Doing God a Favor

I'm in Jerusalem, doing a special mitzvah.

Up, Up and Away

A totally awesome experience.

Be Grateful for your Body

Your body is a miraculous gift.

Shopping as Therapy

Like binge eating, it may feel good for the moment but the after-effects are devastating.

At the Holocaust Museum

What can we do to strengthen the Jewish people.

President Bush's Speech

This is not a political blog, but in a world that so uniformly condemns us, we need to be grateful for our few friends.

The Woman who Can't Forget

Perfect memory: is it a blessing or a curse?

Being Grateful

What are you grateful for?

Abundance Mindset Part 3

Expanding your perspective.

Finding Money

Ask God, anytime, in any language.

The Bonds of Love

In parenting, the most powerful tool we have is love.

Creating Memories

How you react shapes your kids memories forever.

The Great Network of People

Contemplate how much you gain from other people.

Going to Bed Angry

Don't listen to your grandmother's advice.

Kelly O'Neil

You never know where and when Elijah the Prophet will show up.

Developing and Abundance Mindset

Are you aware of your abundance?

Cleaning for Passover

I am not a glutton for punishment, but I love it!

Self Talk on Shabbos

The day of serenity and gratitude.

Total Mayhem

It is complete chaos in my house -- and it's the most wonderful thing in the world.

The Four Key Elements

How to make the most of each day.


If we don't take ay risks, we won't fail. But we won't accomplish either.

Heavenly Healing

Should a Doctor pray for his patients?

The Thank You People

Where does the word "Jewish" come from?

Our Purim Legacy

Each of us is writing our own personal megillah story.

The Worth of a Man

Three ways to know if this is the right guy..

My Greatest Role Models

The art of imaginary interviews.

The Vanishing Jew

What can we do to keep the Jewish people connected to Judaism?


Donating a kidney taught me the importance of appreciating your good health.

Teaching Boys and Girls Separately

Separate education plays to each gender's strength.

From Selfish To Unselfish

Self talk of the unselfish.

The Thin Bride

Since when did being thin become the end goal of the wedding day?

Self Discipline

The self talk of self mastery.

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