Purim in Auschwitz

For survivors, Purim wasn't simply a victory that happened thousands of years ago.

Bullying: Some Perspective Please

I think the school's zero tolerance towards bullying is going too far.

It's Only Words

Should anti-Semitic comments be illegal?

The Business of Marriage

Applying effective business principles to marriage.

The Gulf War: 20 Years Later

Remembering the masks and miracles in Israel.

Afraid to Parent

What to tell parents of a two day old girl.

Call Me Mrs. Braverman Revisited

Calling someone by their first name is an expression of closeness that I reserve for the relationships that really count.

When the Housekeeper Quit

It was the best thing to happen to our family.

Judging Judaism by the Jews

Since people do, let's strive to be role models.

Telling Lies

When is it appropriate to shade the truth?

I'll Love You If…

Great marriages are based on unconditional commitment.

Valentine's Day Every Day

Forget the commercialism and express your love every day.

Turn Off the TV and Leave them Alone

Two simple, cost-free suggestions to nurture your kids' creativity.

Labels Disable

Jewish unity based on growth and understanding.

Responding to Anti-Semitism

I wasn't proud of what I did. What would you do?

Learning Kabbalah

How authentic is Ashton Kutcher's Torah?

Rav Noah's Wisdom

One piece of wisdom from Rabbi Weinberg that changed my life.

Reality of Abortion

It’s unbearable to see some parents anxiously straining to hear a heartbeat, while others seek to still that beat forever.

Change Your Life Diet

How my husband lost 50 pounds and changed his life.

Kissinger and Words

Will your words come back to haunt you?

Learning from the Holocaust

Survivors put my petty selfishness and complaints to shame.

The Snow Job

Have you ever felt truly helpless?

Stay at Home Mom?

A new mother is torn. What would you advise her to do?

Surgery On a Neo-Nazi

Oath vs. principle: what would you do?

Accepting Compliments

It’s important to know how to give. It’s just as important to know how to receive.

Carpool Wars

Don't view it as a burden. It's a way to help people in need.

I Don't

Is divorce the new marriage?

My Most Important List

A surprising and humbling lesson from a gourmet food magazine.

Christmas Carols

I like them because they remind me I am a guest in this country.

Saying No

What to do when the person won't take no as the answer.

Where is Home?

Where you live? Where you're born? Where you want to live?

Are You a Cell Phone?

When your kids come home, hang up the phone.

In An Instant

That's how long it can take for our lives to be dramatically changed.

Chanukah: Doing the Impossible

When we invite God in, amazing things can happen.

Parent-Teacher Combat

It wasn't only my daughter who was being called to the mat.

Amazing Creatures

All too often we ignore God's most awe-inspiring creation – other human beings.

A Kosher Thanksgiving

This year be inclusive and accommodate your fellow Jew.


Stop complaining and do something productive instead.

Different Jews

Religious people are not all the same.

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