Praising Paris

…Sarkozy's educational bombshell.

Turning 50

Who are we kidding? 50 is not the new 40.

Concentrating and Focusing

How to bring your mind back on what you're reading.

A Life of Errands

Can a life consumed by doing errands be very meaningful?

Praying with Ire

Should Jews care about Christian prayers?

Other People

How to turn an enemy into a friend.

Believe in Your Kids

Despite any disability, we have the choice to lift our children up or bring them down.

Attractive Vs. Attracting

Making sure you get the right kind of attention.

Rap, Hip Hop & Look Out

Should we be censoring our kids' music?

Shock Value

Does the Holocaust belong at a parade?

Living in the Present

Where are you living: In the past, present or future?

Women and Criticism

Women thrive on unqualified support and love. Criticism is counterproductive.

Mastering Happiness and Joy

Nine happiness principles.


My adventures in central vacuuming.

Being There

What would you stand in the cold for?

Accepting Your Spouse

Part of the challenge of marriage is the constant need to remind ourselves why we married our partner in the first place.

Marrying Off Daughters

I can now empathize with Jane Austen's Mrs. Bennet.

How To Be Unhappy

Unhappiness patterns.

Meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Remember what the celebration is really about.

Situations That You Don't Like

Change it or change your self talk.

Jewish Americans or American Jews

How we have managed to retain our roots and embrace change?.

Mom to the Rescue!

The cavalry does not belong in the classroom.

Choose Life

What is a life enhancing choice now?

The Guy I Met on the Plane

Three actions every Jew should do to make the home Jewish.


The danger behind the charm.

The Burning Bush

God only gives you the things you can handle.

Reaching Important Goals

The self talk of achievement.

Want, Want. Spend, Spend.

Why we are getting swallowed up in debt?

Cooking Says I Love You

If food isn't love, then what am I doing in the kitchen?

Your Tough Assignment

Fulfill another person's needs without anyone ever knowing.

Imbuing Real Self-Esteem

Our kids are too smart to fall for counterfeit praise.

Buy German?

Is it okay for Jews to buy German products?

The Frustrated Parent

"I give so much and this is what I get back?!"

Counter Productive Self Talk

Keep your self talk positive.

My Neighbor's Car

Someone else always has something we want.

The Ultimate Chanukah Gift

Better than an iPod or a Play Station or a sweater.

Boundaries for Teens

Disagree with principal? Don't undermine your child's respect for authority.

Calming Yourself

Your inner calming mind.

Loose Lips

Make confidentiality your default button.

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