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Customer Disservice
Salomon Says

Customer Disservice

A Message for Tisha B’Av


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(26) Anonymous, August 8, 2011 10:51 AM

To TMay

How can any politician make spending cuts to systems having no idea how they work. How can you make cuts to our Health Care System when you can't even flow chart how it works? Republicans want to make cuts with a saw instead of doing fine laser surgery to many of our governmental systems. Our founding fathers set up the system of taxation and debt to fund our nation's expenses (though they never intended the debt to reach the levels it has), and those systems have worked for so long it would be lunacy to start making drastic cuts in spending all at once and during this current economic downturn. Our founding fathers also used taxation to finance our governmental expenses so asking its citizens to pay higher taxes at this time is also a legitimate means to lower the debt. Gradual cuts could be made, but again with the use of a fine laser, not with a hack saw or by chopping away at it with an axe. This is what the majority of Tea Party people want. Many of them have posted to internet news stories their desire to actually see the old and disabled die from being cut off of Medicaid and Food Stamps. What type of values are surfacing now in our country? They seem to be Nazi values such as the Nazi's had for "useless eaters," I believe was the term they used. If you don't think these types of values are coming into play in the Republican Party right now, then go to,, and so forth and read many of the comments by Tea Partiers on debt ceiling related news stories. It is down right scary the hate they have towards people on such programs like Food Stamps, etc. and even those using Social Security (which is a program paid into by each person who is using it). Jews are supposed to help repair the world not align themselves with people who want to destroy the world and their fellow man. So you might want to re-examine just what the Tea Party is actually standing for and who they are standing for, the HAVES or the HAVE NOTS of this country.

seybernetx, August 11, 2011 8:14 PM

Still at least one true believer in 'Hope & Change' out there.

"Many of them have posted to internet news stories their desire to actually see the old and disabled die . . " Well, 'anonymous', I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be more willing to believe that claim if you supplied some data to back it up. You know like at least one link, or one identifiable person you can quote.

(25) TMay, August 7, 2011 9:33 PM

Regarding some of the comments

Comments demonstrate an acceptance of the demonization of the right. The Tea Party pointed out that we are going the way of Greece and we are headed to bankrupcty. Pres Obama immediately threatened granny. When that didn't work he threatened to cut the military knowing that the GOP might not want cuts there, that a military is one of the only really impt functions of a fedl govt. We as a country have to discuss where to cut. Our debt is raised by almost $4 billion dollars every day. We are borrowing money and having to pay interest on the borrowing, to build mosques in Arab countries, and they have petrodollars. That was a state dept idea. Bloated bureaucracies like the dept of education could be cut, the dept of agriculture too. Pres Obama's policies will have the effect of discouraging doctors from practicing and the result will be a shortage of doctors, and long waiting times. The govt said they would delay paying medicare doctors and pay them less. What do you think a doctor's reaction to that is? The GOP wanted change and they wanted cross state competition from insur comps because competition reduces prices. The GOP wanted a limit to atty malpractice w punitive damages 3x the loss. That would lower the cost of medicine. The policy of Obamacare wanted to look at how many yrs the gov't gets for the cost of the treatment. Sorry, anything for a young person will buy more years than for an old person. Pres Obama wanted decisions on treatment to be made in Washington DC by a bureaucrat instead of by doctors with their patients. The GOP wants accountability by companies and by politicians instead of no accountability of faceless bureaucrats 3,000 miles away with policies printed on a paper. The GOP want to encourage people to carry insur all the time not just when they are sick. They are against the govt telling a person they have to buy a product or face jail time and fines with a social agenda to boot. Pres Obama punishes research and medl devices.

(24) Beverly Kurtin, August 7, 2011 3:26 PM

OY, oy, and oy vey

Rabbi, the nail has been hit as squarely as possible. I used to work at the world's biggest manufacturer of computer software. When I spoke with customers, I blew them away because I gave them the kind of service "I" wanted and as a result I created more and more CUSTOMERS for the company. When a customer complained about the amount of time it took to get to me, I'd offer to call them back right away. When I did, they were astonished that I kept my word, they invariably thought I was brushing them off. I loved my work, only a massive stroke could force me to have to resign; I still miss working there. Customer disservice cost me my life's savings. I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say that I am now totally dependent on Social Security and Medicare, both of which the TeaPubliCANT Party thinks would make a great way to cut the deficit. Of course, Social Security has been PAID FOR by all of us via FICA. Social Security has never contributed a CENT to the deficit, yet that proposal is still on the table. It would instantly turn millions of Americans into paupers. The TeaPubliCANTS do not care. What disturbs me most is that a fellow Jew is involved in that most heartless attempt. Nu? This is a way for a Jew to think? No. I wish we had a means of excommunication. Congress has turned into one of the WORST POSSIBLE EXAMPLES OF LOUSY SERVICE, especially on the "right" side of the aisle. They are NOT representing the people who sent them to Congress; they are representing ONLY the wealthy, the corporations and the oil and coal people. We are seeing the end of this country as a Democratic Republic, we are seeing the start of an oligarchy where there are only two classes: The haves and the don't haves. Ronald Reagan started the death of America when he fired the PATCO air controllers and nobody so much as raised a finger to stop him. Nobody, including me. The only solution is another revolution, this time will not be violent, but it WILL be effective.

Beverly Kurtin, August 8, 2011 9:40 PM

Replying to myself

It is sad that so many companies do not understand that their customer service department can be PROFIT CENTERS instead of Cost Centers. The difference is in how good the service is. Unfortunately, the bean counters only see the cost involved instead of the profits that can be increased by having "Knock Their Sock Off" service. At one time, bean counters at Microsoft Corp. told Bill Gates to dump all of its support engineers and replace them with outsourced technicians. Mr. Gates wisely fired the bean counter instead. The reason, which again, most companies do not understand the sense of having THEIR employees answering the phones. Company people are, or should be, interested in their own company's success. If the company tanks, their jobs are on the line. A good customer support person, engineer or not, need to make the caller feel that they are VERY important, not just because they're going to say that they're important, but because CUSTOMERS PAY THEIR SALARIES! When I finished answering a customer's question to THEIR satisfaction, I always asked them what ELSE I could help them with. When they said they didn't want to "waste" my time. l would tell them, "The ONLY reason I came to work today was because YOU were going to call." When all of their questions were answered, I thanked THEM for calling, "Bob, you did a great job, I appreciate your calling in today, thanks!" They'd thank me in return and ask me why "I" was thanking them. "Bob, YOU pay my salary, if you don't call, there is no need for me to be here and I appreciate getting paid: It allows me to do my two favorite things...Eating and living indoors." Now let me ask you, the next time one of my company's products was in competition with another company's goods, whose product is he more likely to buy? I know of at least two CITIES that bought our software after their evaluation team called acting as independent owners; I was responsible for thousands of units being bought. That is PROFIT!

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