The Itamar Photos

Should the public view the graphic pictures?

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(127) C.R., June 6, 2011 12:08 AM


Respect from the living--is for the living--the living cannot affect the dead--whether they are in Heaven or Hell. Yes I would have chosen to publish the photos--I am glad I was able to see what these Muslim Arab murderers did!

(126) JULIUS ROMANOFF, May 17, 2011 8:27 PM

Show the pictures

The world has become too selective in who and what to blame for the evils being done. Belief in G-d has been replaced by belief in Science. Ethical behavior has been replaced by most efficient way to get what you want. Rationalization is used to explain why an act is done. It never is the individual's responsibility but the blame is due to societies discrimination in that one had a poor home life, poverty, lack of opportunity, or for mistreatment by some others. Fighting for freedom or a better standard of living makes the means justied for wrong doing for a worthy goal. Terrorism has become an acceptable weapon of warfare. Killing children, women and men is acceptable if you lack the military might to defeat your enemy. People need to be exposed to the horror committed by those who do not accept responsibility for their actions. Only confronted by the savagery done by exposing the acts of murder committed by those who espouse Terror as a valid means to reach their goal can the world see the truth. The end does not justify the means, and civilized people use discussion to resolve differences in issues. The world must see the result of Terrorism before they realize they have become partners in murder,

(125) Juan Manuel C. Del Prado, March 28, 2011 10:09 PM

Don't show gruesome photos.

Please don't show the gruesome photographs. It will make the Hamas happy. Instead, print millions of photos of happy Israeli families on picnics by the rivers on green grass, mountain climbing, skiing (if any), families eating at McDonalds, BurgerKing, etc. Then air-drop these photos on Hamas territories, or any islamic country. They should turn green with envy, and eventuaklly might ask Israel for environmental help.

(124) Jason, March 28, 2011 6:01 PM

The Torah View

Andy, To begin, emotion has some influence, I agree. But not the level that causes the photos to be hidden. I would like to bring your attention to a comment below which points out the story in Shoftim of 'Pilegesh B'givah.' I am sure you know the story but a woman was brutally murdered and "in order to stir up anger and action to be taken against the perpetrators her body was cut into 12 pieces." Her physical body parts - not pictures - were sent to all the tribes. It began a war and it was the right thing to do. They were not concerned with all this nonsense that people are concerned about today. I am not sure which "logic" you are referring to but I am referring to logic guided by the Torah - from God himself. It’s all written in the Torah – clear as day. You are right that the photos will not change anyone’s mind, but it will wake people up to take action. The photos are not for the other side - they are for us. To wake us up and to make us realize the reality of the situation. Wake up Jew! This is not over and will not be over until the war is won and if we must feel uncomfortable in Gulos - 'how horrible.' This is reality not some shielded fairy tail. To Andy, Myself, and all my brethren, if you want to be motivated to save the Jewish people and make a difference in the world, I suggest you take a good look at those photos each and every day. They are not photos of the Fogel family, they are a view, a window, into the future of the Jewish people. This is far from the first occurrence and unfortunately far from the last. But that is because we never take any of these photos to heart – so Hashem has to show us more and more. If we wish to be so shielded from reality and from realizing the position we are truly in then a reminder will be forced upon us. View the photos and let them bother you enough to take action – so we can avoid seeing photos like these in the future.

(123) Andy, March 28, 2011 3:19 AM

It seems to me Rav Noach may well agree not all or nothing

Rabbi Noach stated not to make decision based on emotion but that does not mean emotion has no influence at all. If you knew the world would for certain rally to Israel's defense in areas that count then I think both you and Rav Naoch would both support showing the gruesome photos. As we don't know what would be the result but given past history it's unlikely to change minds it is logical to me not to show the photos and no conflict exists between logic and emotions

(122) Jason, March 27, 2011 6:21 PM

Decisions Based On Our Intellect

Rav Noach was correct. By not allowing, the pictures to be seen you are letting your emotions rule, your intellect fail and the enemy win. The action of not showing the pictures would be completely incorrect and counter intuitive. This is not a game but a battle for the survival of our family - The Jewish people. If the family of the victims (although we are all victims of this horrific brutality) can understand the importance of showing these pictures how much more so should we. If an individual does not wish to view them? - that's fine, but do not stop the world from seeing reality. The world is inundated with pictures from the other side but that is all that they ever see. If we would show the occurrence of "palestinian" and arab actions over and over again it can only do us good or at least provide the truth for those who seek it. Not showing the pictures dishonors and disrespects the Fogel Family, what they stood for, lived for and died for. We must always make decisions based on our intellect.

(121) Anonymous, March 27, 2011 5:15 PM

the press doesn't care for proof

If an american citizen killed a family of illegal immigrants then who in their right mind would side with the murderer? regardless of who's land it is, killing children and innocent civilians is wrong! how is it that the media doesn't realize that? what has this world fallen to that ANYONE would EVER think of condeming an innocent murdered baby and not her muderer? and that people would even consider such claims? Is this what humanity has come to? the press has turned against jews the response to this attack is nothing but anti-semitism. Showing irrational people pictures and proof won't turn them around. Only G-d can turn things around now.

Shoshanah, March 28, 2011 5:05 PM

illegal? Immigrants?

I would just like to tell you briefly the history of the Six-Day War and try to clarify whether the Fogels were or were not illegal immigrants and also clarify "who' s land it is". Until that war began, Israel was actually sitting quietly and minding her own business . And then, in mid-May, 1967, Egypt , with an army of 100,000 men,decided it was time to "push Israel into the sea." She started moving her tanks into the Sinai desert and when she got to the U.N. "peace keeping "force, told them to leave and they did. (if it hadn't been so sad, it might even have been funny.) Then, within a matter of days, all the arab nations called up their armies and declared that they were going to push Israel into the sea. A friend of mine who was a secretary at Hebrew U. told me how the Israeli arabs would say to the Jewish boys, "get your bathing suits ready" and the ensuing fist fights and how many times the police had to be called, etc. Let me remind you that at that time there were no "territories" and no "67 borders.. They were in their own countries and decided that they wanted to destroy Israel and go back to the '48 borders-which is what they still want to do today, by the way. So, to make a long story short, the war started on June 5th, 1967. 100,000,000 arabs against 2,000,000 Jews. (one hundred million against two million) G-d put the victory into our hands. And we won. And the arabs were further away from our borders and we had our land back, our G-d given land, where we had always lived before they took it away from us in '48. By the way, that was not the intention, to take back land., it just happened in the process. And then the Israeli government built houses for Israelis and we moved into them And you call the Fogels illegal immigrants? And you question who's land it is? It is such talk that gives our enemies power over us and and turns the world against us.

(120) George Jimenez, March 27, 2011 2:33 PM

Fogel massacare

On one hand the world needs to see whats being done to the Jewish people... On the other, we are all G-ds people, and we don't need to see these types of picture's...Why? Out of respect for there souls and out of respect for the remaining Fogel family.My prayers go out for and to them...

