Don't Wait

You may never have that opportunity again.

The Cheater

Are we expecting too much from our kids at school?

Share This

What are the most frequently shared New York Times' articles?

Purim Destiny

You may not be headed where you think you're going.

Purim's Real Joy

Recognizing that everything -- even experiencing the pain of a terrifying illness -- is from the Almighty.

The Parent/School Partnership

We need to be actively involved in our children’s educational lives.

The Power of Half

Got something you don’t really need?

Empowering Others

I want my children and students to be greater than me.

What Kind of Attention?

Give your children attention for doing the right thing, not for doing the wrong thing.


You are a unique piece in God's puzzle.

Teenagers and Clothing

Teaching your children the fine line between needs and wants.

I Know Best

Blogging doesn't make you an expert. Trust me, I know.

Crying Girl on Plane

What do you do when you witness poor parenting.

Restaurant Skirmish

Sometimes our kindness does more harm than good.

Dont Quit!

Conquering frustration in one area of your life.

The Boredom Problem

Don't feel inadequate for not constantly entertaining your kids.

Lori's Stock Tip

The last place to cut back is with your charity dollars.

Moving to Israel

Don't hold your kids back from living the ideals you taught them.

Dreams of Greatness

The focus on greatness can distract us from the real accomplishments of life.

Making Room for Daddy

Most fathers want to be involved. Don’t sabotage their efforts.

The Person Next Door

Sometimes we take for granted the people closest to us.

Giving the Right Gift

How to buy the perfect present.

Theft at Auschwitz

The significance of stealing the Arbeit Macht Frei sign.

Thinking and Overthinking

Getting in the right frame of mind to make decisions

JTube: Community

Is man inherently good or evil?

Anyone Listening?

Getting the runaround? There's always one direct line available.

Greatest Jew of the Decade

In the last decade who has contributed the most to the Jewish people?

Do I Look Fat?

And other times best not to say exactly what you're thinking.

Chanukah Heroes

The courage to fight the goblins of our time.

Chanukah and Women

Women played an instrumental role in the Chanukah story.

The Handshake

Refraining from shaking hands with the opposite sex: bias vs. belief

If You Really Loved Me...

Don't turn every disagreement into a referendum on the state of your marriage.

Fear Not

Don't pass your fears on to the next generation.

"Kick a Jew" Day

Don't sweep this under the rug.

Walmart Dreams

Why do so many of us want to be greeters at Walmart?

Jtube: The Larry Sanders Show

Should Jews ever hide their Jewishness in the workplace?

When the Teacher Calls

Before making any judgments, hear your kids' side of the story.

Jtube: American Splendor

Is the stereotype of "tough" Jewish women accurate?

Adjusting Marriage

People change, and so do marriages.

E.T. and You

Judaism and intelligent life on other planets.

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