plans in our daily lives.

(9) sharona, March 17, 2010 8:17 AM


It's deffinately important to do both, make an effort and pray to G-d. We might not receive what we want right away, but we should understand, G-d knows what's best, and hopefully we'll receive at the right time. In the mean time, we need to keep making an effort and praying. Also, we should enjoy what we have, while looking forward

(8) Anonymous, March 17, 2010 3:25 AM

G-d is wherever you look for him

This brings to mind the old joke. There was great flooding and everyone was being evacuated. One pius man didn't evacuate because he was going to rely on G-d to save him. They came with a boat as the water was rising, but he refused. The water got to the roof and they came by helicopter but he refused to evacuate deciding to rely only on G-d to save him. Finally he drowned. When he got up to heaven he asked G-d why didn't save him. G-d replied that he sent him the rescuers, theboat, the helicopter, ect. G-d is always there - everywhere at all times it's up to us to look for him and accept that it's all from him. Wether he saved us the parking spot or decided that it would be better for us to have to spend time looking for a spot today.

(7) J.L.G., March 17, 2010 12:46 AM

This is not only A question, but THE Question

This is a question I struggle with daily - when do you draw the line, at some point say "I've put in a hard day's work - the rest is up to G-d". One of the most frustrating things is when you do put in a good effort into achieving a goal, and you explain to G-d why you need this result to happen, and it doesn't happen. Trying to figure out what happens next is the hardest part - "does G-d want me to work harder?"..."Is this perhaps not my strength, and should I move to something else?"...One of the things that makes the question even harder is this: living in an ultra-competitive world where you have to work extra hard just to have a shot at that career, at what point do we say "Yes its important to do well and provide for my family, but I also need to make time for the spiritual things, and leave my future (to a point) in G-d's hands"...If G-d wanted us to focus on taking time to learn torah and do mitzvot, my question is this - why can't he make life on the ground a little bit easier for us?? It seems as though the people that can just breeze through life with little effort and hardship on the material side of things (i.e. natural students) would have much more time for spiritual/holy pursuits!!! Something to think about, that is definately the right way to put it. If anybody knows of any good essays or books on Rabbi Salolmon's topic this week, I would appreciate being directed to them.

(6) ruth housman, March 16, 2010 2:36 PM

God's role in my life

I don't believe in an impersonal God. My God is very much a part of my life, meaning everywhere I go, my thoughts, always include a knowledge of God in my every move. My son when he was very small seemed to "know" as children do have a deep sense of knowing, at the smallest of times, they have the biggest of thoughts. I asked, "Daniel, how does this work?" He asked, in his three year old voice, "What do you mean?" I said "God, you know, how does this work?" He said, "God takes a step and then you take a step." I said to him, "So Daniel, how do I know which step is mine and which step is God's?" He responded, so clearly and so knowingly, "Mom, does it really matter?" I have NEVER forgotten this. Now my life took a profound turn many years ago consequent to a vow I honestly didn't expect to fulfill. I had an astounding coincidence, and it drew from such disparate parts of my life. I said, "God, I KNOW you exist because this cannot be random. If you give me more I can prove your existence by way of a life." It's hailing on me and I keep a profound Diary and my impulse is to share, besides and beyond this, I am seeing something very deep about the power of words, in and of themselves, in the articulation of a deep, deep story involving us all. Einstien didn't believe in a personal God. For me it's not belief, I KNOW, and yes we must ACT as you so beautifully say in this moving and wonderful question for us all. I want to Thank You!

(5) Anonymous, March 16, 2010 2:58 AM

What's good for everyone.

I know G-d is all-knowing, so he sure knows more than I do. At one time I could of been the one saying it didn't help to plan. This was when I made all my own plans and I kept running into a brick wall. It got my attention. I wasn't inviting G-d into the decision making of these plans. I was wasting time on things that never was going to be, and making alot of mistakes in what I was doing, because it wasn't G-d's will. I started asking what his will for my life was and that changed my life. So yes I plan, but first I get the game plan from G-d. I have learned for myself, not to pray over sports teams. Our township high school team went to state this past week-end. Friday at work everyone could wear the teams shirts. I knew I wasn't to do that. I spoke humble of our team, and saying how good the other team was. I was listening to what G-d was speaking to me. Our team won the first night. Second night, same thing stay humble about all of this. I watched the game on the internet, I kept speaking to the players what they needed to do. I know alot of people talk to the T.V. It was more from the heart, a prayer, but not praying. I know not to get caught up in sports, so I would flip it off and back on to check the score. We were behind, but not by much. Anyway, we won. The town wasn't cocky about it, everyone was saying the other team was really good, we all were humble about winning state. This pulled our community together. I don't have kids or family on the team, so this wasn't about that. It was about our community. It was good for our community. G-d saw it would be also. This may sound very small to someone, but it's about doing what G-d says to do, even when it was about not wearing a certain shirt, to how I spoke about the game to others, and to not get caught up in sports, when I know not to. It wasn't about what I did that won the state, but you do have to do what G-d says for him to listen and act.

