Cheating to Win

Do our kids realize that losing is not the worst thing to happen? Do we?

Shaking Hands with Women

Would you support a candidate who doesn’t shake hands with the opposite sex?

Looking Good for Your Husband

It tells him: you’re the most important person in the world to me.

Alcohol and Jews

It’s time to take this problem seriously.

I Will Never Quit

Living with the Navy Seals code.

The Verdict

Three things can change a decree.

Five Illusions about Love

Five myths that hamper our ability to create a thriving, loving marriage.

What’s Your Dream?

Dreams really can come true. Don’t give up.

Sochi: Living with Terror

A taste of what it’s like to live in some Israeli cities.

The Casablanca Perspective

Looking at life in the grand scheme of things.

Miley Cyrus: Marketing Genius?

When did branding yourself, turning yourself into a product, become an ideal?

Enforcing a Modesty Code

Can privately-owned stores dictate how we dress in their store?

If Only Syndrome

The surefire way to unhappiness.

Becoming a Levi

The Jewish people need teachers with passion. What are you waiting for?

Extravagant Weddings

Is it okay to spend loads of money on a private affair?

My Manicurist

I had no idea the Vietnamese woman doing my nails was a courageous heroine as tough as nails.

Lean On

Be a person others can count on.

The Most Essential Tool in Marriage

Thanks for the newlywed tips, but here’s one more. And I think it’s critical.

My New Floor

My surprising new obsession.

Making Judaism Resonate

Creating Jewish connections with the younger generation.

Lessons from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

How would you be different if you had the ultimate coach who believed in you?

Building Fences

Practical Jewish advice for preserving what’s important.

Gratitude Leads to Happiness

How to bring the gratitude attitude into our homes and daily lives.

A Belated Bar Mitzvah

Turned away for having dyslexia, one man celebrates his Bar Mitzvah decades later at Masada.


Have money, avoid prison – and responsibility.

Public Prayer

Should El AL allow prayers on the P.A. system?

The Secret to a Happy Marriage: For Men

She needs to feel that in your eyes, she is in first place. And show it with your actions.

Honoring Nazi Collaborator

A statue for unworthy Horthy is a disgrace.

Let It All Hang Out

Our home is not Club Med. It is not a place where anything goes.

The Countdown Controversy

When listening to others is a bad idea.

3 Things that are Hard to Acquire

Torah wisdom, the Next World, and the Land of Israel.

Insensitive Gaffes

You can mean well and still cause a lot of hurt.

Admired or Loved?

What’s the difference and which one is greater?

Hanukkah is NOT Thanksgiving

Why Hanukkah is the most anti-American holiday of all.

Hanukkah & Thanksgiving

Embrace the opportunity to drive home the real message of Hanukkah.

People, Not Objects

A valuable lesson from my not-so-nice behavior.

How Much Sleep?

A necessary evil or greatest pleasure?

Nazi Loot Discovery

The astonishing, controversial story of the biggest find of stolen WWII art.

No More Mask

As we get older, with fewer defenses and inhibitions to provide any filters, our real selves poke through.

24 Hours of No Talking

Take the challenge and see the power of this Jewish custom.

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