(119) leezo, March 27, 2011 10:51 AM

do not show the pictures

in hebrew we call it kivod hamet.HONORING THE DEAD.The Fogel family was dishonored already w/this vicous, senseless murder.The neshmas (holy souls) have gone to Gan Eden (Heaven),while these wild murders are going to the devil.What they did the Almighty will pay them & their family back for generations to come.WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!!! Maybe they can hide from the police: but not from THE ALMIGHTY.

(118) el, March 25, 2011 9:43 PM

Showing or not

I dont think that even showing those pictures could change anything. I dont think that people would care. They would just say "this is their fault". It is so sad.... and scary at the same time.

(117) Anonymous, March 25, 2011 1:05 PM

Show photos to UNESCO

Show photos to UNESCO

(116) Ady, March 25, 2011 9:44 AM

No, No, No.

NO, don't show these pictures. It doesn't help any one. I write this from my heart as a 'emergency services worker' and as a priest (Jewish). If you or the government show these pictures, it will do more harm than good and then we will have to deal with the knock on effects that would result from showing these pictures.

(115) Violet, March 25, 2011 5:39 AM

Public Pixs of Itamar Tragedy

I completely agree with NOT showing those pixs, mainly for respect to the victims, and it is true, the media has used pixs n videos to put the world against Israel...sinking to the same level is not ethical...all the respect to the victims and their family...

(114) RL, March 25, 2011 2:40 AM

I am totally agree with you Rabbi, it's not respect to the ded family to show this pictures plus it's not going to help stoping this antisemitisim.

(113) michael, March 24, 2011 9:57 PM

the pictures must be shown

It is up to us to show, mourn , reflect and remind ourselves of how Jews are viewed or not viewed, first and foremost to ourselves. Then hopefully we will learn how to respond to the rest of the world without allowing them to manipulate our reality

(112) Gary Katz, March 24, 2011 9:29 PM

The pictures have a function

Repugnant as the pictures are, they do have a use. The next time some radical Muslim is speaking at a college or other location, if there is any question and answer or debate allowed, one of the pictures can be shown on a screen and the Muslim fanatic can be asked if he condemns the terrorists who did this to these Jews. Watch him squirm as the audience looks at the picture and decides if they are really that brutal.

(111) Chana, March 24, 2011 5:45 PM

I agree, do not show the pictures

Sadly the pictures will not change the opinion of those who seek to blame us and destroy us. Yes, Israel needs to learn better public relations, but it is so difficult when no matter what the world seeks to destroy us. Wise thinking Rabbi, yasher koach

(110) ruth, March 24, 2011 5:09 PM

I agree with Rabbi Salomon

I did not see the horrible photos. Preserving the dignity of these korbonos is more important than using photos to stir up sympathy. The details of the slaughter are enough to arose in any normal human being shock and compassion toward the victims. The photos of them alive and happy inspire me more and the son Yoav's poem hung above his bed about peace and loving everyone is a touching tribute to the kind of caring Jews the Fogels were. In fact, I think publicizing worldwide Yoav's happy photo and poem would have more influence on arousing compassion toward Jews than the terrible photos released. Also, it was an amazing irony that a day or so later an Israeli soldier saved the life of a Palestinian mother and newborn who sought help at Itamar. This story shows the basic decency and goodness of the Jewish people - even after the atrocity in Itamar.

(109) Elaine, March 24, 2011 2:42 PM

I say show them!

We who have seen every atrocity done to human beings via the Holocaust pictures need to see them, need to feel the pain. If there were no pictures, it will be forgotten, pushed out of people's minds by the next bombing or awful thing that occurs. We must remember to take action. We need to see.

(108) adriana f., March 24, 2011 11:05 AM

We must reflect

I don't know the right answer. I just know that there must be respect for those inocent victims but we also must talk about it and reflect. I'm writing here for the simple reason that we cannot ignore those kind of tragedies and we must show our indignation.

(107) Gavriel, March 24, 2011 10:03 AM

Understand AND Disagree!

Rabbi Salomon, I am a KZ survivor and with the sanction of the Board of Education of the State of Zürich, I go to different schools and talk to the 13-18yr olds - mostly men - on the holocaust (The never seem to end Shoah!). I need such pictures. I need to shake up those yound fellows, who are very capable (admittedly as capable as I was) to cause such atrocities. Perhaps we'll find time to discuss such matters when we meet on the Aish Mission Trip in Jerusalem this June. Shalom l'hit. b'Yerushalayim!

(106) Batsheva, March 24, 2011 9:57 AM

didn't help

They released the pictures, and it did nothing. The actual murders did not make headlines in the world press, the headline was that Israel approved more building and in the article, the tragedy was mentioned as the reason for government approval of more building. Exactly as Netanyahu said it, the world doesn't condemn the murder of babies in their sleep, but woe if a couple of tiles are laid by Israel. We have no one to rely on except our father in heaven.

(105) Mati, March 24, 2011 8:45 AM

Not everyone is the same

As a human and to the respect to the R. Weinberg, may his name be remembered, I write the following. We should show the pictures though perhaps at a time later for the families to mourn. We turn ourselves around by feeling first. We must feel the pains of others before we can stop killing or hurting. Though it is true that showing the pics makes some of us turn our head away (like me) but it was indeed these pics that caused people to address the morality of events....for, example, whether the holocaust was right (photos showed that it was real)...whether doing something to another is wrong (seeing them hurt)...etc. It is true that there are two sides to this. There will be those who choose evil and look upon travisty with the attitude of, "nice, they deserve it" or because of hate will deny the validity of the photos and then there are those to will look at it with discust and, "what can I do to help?" types of attitudes. But it is clear that such pics will bring on the emotions to move people the right direction to offset those who choose evil. And as someone wrote before me, "out of sight, out of mind."

(104) anonymous, March 24, 2011 7:20 AM

Do not show them

I tend to agree with you. Like you, I understand why people say we should show them, but, as you said, it hasn't made that much of a difference. I think of the Fogel children and how it will be for them when they get older... how easy it will be for THEM to view those pictures with access to a computer and what effect that will have on them. The media has not changed its tune. When the massacre was reported on CC, it was referred to as a " 'terrorist attack' " as if it wasn't really a terrorist attack. With the bombing of Jerusalem yesterday, which was much less personal, less emotional because of the nature of it, it got live coverage. It didn't tug at the heart like the massacre in Itamar. I agree with you. Most people do not care enough and it is not changing with the release of these photos. Events that make people feel too much... it is obvious that most news programs try to stay away from it anyway. You have a very good point about respect for the dead.

