Intimacy: What's Sacred?

Why pre-marital relations is a bad idea.

The Kim Kardashian Spectacle

This new low reminds us of the toxicity of Reality TV.

Default Judaism

The Jewish middle class is disappearing.

One Lingering Question

Sometimes clarity comes from thinking the unthinkable.

My Day of Silence

What I learned from not talking for one day.

Bringing Our Kids Home

We can all reach out to our fellow Jews.

Going Against Medical Advice

What to do when you disagree with your doctor.

Friendship & Empathy

Rare and precious is the friend who experiences your pain like his or her own.

Wiring Our Kid's Hard Drives

Everything we say to our kids goes in, and one day they're going to access it.

Till 2013 Do We Part

Should marriage be declared temporary?

Sukkot: Intense Closeness

The holiday reminds me of the special times of marrying off my daughters.

Nothing's Perfect

This Yom Kippur, I regret looking at what doesn't work, and I'm learning to focus on the positive.

Yom Kippur: Raise the Bar

Bringing the power of the day into the rest of your life.

Three Ideas for Rosh Hashanah

Bringing down to earth the machzor's central ideas.

Rosh Hashanah: Extending Life

Getting signed into the Book of Life.

Rosh Hashanah Opportunity

God wants to grant us another year of life. Are we ready to embrace it?

A Second Look at Judaism

Torah has practical wisdom for every aspect of life.


How many rooms do you really need in your house?

Even The Food Channel

Humiliation as a form of entertainment.

9/11 & Elul

Ten years later, is it true that nothing is the same?

Maggie Goes on a Diet

This book gives young kids a dangerous message.

The Great Bumper-Sticker Debate

Is it proper to brag about one's kids in public?

How to Win Friends

A world about me is a very lonely place. A world about others is rich and fulfilling.

Deciding for Tomorrow

Appreciating the consequences of our decisions.

Gender Identification Test

Should fetus identification tests be allowed?

Learn Hebrew

Why it's worth putting in the effort.

Maximize Your Vacation

Inject some purpose into your free time.

Feeling the Pain

Since the death of my granddaughter I carry a sense of pain wherever I go.

Loving Jews from Afar

Working on loving Jews that are different than you.

Family Vacation

It doesn't have to be an oxymoron.

The Lap of Luxury

Should we be striving to live the high life?

The Alzheimer's Risk

Relinquishing our illusion of control.

Watch Your Mouth

How you speak not only affects others, it impacts your soul.

God's Most Fascinating Creature

Who needs reality TV? Just look around you.

Pivotal Moments

We all have moments that change everything. What's yours?

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