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Jews in the Supreme Court

Jews in the Supreme Court

Are you comfortable with Jews in high government positions?

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(119) luther navy, May 31, 2010 5:26 PM

Elena Kagen is RADICAL

I do not support the appointment of this woman to the highest court in the land because she will legislate from the bench.just like Sonya Sotomeyor,she has too many views that are un-friendly toward the constitution of the United States. when people of any level of power have radical views about the laws and freedoms we enjoy in this great country,they must be stopped and that is exactly what will happen(in 2012) to this illegal we have occupying the white is obvious that he hates this country and wants to control it by using the the legislative branch of the government to undo all the progress that has been made to insure that we are he strongest nation on the planet.

(118) Chaya, May 31, 2010 3:39 AM

Jewish Leaders

It is not unreasonable to feel anxious about this issue. It's the legacy of the holocaust . As for whether our feeling are reasonable or not, that's another issue. In the early part of the twentieth century many Jews held high positions in a variety of European countries--especially in the fields of medicine, law, teaching, and banking. Was their outcome any better--or worse--than Jews who did not attain such lofty positions? I don't think so. Consider this: there were two races the NAZIs intended to wipe off the earth--Jews and Gypsies. From as far back as Abraham Jews have risen to the top of societies in which they lived. Gypsies, on the other hand, avoided all contacts which might have led to such opportunities. Did they escape blame? Were they held in greater esteem? Was their outcome any better? Ms. Kagan's racial/religious background is not nearly as important as her legal/political supporters. NOW we can worry.

(117) Dvirah, May 26, 2010 3:25 PM

Career Choices

I am sure that the people chosen for these offices were chosen on their own merits and not because they are Jewish. Should a person refuse a career promotion in order to keep low profile for fear of their Jewishness?

(116) , May 25, 2010 6:09 PM

We should realize that when someone takes the blame for something because of their religious beliefs, skin tone, mode of dress or anything else and those things or even just one is someone's reason, there must be something wrong. I believe that we must all regard each other with respect and appreciation of differences and open up discussion. A discourse that is beneficial and not malevolent is best. Jewish people have always taken the hits because of being Jewish. The same can be said for African people, African American, Hispanic, Asian etc. I pray for the time that all of us can simply accept and get on with the daily life that is appropriate for us. Different cultures make life more interesting, at least to me. I prefer to acclimate to appreciate. That does not mean I will eat a particular food that my beliefs preclude. Politics is a difficult path because of the temptations and they are there like mine fields where wars have been fought and are still costing to many limbs and lives. I pray for peace in everyone's lives and hope for the best always. However, I do agree that because of the tradition, Jewish people in high places can be at great risk. At risk because of the standards set in Torah and Talmud and because of what people will blame on Jewish people as well as others. Fear of, however, is a drawback and must be pondered because one must always follow their own path. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is at great cost. The holocaust should still remind us of how great a cost just living daily life can be. It is something to think about and I like this article because of it. There is always room for discourse on even touchy subjects. At least I hope so, as in agreeing to disagree as long as it does not cost anyone life or limb. Sometimes one just has to fight back to simply stay alive because G-d wants us alive and worshiping Him, doesn't He?

(115) Anonymous, May 23, 2010 6:47 PM

Does that include legislators too? Kidush /Chillul Hashem

Dear Rabbi / Dr. Salomon, In your view would that include Congressman and State and/or local legislators as well too? What if "OUR" Representatives then go and vote for perversion abomination and toaivah?? Are and would we then not be culpable in making a great chillul Hashem which is our ultimate tafkud in life to Guard against and to make Kidush Hashem??? Does that include legislators too? Kidush /Chillul Hashem

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