Date Night

Put in the effort to make an evening with your spouse romantic and special.

Showing Affection in Marriage

If one spouse is more emotionally effusive than the other, have no fear.


Make the time to give of yourselves.

The Second Half of Our Lives

The kids are out of the house. Now what?

It's Not Fair!

What message do we give our children when we say, "Life isn't fair"?

Eating Larvae

Why are some people driven to eat bizarre, unappealing delicacies?

Quick to Judge

Why is our instinctive reaction all too often to be critical?

Honoring Rav Noah's Legacy

On the occasion of Rabbi Weinberg's yahrzeit, help dedicate a new sefer Torah in his name.

Growing Old

We look in the mirror and the evidence stares boldly back at us. We are getting older.

The Sad Israeli Campaign

The aborted pr campaign is unfortunate in so many ways.

Stop the Sarcasm

It’s cruel and undignified.

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

What's the most appropriate gift to give a Bar Mitzvah boy?

The Bagel Incident

Luckily I have some vision of who I’d like to be and screaming like a banshee isn’t it.

Instructive Children's Books

Everything I know about parenting I learned from children’s books.

Jew Vs. Jew

This is a despicable misrepresentation of our beloved Torah.

There for a Reason

Think you're in the wrong place? Think again.

The Priest in a Synagogue

Is it an appropriate place for a speech?

Retail Therapy

Why shopping, of all things, is good for your health.

How Much Do You Make?

Should you know how much non-profit directors make?

Tebow or Not Tebow

Why Tim Tebow makes us feel uncomfortable.

Losing the Chanukah Battle

Are you prepared to give your life for Judaism?

Small Talk

Elevating the conversation by being fascinated with other people.

Different Strokes

Don't expect your kids to be the same.

Cell Phone & Kids

At what age should your child own a cell phone?

Will Cosmetic Surgery Help?

A facelift is not the solution to the real problem at hand.

Bubbie Boot Camp

You're not doing God any favors.

Anti-Semetic Vodka Ads?

Yes, Jews are cheap, and proud of it.

The Duggar Family

She's expecting her 20th child. Why all the vitriol?

You're a Leader

It's up to all of us to take responsibility for the Jewish people.

Selling a Baby's Name

For $20,000 would you sell the right to name your baby?

An Open Letter to Teachers

Before our parent/teacher meeting, allow me to explain where I'm coming from.

Thank You Mrs. Hoffman

Who are you going to personally thank this year?

Android & Me

I took the plunge and acquired the latest Android phone. It went downhill from there.

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