(4) SusanE, March 15, 2010 7:17 PM

What is it with Jews and.......

What is it with Jews and parking spaces? Parking close to the entrance (or getting the best seat in a restaurant) is like a badge of honor. I have NEVER had to drive home without getting groceries, or left the parking lot of an event because I couldn't find a parking place. I've not had to pray for a parking space........Yet. Have you noticed there are always 3 empty spaces in the last row? I always thank him if I find one of those spaces. I DO thank G-d that I don't yet have the need to use the Handicapped spaces up front. ---------------------------------------- G-d is my BFF. (Best Friend Forever). He knows what that means. I have a personal exchange daily with Him about my concern for others and about my own life. Sometimes it is a heartfelt prayer, sometimes it is a quick thank you to Him. Sometimes it's a shared moment in time between us. You never know when that will happen, but when it does, that feeling is in your body forever. It's that overwhelming... It feels as though He is 'with' you. ------------------- He probably doesn't sweat the small stuff quite the way we do, but he is right beside us for it and he is there when we are sweating the bigger stuff too. He is my best friend forever.

(3) Chavi, March 14, 2010 9:28 PM


Gd requires us to make efforts (hishtadlus) commensurate with our level of spiritual attainment, to reach our goals, but we need to recognize that there is is no 'cause-and effect' between our efforts and the actualization of our goals. While we need to exert ourselves to attain that which we need/want, we must also, at the same time, recognize that when Gd gives us that for which we strive, (and asking for and praying is part of that effort,) ultimately it is not our efforts that lead to the attainment of our goals. There is absolutely no connection between our efforts towards our goal and the attainment of that goal. If we receive that which we worked so hard to attain, we need to recognize that WE are not the source of that attainment; it is GD's will and kindness that gave it to us, and not our efforts. We are not exempt from making the appropriate efforts, but we need to make those efforts with the clear realization that we are making those efforts because that is what GD requires of us, and not because we have the power to effect the results we seek. Only Gd can do that.

(2) Rosen, March 14, 2010 8:22 PM

G-d's control of the world

Whenever I get into a stressful situation, I try to calm down by telling myself that G-d is in control of the world and that things do work out. I know Hashem wouldn't give me or anyone, provided with tools and resources we're bestowed upon, a test that I or anyone couldn't handle. A few years ago, I got into a few car accidents after taking medication that reduced my reaction time, but now that I no longer take that medication during the day, my reaction time and driving skills have been much better for more than 2 years. In fact, on my commute to one job was when I got into such traffic incidents on the road, but now that I am working at an additional job that is even further from my house, I feel blessed that I haven't incurred any traffic incidents for well over two years. When I get onto the highway on the way home from the latest job I work at, I have to cross over to all lanes on it since the exit is in the far left lane, but I haven't incurred any actual traffic incidents, even though driving that way is much more complicated than my commute to and from my other job that's slightly closer to my house. So, I feel that Hashem protects me during my commutes to and from work (or at least I know better when it comes to defensive driving).

(1) lisa, March 14, 2010 12:08 PM

We must keep G-d close to us!!!

Yes, I make G-d on "my level." If I need or want something I ask Him.....if it's good that I should have it, it'll happen. How can He really know I want something if I don't verbally ask Him. Talking about parking spots...if I do get a good one, I do verbally thank was G-d saving it for me!! I believe nothing is too trivial. If I want the business deal to go through for my parnasa....I ask. If I want my kids to win their championship ball game, I ask. But I also remember to thank G-d for what I precieve as the little things as well as the bigger things. But who are we to measure?? Let's just all keep G-d close to us every day of our lives!!!


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