(103) Anonymous, March 24, 2011 4:50 AM

No, dont show the pictures

We have all sat and looked at pictures of terrorist attacks and felt anguish and sorrow staring at INNOCENT Jewish souls lost. Though the pictures may reveal just how horrid the terrorists are- it does nothing for those souls. It does not change anything; it brings joy to the arabs and pain to the Jews. Words have the power to paint in our minds a picture. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, nowadays unfortunately it is not. To hear the tragic story, to read the description it is enough. But to publish those pictures, show them to the public- those poor souls. Would they wan to have been viewed like that? The arabs, committed a crime so full of passionate hatred they are proud to publicize their success. to see the pictures online or in newspapers. The world has turned a blind eye towards the Jews and Israel- this galus (exile) we live in is crazy. People believe what they want to believe; they claim the pictures are photo-shopped, they claim the holocaust never happened. Its exaggerated, its been taken out of context, its a hoax, a conspiracy!!! The ones who NEED to believe, don't believe (even if there's pictures). These were 5 amazing, beautiful, innocent neshamos who did nothing. They were people, honorable human beings, they deserve respect even in death. What happens if we see these pictures and then we cry, and forget. Then what? What have we just done? become desensitized, pushed it to the side? It does not change the reality, which is sad and scary but not despondent. We must pray to G-d! We must cry out to Him to bring our salvation, to make sure that this never happens again. Pray that Hashem avenges the deaths of the Fogel family and every victim of terrorism, and every fallen Jew. G-d feels our pains, He "sees" only truth. he loves us, and only He can save us. (May the geulah come beemhaira beyameinu- amen)

(102) Jennifer, March 24, 2011 3:39 AM

I don't know

I generally hold opinions on these kinds of things, but this time, I.....just....don't....know.

(101) Francine Weistrop, March 24, 2011 3:33 AM

Those photos should not be shown.

I think it is extremely disrespectful to display this pictures for the public relations value for which they are being used.Shame on the prime minister for making that decision.Whatever became of kavod ha met? It is also disrespectful to the family and it will not save cone life.

(100) Anonymous, March 24, 2011 3:16 AM

respect the families request

the FAMILY released the pictures for the world to see, and have asked that they be showm. the least we can do is to honor the family's request.

(99) Anonymous, March 24, 2011 3:08 AM

photos can be viewed

I just wanted to let you know, rabbi, that the photos can be seen on a youtube video in tribute to the fogel family. I don't know if it's all the pictures from the massacre, I'm sure it's not, but nonetheless, they are able to be seen.

(98) Ann C., March 24, 2011 2:59 AM

Itamar Photos

The Rabbi spoke dear, heartfelt words about the horrors suffered by the family. I did not see photos; however, because the murders were not committed by someone out to merely burglarize, but committed by those who want to annihilate all Jews, I believe those photos should be displayed for the world to see. This heinous crime is a mini version of the Holocaust, something we must never forget. What else could one call this murder of a family when the sole reason was that they were Jews. I hope and pray that the now-orphaned little girl and her brother will be blest with all precious loving care as they grow into adulthood.

(97) Anonymous, March 24, 2011 2:48 AM

Holocaust Denial and Islam

I lived recently with a Moslem family in East Jerusalem. They deny the holocaust and believe Jews use it as an excuse to "occupy" Palestine. The Koran is explicit about what to do with "People of the Book" (Jews) and infidels- try and convert them, then kill them. I challenge those who are against showing these photos to prove what is happening, to just read the Koran. They can get it in English. Perhaps then they will understand why the Jews (and Christians) continue to be targets of Islamic hatred.

(96) Bob, March 24, 2011 2:44 AM

Thank you for listening to your heart.

As a Gentile Christian, I honor the Jewish people for your courage, but most of all for keeping the goodness of G_d in your hearts. This in my opinion is what makes you different from those who hate you...whether you decide to show the pictures or not.

(95) JULIUS ROMANOFF, March 23, 2011 11:59 PM

The World needs to face Reality

Unless you see the evidence of the hatred demonstrated by the murders of the parents and children of the Fogel family, one is apt to dismiss the event as an act of individuals fighting for their freedom. The claim that Settlers are stealing the Palestinians land, is their justification for murdering Jews. The Liberal thinkers have accepted the concept that the Palestinians have title to the disputed land. What law or event gave the Arabs title to the land? After Israel agreed to the establishment of a Jewish homeland on land under rule of the British Mandate, the Arabs attacked the Jews expecting a quick victory by their troops. As a matter of record the Arabs residing there were advised to leave so that the Arab armies could destroy the out numbered, ill equiped Jewish fighters. They reacted to their defeat by stating that they will not recognize the State of Israel, not negotiate with Israel to establish amenable borders or make Peace with Israel. These 3 No's has been their constant cry, as though they won the 4 wars with Israel. Israel can win battles, but it doesn't know how to dictate terms for Peace. This unbelievable horror should be shown to all, who claim the Palestinians have the right to fight with Terrorism, since they were losers in conventional wars between Armies. The Arabs are copying the Nazi tactic of firing V-2 rockets into England to destroy their will to fight. Firing rockets into Israel will only unite Israelis to fight harder, and enable them to see the Road to Peace is just an illusion. You can not make peace with a group that is filled with hatred, and insists that the end justifies the means.

(94) Gavriel, March 23, 2011 11:45 PM

you may mistaken about kavod hames

In Shoftim is the story of 'Pilegesh B'givah.' In that story a woman was brutally killed and in order to stir up anger and action to be taken agaisnt the perpetrators her body was cut into 12 peices and sent to all the 10 tribes. In fact a war began ue to that to right the terrible evil that was perpetrated. They were not concerened with 'Kavod Hames' there! Why not? Apparently they understood that there are times to take serious action.

Jason, March 25, 2011 3:06 PM

Agreed - The pictures must be shown.

I agree Gavriel - your comment shows a virtually synonymous situation and the proper actions to take directly from the Torah - there is no doubt about it.

(93) Phaiga Miriam Gentilcore, March 23, 2011 11:31 PM

Insufficient Reasoning

You say you are against the showing of the pictures b/c you think it won't help, but you never give a reason why you think it won't help.

(92) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 11:21 PM

wisdom says no

Toda raba Rabbi Saloman, even before you said NO, I knew that that was the right response. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"

(91) Yaakov, March 23, 2011 11:17 PM

Showing the pics won't change most people's minds

Unfortunately, those who hate Israel will just respond with photos, sometimes only alleged and sometimes real, of women and children accidentally killed by the IDF. There is a huge difference between those who purposely killed this family and the IDF trying to pursue Hamas killers hiding behind schools and apartment buildings, but the world will not see the difference, and we will have made ourselves look sensational with no benefit.

(90) James Kendall, March 23, 2011 10:51 PM

Honor and shock

Instead of shocking a callous world with images of horror, which probably wouldn't be that shocking to it since violence and death are so prominent. How about we just show them pictures of the Fogels while alive and happy. Let the world know that these people were not just Jews, or just settlers or whatever kind of label the world wants to slap on them to diminish them. The Fogels were simply people that smiled, laughed, cried and had a family of innocent children. They had dreams that any of us might have had and hopes for a better tomorrow. They could have been our cousins or neighbors. That revelation should be what shocks the world and shows that attacks like the one that took their lives should never be tolerated.

