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Assisted Suicide
Salomon Says

Assisted Suicide

The irony and the agony.


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(18) Elia, May 22, 2011 2:59 AM

In all due respect, neither science nor doctors have full control over the physical state of the alleviation of pain, which in exreme and unbearable pain cases, causes the person to wish to die. I disagree that suicide may be wished as a result of loneliness, poverty, etc. My dad had terminal cancer; professional/medical treatment made him deathly sick for very many months to where the cancer turned a very happy and optimistic man into skin and bones, begging to be assisted in dying. No, doctors could not alleviate his pain, therefore his terrible suffering. The suffering was not related to his spiritual or emotional aspect. He was surrounded 24/7 by loving family who took turns looking after him after he went home to die, and always with family when in hospital. The whole family suffered his pain, as we are a close-knit family who look after each other. My nurse sister had her hands tied by law, therefore couldn't help him in his transition. I used to be against assisted suicide, now I am not. And, even if we legalize such, how are we to know that a doctor will approve it if it is against his religious beliefs. Is it right for us to hand over that important decision to others - just because they are doctors? In life we have made all other decisions for ourselves, so why relinquish this one? I think that in terminal or unbearably physical cases, such as that of my father, the person himself or herself should be the only one to make that decision. If I had been in my dad's unbearable position, I would have wanted someone to be humane and loving enough to help be ease the pain. I hope I will never be in that position, as my only son is more religious and disapproves of assisted suicide even in cases such as my dad's. I still think that God wouldn't want us to suffer miserably at the end of life. May God give us all wisdom to do the right thing.

(17) peter kraynik, May 20, 2011 3:49 PM

Were you there ?

Job 38. Can the created reason with THE CREATOR ? Question oneself as to why one questions all that is. There is nothing that is; without G-ds will. Follow the examples given in the holy writtings; our instruction manual.

(16) SusanE, May 8, 2011 2:41 PM

Assisted Suicide and Assisted Life (neither is ideal)

Many healthcare facilities support a dying patients’ life with breathing and feeding apparatus and then physicians drug the dying patient for the pain and the agony until the drugs stop the heart. My strong opinion is... there is everything wrong with that way of treating a human. -- That is insanity. It is also assisted suicide. --------------------- We can prolong most life indefinitely with machines. Heart, lung, kidney, feeding etc. That is assisted living. Stopping the machines is assisted suicide. We should be allowed to die when our bodies can no longer support life. Each ill person should be able to make those decisions themselves. Buying a suicide kit is no different than purposely overdosing on drugs or buying a gun. I don’t believe that is assisted suicide. The person does it on his own. although, it is a premeditated, planned act of suicide. --------------------------------- A film named "the Sea Inside" is a sensitive detailed look at assisted suicide. It is based on a true story. Javier Bardem starred as the victim of an accident and his life in the years that followed. I don't agree with the decision the man made, but I understand why he made the decision, and I understand why those others helped him. I would not judge to say any commited a sin.

(15) Feigele, May 3, 2011 11:42 PM

Yes, you can draw a line!

And it should be determined by professionals for each case as each case is so unique Depression can be helped if not physically or mentally sick. Being physically sick cannot. My mother spent one year in hospital with no intestins no stomach everything had been removed because of cancer and notwithstanding this fact, the doctors kept her going in spite of her will. She tried to kill herself several times but each time they kept her alive. We know now that they were conducting experiments on her but at the time couldn’t not even think about it, just hoping she would survive. Maybe it was G-d’s will, but she suffered for so long. When I think of her that way I feel guilty not having been able to help her. She was in France I was in New York with a baby, who I brought to her to see before she passed away. Now, in this instance, I support the assisted suicide, it is inhuman to see and prolong suffering of any being, human or animal. P.S.- those kits should be controlled by professionals and not sold to just anyone especially online where so many young people go

(14) Ruth Wagner, May 3, 2011 5:43 AM

assisted suicide

The question I ask myself about this is what would drive a person to make the choice to end their life? My answer in one word...suffering. Regardless of mental status, either sound or not, that person is still suffering. Is it fitting for anyone to try to stop this, or judge this? I don't know. What I do know is that regardless of how one may feel about this issue, the key here is not the's the suffering...the cause...the catalyst of it all. We all know that medical professionals, as well as mental health programs and professionals all too often allow suffering people to slip through the cracks. We can kevetch about assisted suicide all we want, but I still contend that is a "by product" of loneliness, illness, poverty, catastrophic disease. Why not make "suffering" our concern, and not the suicide. We must find a way to relieve loneliness, painful debilitating disease. Attacking assisted suicide in any way is simply going through the horses bottom to get to his teeth. When people are secure, when they are loved, when their pain is lessened, they want to live. Please Hashem, give us the wisdom to focus on what is important, and the strength to move ahead, tackling the real problems; not missing the forest for the trees.

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