Who’s Your Rabbi?

Why everyone needs to choose a rabbi for guidance.


I’m in favor of a zero tolerance policy for whispering at the table. Here’s why.

Worth Fighting For

For what goals are you willing to make real sacrifices?

Taking Sandy Personally

The true answer to, “What does it all mean?”

The Presidential Debates

Do our preconceived notions prevent us from really listening?

In-Laws without Rivalry

It's not only siblings who need to be on the lookout.

Choosing Our Leaders

The Jewish system is radically different than the American one.

Post-Holiday Blues

How to keep growing spiritually after the holiday blitz.

Controlling Our Kids

Back off and avoid the power struggles at all costs.

Define Your Terms

Stop arguing and strive to reach a mutual understanding.

Malala Vs. The Taliban

A 14 year old school girl threatens the Taliban. Lessons from Malala Yousafzai’s incredible courage.

Gotta Laugh

Life requires a sense of humor.

Discovering the Real You: The Tov Soul

Fighters for justice, driven to do the right thing.

Simchat Torah: Just Show Up!

Experience the sheer joy of being Jewish and celebrate.

Under God’s Wing

Sukkot teaches us how to find God in a world where He is hidden.

The Gift of Teshuva

Now is our opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Let’s make the most of it.

Discovering the Real You: Life of the Party

Welcome to the world of the “Bracha” soul and body.

My Rosh Hashanah Mantra

The Almighty has given me everything I need.

Making Rosh Hashanah Meaningful

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Living Amidst the Chaos

Some people thrive amidst chaos. I am not one of them.

Too Sensitive

Genuine empathy makes us better people in every respect. So why chide it?

Discovering the Real You

Understanding yourself and others through this Jewish personality typing.

Synagogue Dues

Can’t live with them. Can’t survive without them.

Beneath the Goth Look

There’s a real person inside whose book is deeper and much more substantial than his cover.

Tests: My Will Vs God’s Will

What I want to do versus what I feel like doing.

The Busy Trap

Who has time to deal with life’s real issues?

A Series of Fortuitous Events

Seeing God’s Hand during our trip to Switzerland.

Tests: Connection Vs. Estrangement

The most common challenge we have with our spouse.

Do You Eat Kosher?

The surprisingly most common Jewish practice. Why?

Taking It Out on the Spouse

Don’t take your closest relationships for granted.

Tests: Giver Vs. Taker

One of life’s challenges is learning to get out of ourselves.

Shattered Glass

Since the death of my infant granddaughter, I find it easier to feel the pain in losing the temple.

Completing the Talmud

Why every Jew should come to the Siyum HaShas on Aug 1st.

Tests: Why God Gives Them

Would you send your child to a school that gives no tests?

Of Presidents and God

Are you comfortable with a President who prays?

When Summer Never Ends

Help! I’ve got the “it’s summer again and the kids are already bored” blues.

Jewish Leadership

Three essential aspects: vision, responsibility, care.

The Truth about Divorce

Does every other marriage really end in divorce? Don't believe it.

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