(89) MAYA ITZHAKOV, March 23, 2011 10:14 PM


(88) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 10:09 PM

On the mark

Rabbi: you are perfectly right. As gruesome and as horrible as the pictures are we cant lower ourself to their tactics of desensitizing our holy neshomos. I personally feel the pictures should be available in an instituition like yad veshem. Ihad to delete them from my pc as i felt it is not right. be sure to yourselves that not a single antisemite will change their perspective from these pictures.

(87) Marcel David, March 23, 2011 9:38 PM


I feel your anguish Rabbi. I cry every time I think about Itamar. But I have to tell you that as I sit here now, in my wallet is a picture of the childs body. When someone starts to bemoan the plight of the Palestinan and the cruelty and hardship the so called Israeli occupation has caused...I will pull out the picture and show these appeasers of evil what evil truly is. God help us all that it should come to this. Chico

(86) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 9:28 PM

Should pictures of Itamar family be shown?

I couldn't disagree more. Not only should those pictures be shown to the world, we have an obligation and a duty to show them. First, because there can be no denial of the events that took place. Denial is often a strong feature of the anti-Semites and haters of Jews, and proof positive is still better than none. Second, it is a reminder for Jews and people everywhere, that in every generation Jews are killed just because they are Jews, and for no other reason. We need to see it, the world needs to see it. If it changes the mind of just one hater it will have served a purpose. Condolences to the Fogel family upon this horrific tragedy,

(85) Frankie, March 23, 2011 9:15 PM them!

I am in the USA and have seen the photos, I admit it was depressing and caused me grief, but that is as it should be. It is so easy to ignore when out of sight out of mind. Many may not agree but sometimes it really takes something shocking to make a genuine impression. It is so simple for people who are not living with this type of threat to just ignore it's existence. Even with the photos of the holocaust there are still those who don't believe it happened. However, for most it is hard to ignore reality when it is captured in film. The recent tragedy in Japan could easily be ignored by the western world if there were not graphic media attention. People all over the world need to be able to see what is happening in Israel and these photos make it a more personal experience that is more difficult to ignore.

(84) Jeri Carter, March 23, 2011 9:01 PM

I can see your point

Yes, I would like to agree with you and I do to a degree, but the world need's to know what is going on.In america the people say don't let the childred see these thing, but I say, what will the people and the childred do when this comes to our land? and it will, then what?

(83) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 8:24 PM

Itamar photos

I am devastated over this massacre. And I am angry because of the media's glossing over of the murders. They chose to use the word "intruders" rather than "murderers." If we do not put these photos in the public arena, we are not doing everything we can to show the world the horrible truth. If we do not do this, who will tell the world what really happened? If we do not do this, people will rely on the media and read a distorted report that does not reveal what the Palestinians did. This situation should be considered an exception in terms of the respect we have for the victims. But without photos, who would believe it? The first thing Eisenhower did when he entered Auschwitz was to order photographs to be taken. Why? He said that the world must know! And the world must know what these animals did to this innocent family. We already know that most of the world is against us. The media distorts the truth: Palestinians are the victims. We have to do whatever we can to combat the hatred against Israel and the Jews. If these photos will send a message to the world, then we must show them. Let the world see what these savages did!

(82) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 8:23 PM

show the itamar photos

YES, show the photos. even if one person sees the light, and perhaps understand what we face daily, it will be one less hater. yes, prayer is always needed, but we also must learn how to help our cause of survival.

(81) TSeruyah, March 23, 2011 8:15 PM

From Outrageous and Ghastly to Forgotten

I respect the rabbi's opinion but do not agree. The Holocaust wasn't a sudden, tsunami-like event. It began with small, isolated incidents around Europe and escalated to death camps over time. People in the West were appalled after they saw photos of the dead, the ghastly images of brutality and inhumanity moving many to support the creation of a Jewish state. Some good did come of showing the dead in the unvarnished, unconcealed truth of their deaths. Respect for the dead isn't just about all the ways we can become introspective about them. Sometimes it's about the justice their souls cry out for and the demand for accountability for those lost "universes" from amongst us.

(80) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 7:49 PM

show the pictures

as painful as it may be, sometimes we need a reminder as to how low one can stoop.

(79) marc conder, March 23, 2011 7:41 PM

A conscience knows

The slaughter of innocence in the broadest sense touches us all. Evil we know, evil we face, we need not memorize every detail to understand this was evil. Allow the Fogel family, and all of us, a place where this evil can not touch.

(78) Chaya Houpt, March 23, 2011 7:39 PM

I agree with your analysis

Since the murders, my mind has returned over and over to the images of the smiling faces of the Fogel family, HY"D as they lived their happy lives. Those images move me, because I am a feeling person. The written descriptions of their deaths horrify me, because I am a feeling person. Who is the person who needs to SEE what happened to these holy people to know it was an atrocity? Is there such a person who right now is thinking, "blah blah settlers stealing land blah blah cycle of violence," but if she could SEE a picture of a murdered child, that would give her a clearer understanding of the picture? I don't think so.

(77) Fred WAlker, March 23, 2011 7:30 PM


The Vogel family wants the pictures shown. So be it. Shalom.

(76) helena rubinstein, March 23, 2011 7:17 PM

I agree with Rabbi Yaakov Salomon

Yes the picture were to gruesome to show I could not bring myself to see them. There is something to say about respect for the dead and therefore the picture should not be shown. This will not help improve the situation between Israel and the terrorists.

(75) moshe, March 23, 2011 7:17 PM

i would show them

there's nothing to hide and i dont think it lessens respect for the dead. it adds to it when ppl see how they died only cuz they're jewish.

(74) Liliana Leitman, March 23, 2011 6:49 PM

but also a big anger!! Nontheless, I think that they should not be shown because, just like when you drive by a fatal accident on the road, pleople just love to stop and watch - that is insensitivity! When watching those terrible pictures I also felt that I was infringing on the intimacy of those poor people who cannot have a saying anymore...

(73) ramon fernandez, March 23, 2011 6:48 PM

The pictures must be shown for whatever it may show.

I agree. Showing even the most gruesome pictures will not change the opinion of people who simply do not like the Jews. To the contrary, some may even see it as another issue to accuse the Jews of sympathy fishing, but that is not new. On the other hand, it may move a lot more people from indifference to awareness about the plight of Israel. I guess the warnings prelude to its showing is enough for people to make a choice.

(72) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 6:32 PM


I am so sorry to even have to address this issue this way but in the light of Japan, Haiti, and yes Egypt I think that the images of violation to the human body have become common. I hate having to feel, think or even address this but we as a species have made immorality and inhumanity an art form. The value, the teachable moment of something so horrid is lost. Elizabeth Taylor with have more compassion, coverage and honor from the public at large than our precious, sacred, treasure that was lost in the most insane brutal fashion for no reason. Hashem is telling us something loud and clear these last few months in particular. I don't know if we're really getting the message. It's unbelievable.

