Breathing Space

How to tell your spouse you need some private time, alone.

Everything Happens to Me

We need to learn how to get out of ourselves.

Clarity Before Marriage

Shared goals are the essence of marriage. Don’t take them for granted.

Courage to Live Your Clarity

Having the guts to stand up to social pressure.

You Can’t Have it All

Our children deserve attentive, involved parents.

Is There a Doctor on Board?

When a kippah-clad doctor stepped forward to rescue a passenger.


Elevating our mode of speech is not a losing battle.

Conflict Resolution

Screaming and yelling is not the Jewish way.

War on Junk Food

Are Disney and Mayor Bloomberg out of line?

The Ootchy-Kootchy Rule

Why couples who show the most public affection are more likely to divorce.

Dear Dad

We were so excited when our father came home.

Raising Teenage Daughters

Yes, it can be a tough ride. Here are a few effective tools to hold onto your sanity.

Completing the Talmud

A major celebration is in the works. And it’s not too late for you to participate.

The Lockerbie Bomber

Prison compassion – justice or folly?

Life without Whining

Therapists are refusing to put up with the kvetching. We should do the same.

Parents Know Best

Protect us from those well-meaning friends, teachers and therapists who think they know our children better than we do.

The Gift of Responsibility

Teaching our children how to really grow up.

My Ideal Mother’s Day

Now that my kids are grown, I have a greater appreciation of the day.

Facebook and Dignity

They shouldn’t be an oxymoron.

It All Began with a Doormat!

Getting trapped in the never-ending materialistic cycle.

Safe to be a Jew?

A Jew can never have too many passports.

Looking for Eytan

After 33 years, should the investigation be re-opened?

The Ants Go Marching

If only they were limited to two by two!

A Woman's Power

The woman sanctifies space and sets the tone in the home.

Under Pressure

Peer pressure never goes away. So choose your friends wisely.

Respecting the Help

We're all Jewish ambassadors. So watch what you say and do.

The Seder: Why Bother?

What's the REAL reason you attend a Seder?

The Rabbi & the Vote

What role should a rabbi play in your life?

Boiling Point

Don’t hold in your frustrations and concerns until they explode.

Advantages of Insomnia

A legacy from my mother – on her yahrzeit.

Alternative to Nagging

How to get your husband to do what you want.

Crossing the Religious/Secular Divide

One step is for everyone to stop making sweeping generalizations.

Online Dating & Jewish Marriage

Dating online is a great idea, but watch out.

Age & Melancholia

The peace of mind we desperately want will not come from anything outside ourselves.

Israeli Taxi Drivers

The best way to get the pulse of the nation.

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