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Responding to Anti-Semitism
Lori Almost Live

Responding to Anti-Semitism

I wasn't proud of what I did. What would you do?


Published: January 22, 2011

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(163) Esther, December 7, 2014 6:15 PM

Responding to Anti-Semitism

Good day,
I was a temp worker back in the 90's and found that the owner of the company in which I was working was a French Canadian Jew-hater and while in the lunch room says "The Jews and their money". I then walked out and finished my lunch outside. I know now that Today I would definitely say something. This is why now I have created my Google page educating everyone about us the Jews. Feel free to glance at my page and tell everyone-It's under E Cohen and the picture is the Beth Hamikdash-That is my Talk Back! No more time for silence as I am Israel!
Am Israel Chai!
E Cohen

(162) Ann Gold, June 3, 2014 3:36 PM

I am Jewish

Hi Lori,

I ahve had a few incidents where people made nasty anti semitic comments to me. I always remain silent. Firstly, because they obviously are angry at us and jealous and by me answering me back it will only anger them more. They obviously are not looking to think logically and use reasoning, just a chance to blame someone for their jealousy and anger. Secondly, by keeping quiet you are distancing yourself from strife and from creating a chillul Hashem. Also in general it is very hard for a non jewish person to see things the Jewish way and in therefor in order for them to be able to overcome their anti- semetic feelings is major so it wont help answering back. Thank you for your wonderful clips. I love watching and getting an added boost to my day!

(161) Marilyn Brandi, May 20, 2014 9:32 PM

I always say something

Whenever I hear a hateful anti semitic remark I say "you know,I am Jewish and you have insulted me".Most of the time I am ignored.One lady told me "then you know how they are!".

(160) Erika kish, May 20, 2014 6:32 PM

I say ,you know I realy don't like it ,you saying things like that
It's very hurtful. I'm Jewish.

(159) Tara, May 6, 2014 6:55 AM

Anti-semitic Facebook remarks and youtube comments

This very night I just blocked someone on Facebook, having grown disgusted with his anti-semitic comments. This man is a childhood friend of my husband. His comments consist mostly of the same old Zionist conspiracy crap masquerading as "secret truth" that has been circulating since before WWII: Jews control the media and the banks, Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves, Jews got themselves kicked out of Spain for their "shenanigans" and they cause trouble wherever they go. The spreader of this hatefulness is, surprisingly, an American Indian man whose people suffered a slaughter similar to the Holocaust, and so I have been shocked to see him spread these ideas, especially since this person declares himself a Christian. I am also in the midst of teaching Night to 10th grade students in a small rural town, and I have been including lots of background building, since most of these teenagers have never met any actual Jewish people. I was an Orthodox convert in my 20s and I have known people who were survivors of the death camps, so it hurts my heart to see this hateful resurgence. I will not be silent, I will always say something and respond, even when it seems to make no difference. While I may not change the mind of the person with anti-semitic views, I can at least challenge the lies and let others around him know it's not okay. Especially disgusting are horrible remarks I also saw tonight left in the comments section of a free audiobook recording of Night (Part 5) on Others took the author of these comments to task, but it is just so ugly to see it and so disturbing to realize how few survivors of the Holocaust remain to challenge the deniers. Shameful.

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