(71) Isaac, March 23, 2011 6:20 PM

The wisdom of Rabbi Noach Weinberg

As we learn from history. During world war 2 that by showing the gruesome pictures of the holocaust helped to from world opinion that we, the Jewish people must be granted back our land. And so the rebirth of Israel came to fruition. We hope that these, the Itamar pictures will have as equal an affect. And to at least prevent the death of even one Jew. For this reason alone the world must see the truth. Yaakov my dear fellow Jew, to judge with our emotions, is to lower our selves to the level of the killers of the Fogel family, for they acted with their raw emotional motives. Rabbi Noach Weinberg was wise when he said "We must judge with our intellect rather with our hearts. May God bless and help protect the childern of Israel. Amein

(70) Paul, March 23, 2011 6:18 PM

Condolences & Dear Rabbi Salomon

My deepest Condolences to the family & all effected. Dear Rabbi Salomon, It is at times like this that we need the advice of one such as you.

(69) Evelyn Sammut, March 23, 2011 5:59 PM

Show the photos!!!!!!!!

The world must see what kind of brutal savages these killers really are!! They are only out there to kill and destroy anyone, whether Jew or Gentile, who doesn't want to conform to Sharia law. Most definitely show the photos, because no one will be spared if they uprise and accomplishes their goals.

(68) Ann from the Shomron, March 23, 2011 5:59 PM

1 picture = 1000 words

Had there not been any photos taken during the butchering in Europe no one in their right would beleive that the Holocasut ocurred. There fore, seeing the photos of the Fogel Family massacred in their home Shabbat eve leaves an impression in our memories of what Amaleach is capable of doing. Today Itamar, yesterday Nazi Germany, centuries ago Spain and Portugal....

(67) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 5:58 PM


I saw the pictures when after the slaughter of the Fogels i watched a video about them and when i saw the pictures I cried. but as soon as I finished I sent a message to the person who uploaded the video to please put a warning before. show the pictures with a warning before.

(66) W. Schreiber, March 23, 2011 5:53 PM


The people who need to see these pictures will not bother to look at them - and it will make no difference to them anyway. Perhaps a front page on the Times - or shown on BBC - but still, they hate us no matter what, so I think respect for the dead should rule.

(65) alp, March 23, 2011 5:29 PM

No, I don't agree that the pictures should be hidden from the world

the atrocity of what happened needs to hit home not so much to change the media but to change our fellow Jews in every part of the world and in every part of Israel..... every Jew is a candidate for this It just happened that the Fogel family was an easy target they are on the front line for us all the more we retreat the more they attack ..the pictures are unfortunately necessary to awaken our brothers and sisters

(64) Sara Ben-Zakai, March 23, 2011 5:24 PM

To show or not to show, that is the question.

Regrettably the world has become desensitized to torture, blood, murder. It is on TV, in the movies, on the news, just all over. That coupled with so much antisemitism around, I really don't think it would make a difference if the pictures were shown. The Rabbi is right. We need to respect the dead, may their souls dwell in heaven.

(63) Jan Schulman, March 23, 2011 5:19 PM

The Rabbi cares...

I was very moved by the video of the Rabbi talking about this hideous massacre and whether to show the photos. I understand his position and agree that respect must be shown to the dead. I had to think: if that were me on the floor, stabbed to death, bleeding, would I want a picture of me shown. And suddenly, I thought: Yes! Show them what was done here! Let the world know that this was not just words, but horrible inhuman (although very human) deeds that were done and children, babies, and their parents were slaughtered in their home, in their beds. This tragedy needs verification because the world never believes anything bad has happened to Jews; my G-d, look at the holocaust deniers. So Rabbi, while I sympathise and understand and even agree with your position, I also think that the world needs to see what was done.

(62) J. D. Adam, March 23, 2011 5:17 PM

Massacar as PR?

I live on the West Coast of the United States, and I will confirm that anti-Semitism is far more openly prevalent in conversations then I have heard for many years. These photos will have the same effect on the gentile public that the Christian story of the "Good Samaritan" had on the believing Jew who ignored, probably was repulsed, by the injured wayfarer. Don't publish them now, is my opinion. Allow your minds to work as Rabbi said, and use it to help when there will be a time when the gentile heart isn't enraged and looking for the Jews as their proverbial scapegoat

(61) YW, March 23, 2011 5:14 PM

I agree with Rabbi Salomon. Two words: kibbud hamais -- honoring the dead. That sounds like the Torah opinion to me.

(60) Richard Wald, March 23, 2011 4:46 PM

Don't show the pictures

Shock value can"t override respect for the dead.

(59) dovid, March 23, 2011 4:41 PM

Send the pictures to Richard Goldstone.

Send the pictures to Richard Goldstone.

(58) tzirel, March 23, 2011 4:35 PM

show the pictures for the Jews

The reason to show the pictures is for the sake of all the left-wing Jews who think the Arab is no longer the enemy. For the first time, the left bloc was rendered speechless by the photos. Our problem is not the world's image of Jews, it is our self-image. There are plenty of Jews who feel that people who live in the Shtachim have this coming to them. For once, they were silenced. Mission accomplished. My son in Yeshva attended the funeral of the Fogel Family HY"D. He said there were Chasidim, Chareidim, Dati Tzioni and irreligious Jews at the funeral. Time to see that the wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf.

(57) Yochi Eisner, March 23, 2011 4:35 PM

You missed the point

I apologize in advance for my strong tone. It must be nice to sit in Brooklyn and tell us what to do. Here I sit in Hadera and hear about a bomb going off in Jerusalem and killing one and wounding dozens and the daily reports of the continuing attacks on the south of Israel, where MY CHILDREN LIVE. The only reaction you and your readers should have is – stand up and be counted. No one is interested in whether you feel the pictures will 'do something' – the question is – what are you doing? You should be losing sleep making sure everyone you know – knows that we as Jews will not stand for this. It is the Jewish reaction that counts. What did every one of your readers do today to make sure we in Israel don't lose our country? What did every one of your readers do today to take them one step closer to making aliyah? Our future is in our own hands if we have the faith, conviction and trust in our way of life!

(56) MARTIN FELDMAN, March 23, 2011 4:21 PM

show pictures of the slaughter

Jews have looked at. mourned and prayed after atrocities for time immemorial. The world needs these in your face pictures to shake them up as to reality. The Fogel family's blood needs to stand for the very least it should enter the consciousness of those viewing the pictures. This atrocity will strengthen us as Jews and their shed blood will bind us ever closer. No, Rabbi I can't agree with you on this aspect. It would be disrespect to the dead not to show the pictures for then their deaths would have been in vain.

(55) IrisB, March 23, 2011 4:20 PM

Definitely show the pictures

Out of respect for the Fogel family, the pictures MUST BE SHOWN. The world must be made aware of what has really happened. Here in the USA, we are shown pictures of retaliatory acts on the Palestinians, never seeing what provoked those acts. We hear of the numbers of Palestinians killed and injured, but the numbers of Israelis killed or injured is buried to the back pages, if reported at all. Decent people must be given the pictures and information to become outraged as to what goes on and specifically what happened to a family that was peacefully asleep in their beds. It IS out of RESPECT for the Fogel family that these pictures MUST BE SHOWN. The surviving Fogel family agree to the photos being released. It is NOT up to the Prime Minister to withhold what must be seen.

(54) Nechama, March 23, 2011 4:14 PM

I agree with you, the pictures should not have been shown

For those of us whose hearts break over the mere verbal description of the atrocity, that is sufficient. As far as PR, to the rest of the world, Jewish blood is cheap. Showing the pictures dishonors the dead for no constructive purpose. Even with the pictures, the visual proof of what happened, this "incident" was not even mentioned in the news on the radio. It is shocking but true. Even with the pictures publicized there was practically no outcry from world leaders about what happened. I agree with you , the pictures should not have been shown.

(53) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 4:02 PM

I believe that the family has the right to do what they feel is necessary to show the world the brutallty of these murdorous terrorist. Without us standing up for ourselves as Jews and showing the world what these depraived animals are capable of it is easier for the world to ignor it.

(52) Dr. Laz, March 23, 2011 4:01 PM

The real issue is our response.

Like most things in life, there are pros & cons here. On the one hand it may allow the world media to see what horrific thing was done in Itamar to this unfortunate wonderful family. On the other hand, respect for the family is in order. If the family themselves are urging that the photos be shown, then maybe it's worth it to show the world who & what Israel's enemies have become. My response, if I was the Israeli leader, would be swift and powerful military action. If the Arabs know that for every Jew hurt they would suffer the loss of hundreds or more, as well as territory and some of their towns, they'd think many times before engaging in such barbaric murderous behaviors. The only language they understand is strength, and Israel, thank G-d, has the ability to wipe out Hamas (& the other wacko Nazi-like groups). Yes, it's time for self-introspection and Tefillah, but it's also time to take concrete military action to teach out enemies a lesson. They can and should be defeated militarilly -just like Nazism was.

(51) ShirlinNY, March 23, 2011 3:58 PM

Show the photos to the entire world

I disagree with this video - show the pictures, as horrific as they are - to the world - let the world see what souless evil creatures (not humans) continually attack and murder innocent Jews. These Islamic "Arab" terrorists are the scourge of the earth - it behooves the Prime Minister to release these awful photos to the world at large so that perhaps ignorant people will view the murderous actions of supposed Palestinians who are "grossly mistreated" by Israel. We must stand and fight this plague and cancer of genocide against us - once and for all - stand up and be counted and stop turning the other cheek, so to speak. Show no mercy to the murderers and wreak vengence upon the perpertrators - trying to educate these creatures is futile, as has been evidenced countless times.

(50) Devora, March 23, 2011 3:50 PM

Don`t show, not respectful.

It is much more appropriate and respectful to show their smiling faces before their untimely death. We have all read the horrible gruesome details, and do not need to see the disturbing pictures. We have to remember them as they once were. A beautiful Jewish family.

(49) Fernando Gautreaux, March 23, 2011 3:46 PM


As painful as it is, I have to admit that to show those pictures will only feed hatred in our souls, and will serve the purpose of those who main goal is to keep antagonism between our people and Palestinians, for political and financial gain. However in countries like Dominican Republic, we have to suffer watching how this media conspiracy against the State of Israel unfold and hearing on the radio people stating “how cruel the Jewish State is for this or that”, talking stuff that they don’t know, and in any case, to express an opinion in the sense of the right that any nation has to defend themselves from any attack, or to prevent and attack from happening avoiding the bloodshed of our people, is to unleash the most irrational comments from people that are not constantly under the stress of an attack, yet, as painful as it is, I have to agreed with you, and I pray the Only and Holy One, that we all understand that there is a greater benefit in PEACE, and that benefit will reach every and each Jew and Palestinian alike, not the present situation that only benefit a few. I agreed with you, reason tells we cannot show those pictures, SHALOM!

(48) theodore vite, March 23, 2011 3:38 PM

An addendum to my previous comment

I think they should publish the photos because it is the same Holocaust [the killers are the same], the same Genocide.

Tzippy, March 23, 2011 4:01 PM

has showing holocaust pictures caused the world to change their opinion of us??

There are still deniers of the holocaust... so why would it help to show these pictures?

(47) Shawn, March 23, 2011 3:35 PM

I agree, I wouldn't show them.

(46) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 3:33 PM

Not to show pictures

After seeing the pictures I have been terriblly affected.I think the incident speaks for itself and one can easily figure out the intensity of what happened without the graphic demonstration.Jewish law of honoring the family must not be overlooked.

(45) Rose-Marie Weissman Fickler, March 23, 2011 3:32 PM

Itamar Photos

My heartfelt sympathies to the Fogel family. No one can judge them in their pain nor their decision to wish those pictures shown to the world. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Rabbi Salomon. right. Showing these pictures would not change public opinion. The bias has grown into such a huge, immoveable slab of concrete in the hearts and minds of most of the world, that taking away the last vestige of respect from this poor slaughtered family would not, and will not, make one iota of difference. The change has to come from within the minds and hearts of the world. In these times where people are so politically correct regarding other races; nations, etc., there is one political correctness sadly lacking. There is no political correctness nor heartfelt sincerity towards Israel and the Jewish people in general. Here in Canada, we have seen more activism, and more anti-semitism in one year than there was in a spans of years previous. Why? Because those spreading the word of hatred throughout the mid-east and their now world-wide supporters, have decided that nothing is of value when it comes to Israel: Most definitely, not the truth... not pain and suffering ... not the threat of annihilation. It would also seem that this latter thought is not at all displeasing to those very same detractors of the State of Israel. There is only one PR campaign that we need to win. That is with our prayers to our G-d, that this tide of hatred too shall pass ... soon.

(44) Jeremiah Moses, March 23, 2011 3:26 PM


Yes I believe it will. Make a difference . at least in America who are a people who need evidence and need to be shown what really has happened. America responds to Sock as that is one of the ways to get America's attention is to shock them.. and the pictures do and did just that and I believe change some people opinion about Israel and the Palestinian people .

(43) Elana, March 23, 2011 3:23 PM


Even though most people want to believe that releasing these pictures will help, I don't think so. Wait, I know so; I haven't seen anything in the news even with these pics now broad casted. Only the curious/morbid people will actually be interested in them. Enough to show the bodies wrapped for burial. It should be enough to even think about it. What should be done is that Israel should catch and severely punish their murders and that should be broad casted every where.

(42) gregory, March 23, 2011 3:20 PM


If you think that pictures are inappropriate, then what? What about praying in each sinagogue in the US, set up meeting of solidarity in each Jewish Community Center with strong message sent to each major media outlet in the US

(41) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 3:18 PM

agree with hadassah

I agree with hadassah that if showing the pics awakens even one or a few people to what Israel is dealing with, it's worth it. I understand kovod hames, but I think in some cases like this one, it may be justifiable to put that aside. I'm not sure,though, what is the right thing to do.Unfortunately, no one decision is necessarily the right one.

(40) Abraham levy, March 23, 2011 3:18 PM

Yes they should be publish

The hole world shuld see it

(39) walter, March 23, 2011 3:15 PM


what ever happened "never forget!" ??

(38) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 3:15 PM

Bulldoze the territory --- One mile for each life

I think it's time we did something serious: For each life that's snuffed-out by the Arab animals, raze a mile of their territory, creating a no-fly, no-walk, no-drive zone. Let their fellow Arab "countrymen" take them in if need be.

(37) Judit, March 23, 2011 3:14 PM

100% agree

(36) Bobarish, March 23, 2011 3:12 PM

The rabbi is right

I have to say after much thought on the matter the Rabbi is right. The only way to fight darkness is to bring Light, adding darkness to darkness never enlightens anyone. Shalom

(35) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 3:08 PM

I don't agree with showing the pictures. By looking at them we would be re-living their deaths and desensitizing the public. To simply hear what happened should pull on the heartstrings of people worldwide. If they can't do that without seeing the actions of this sick man, then they don't have a heart. Also, we can use this horrible thing to 'reflect' and see how we can better ourselves - however I think it completely irresponsible to not bring into account the killer and the like-minded mentality that prompted these murders. These horrible actions came from a deep hatred of Jews; PEOPLE and NOT the LAND. When are we going to wake up and finally realize that the wool has been pulled over our eyes! These individuals and groups pursue their own fundamentalist adgenda while guising it in a 'dispute' over historical Jewish territory. There should be only one sentence for people who purposely kill people.. captital punishment. No more terrorists waiting for a prison swap. To the gallows they should go. I have no pity for people who have allowed their minds to become so warped and twisted that they cause this intentional destruction of life.

(34) howiej, March 23, 2011 3:05 PM

Pictures of Arab atrocities must be shown

As long as the families of victims give permission to show photographs of their loved ones, then they must be shown. By showing the photographs they no longer are just numbers but are individuals who once lived and now are memories. The world continually views the results of the conflicts on the "poor" Arabs, whether staged or actual. The time of showing the carcass of a bombed bus hit by terrorists should be long over. A more human context must be given. Imagine the impact of the bodies of the father and 3 month old printed on the front pages of the newspapers of the world. Honor can be shown to the dead if their deaths can help to prevent the death of another.

(33) Margalit, March 23, 2011 3:03 PM


The pictures must to be available for the world to see it!! This is again a silent Holocaust. The History is repeating it self Silence is not respect

(32) Sarah, March 23, 2011 3:02 PM

we must be witnesses

This goes beyond the pictures. Just as with the holocaust picture -laden memorials, there are those who may celebrate. But we must be witnesses. We must recognize and not ever forget the evil against which we fight. People today are numb to horror - much due to the extreme violence in movies and other media. To get it straight, to get the tragedy into the minds and hearts of the masses, unfortunately needs audio/visual graphics. In more innocent times, a word to the wise might be enough. Isn't that why you, Rabbi Salomon, do an emotionally charged video message instead of writing a column?

(31) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 2:59 PM

Let the world see reality...

For so long the world has seen the images of death and destruction supposedly at the hands of Israelies. Many of those images had been faked as seen in some of the press, where one body is moved several times and photos are taken to show a slaughter that never occured. It is about time the world sees that there is a very real threat to Isreal and her people. My heart goes out to the Fogels. NEVER FORGET.

(30) theorore vite, March 23, 2011 2:57 PM

Why re-post the pictures of Itamar

Why re-post the pictures of the tragedy of Itamar? Because it is the same hand that killed six million Jews [the Palestinian Grand Muffti Al Husseini in complicity with the Nazis in the World War II, and now with the neo-Nazi organizations Al Husseini founded after Second War: Al Fatah, Hamas and Hezbollah in collusion with the Arabs in the region]. In the same way that demonstrates the Holocaust 1940-45 with pictures, I think it should show the world in the same way.

(29) Mickey Oberman, March 23, 2011 2:53 PM

Show them

Let the world that supports Islamic terrorism see what their support is responsible for.

(28) mfine, March 23, 2011 2:49 PM

Itamar's murder-to show pictures or not?

YES! Although we know that it will not make a difference with many Jew haters, we nevertheless need to show these pictures as a testimony to injustice and cruelty. We dont always act based on what reaction we will NOT get. Sometimes we act because we need to! K'vod Hamet considered, sometimes the Met is a sh'liach mitzvah... Miki

(27) Dick, March 23, 2011 2:47 PM

Yes photos should be seen

Israel has been the object of so much hate because of real or doctored photos in the past, it is time they informed the world of their pain. So many in our world are visual, that has a greater impact.

(26) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 2:46 PM

Right now Bus bombing in Jerusalem Israeli man, pregnant woman injured in Route 60 shooting Yes, all photos must be shown of the barbarity of the racist Arabs. Note - media tried to downplay Gang rape of Lara Logan by Arab thugs in Egypt yelling Jew at her,but it got out. Yesterday a New York Times reporter was also brutally raped by Arabs in Libya.

(25) Michael, March 23, 2011 2:37 PM

Let's NOT miss the point, nor add to the pain

Whether or not the images should be disseminated is missing the point. Let's not add to the Fogel's intense pain by criticizing a decision that was theirs alone to make - they publicized the pictures because to them it was meaningful, purposeful, and there is consolation in that. We should not stand in judgement of that. We must take the lesson to heart that was meant for us - to be outraged against autrocities committed against against anyone, and stop being hung up on the trivial question of whether or not these pics should have been sent all over the world.

(24) hadassah, March 23, 2011 2:35 PM

make the pics available

some people will look b/c of morbif curiosity and others to celebrate the loss jewish life. however-- if it changes the way even just one person thinks-- awakens them to the reality of the situation and evokes compassion for our people- something good could be born from this terrible tragedy.

(23) Reuven, March 23, 2011 2:31 PM

Pictures should not be seen

I feel that the release of these pictures did nothing to influence the good forces in our world and only increased the joy of our evil enemies. Nothing good can come from this as a press release.

(22) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 2:31 PM


we are not stooping to their level by showing these pictures. To not show them is cowardice, sorry let the world see what kind of animals they are!

(21) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 2:30 PM

Agree the world is trying to ignore this as all Palestinian or Arab world atrocities but many are not ignoring it and Netanyahu made the proper decision. I think releasing all those Nazi concentration camp atrocities photos was the right thing as well.

Anonymous, March 23, 2011 3:16 PM

the reality of seeing...

Since when is a picture not worth a thousand words? Hearing and seeing are two different realities. People must see what we are dealing with and stop fantasizing that striving for peace with those intent on your annihilation is not only impossible but suicidal.

(20) Peter powell, March 23, 2011 2:26 PM

Condolences to the family & all OF ISRAEL MAY THEY REST IN PEACE

(19) Joye Payton, March 23, 2011 2:16 PM

The Rabbi is right again

Although I want the world to know what these savages did, I agree with Rabbi Salomon. In addition to showing respect for the dead,I think it may be very hurtful for the children who survived the vicious attack. I can only imagine how traumatic it would be to be to shown these in the future. Shalom, Joye

(18) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 2:11 PM

no, we should not see the pictures

It serves no purpose for us to see the brutalization of these neshamos, souls. Honoring the dead requires that we remember them as they were before their murders. I do think, however, that every world leader should be forced to stare at the pictures until they break down in tears, as the brutality, inhumanity, and unforgivable nature of this barbarism makes them realize what will be the results of continuously pandering to the animals who would do such heinous atrocities to innocent victims.

(17) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 1:45 PM

No, I don't think the pictures should be shown. I am praying that our Heavenly Father will heal this Family and community, and also that Your Prime Minister and Others will see this is something that should not be done. God Bless

(16) Stan Tarne, March 23, 2011 1:43 PM

I aghree with Rebbe Salomon not to show the pictures.

I absolutely agree with Rebbe Salomon that respect for the dead must come first. I also agree that it would be a PR disaster to show these pictures. B/H that the remaining members of the family will be able to live with this catastrophe in the future.

(15) Gabi Fainzaig, March 23, 2011 1:21 PM

Show or not

I can understand those who are opposed to the idea of showing or dead ones, but on the other hand and as part of the Hasbarah, we must show the world who only cries for non jewish victims, and as a person who knows from close the effect of terrorism, that we also bleed and suffer; that our own victims are not rushed to be buried as pretending nothing happened or perhaps, to not be seeing as our enemies do, using their bodies as part of their propaganda to justify their heatred: No, we know we are different, but the world pretend we dont, and maybe showing them our real victims will show them the opposite.

(14) Joel Miller, March 23, 2011 1:11 PM

Exploiting tragedy

Showing the pictures of this tragedy is pure pornography. It does nothing to honor the memories of the victims or to inspire others to take steps so that similar murders cease. It simply exploits the situation by people with political and military agendas that perpetuate the problem.

(13) Anonymous, March 23, 2011 1:05 PM

Don't show the pictures.

I lost a grandson in a car accident, and I cannot imagine showing his picture on the roadside in the hopes that it would prevent future accidents. Many people would look just out of curiosity, and I could not bear that.

(12) chaya, March 23, 2011 9:54 AM

i agree

I agree with you rabbi 100 percent. I told myself i was not going to see these photos also for kibud hamet and also because i didnt want to see these beautiful children in that condition. then i came across them yesterday. deep down i told myself not to but i did and i could not stop crying since. i feel like it is totally disrespectful for them. it is how we will think of them forever and thats not how they would want it. the problem is, its all over the net now and in the future the remaining Fogel kids will be able to see these horrible pictures for the rest of their lives. if it were me chas ve shalom i would not want that for my family and for the world to see and remember me. it is bad for our neshamahs to see these pictures and b"h Hakadosh Baruch Hu will get revenge, but we should not try doing so through these photos. i wish there was a way to take them all off the net! may they rest in Peace. Hashem inkom damam! may we see them very soon when moshiach comes b"h!

(11) david frankel, March 22, 2011 5:35 PM

i think we should pray and reflect on this murder of itamar and true the world dont care about the pictures because these are jewish family if it was the other way around there will uprore through out the world put i think we shouldnt take this lying down like pack of chickens we should stand up and fight for whats right youre not going to make this world a better place because there is a lots off evil religions in this world

(10) Malkie, March 22, 2011 2:25 PM

I agree with you Rabbi. Our enemies will only rejoice in seeing the pictures. As a Holocaust survivor child, growing up after the Second World War, people couldn't believe the horror they saw. Even after all the documentations, proof and horrible pictures that were witnessed and shown, there are people, nations out there who refuse to believe the horror, and are accusing us that the pictures are staged. People will believe what they want to believe or are being taught. Our enemies have to have a deep soul searching and accepting what is reality, that we are here and Israel is here to stay, no matter what. The only option we have is to do Tschuva and ask our Father in Heaven, Hashem to have Rachamim on us and stay with us and help us like he did until now. Hashem inkom Damam shel Mishpachat Fogel. Hamakom Yirachem otam betoch Avalei Shaarei Tzion we Yirushalayim. May we all be soche to see the fullfillment of the prophecies promised to us so long ago. Yovo Mashiach Ben David be Karov. Malkie

(9) Dorrine Gilbert Weiss, March 22, 2011 9:37 AM

I agree with you.

The world opinion did not shift because they saw the actual crime scene. No matter what happens the agenda of the people presenting the information always slants to their way of thinking.

(8) Yehoshua, March 22, 2011 6:53 AM

why? world's opinion?

G-d sees it all. World at most doesn't care. Enemies enjoy and celebrate. Few friends mourn with us. And a Jew should feel the pain of a fellow Jew without seeing. No need to show.

(7) G.M. Grena, March 22, 2011 3:25 AM

I Declined

I decided not to view the photos when I heard about them being available, for the same reason I avoided viewing the beheading videos over the past decade that were publicized during the war in Iraq. These types of images should not need to be viewed by anyone mature/rational enough to understand what happened, or to be inspired to do whatever is possible to bring the culprits to justice, or to take reasonable precautions to prevent their recurrence.

(6) Anonymous, March 21, 2011 4:26 PM

Too Horrible to be either shown OR not shown

I understand your priority for kovod ha meis,Rabbi .Will it make a difference among rationalizing rabid Jew Haters?No.Will it motivate to action some for whom graphics will show exactly WHO/WHAT we are dealing with?Perhaps...Will it arouse people to action, whether spiritual or political,it might just be worth it.Covered bodies ready for burial ,despite the horror of seeing the precious little babiy's burial wrap,may still be too abstract to hit home for many.Evil may just have to be shown.Am I comfortable with this stance,No,Would I be comfortable with not showing it..No.Now is the time for mourning,outrage,prayer and teshuvah and doing whatever else needs to be done to prevent more bloodshed .May Hash-m have mercy on us all.Tears ,prayers and love to the Fogel family,They are OUR family,too.

(5) lisa, March 21, 2011 2:55 AM

Kavod Ha-met ......

No need to see the blood......just seeing the bodies wrapped in the Talaysim ready for burial, is enough of a reminder that they were murdered .......young & old alike.

(4) Tammy Wellman, March 20, 2011 3:54 PM

If words alone...

Rabbi, I understand your heart not wanting to show these crime scene photos of this dear family but the very real, increasing anti-Semitism in the world today has to be seen as the pure evil that it is. Just as the Holocaust photos are a true witness of this same evil, the world needs to see what words alone could never tell.

Don, March 21, 2011 7:17 PM


That's the truth. World is a mess right now. Probably it as even messier in the past. But after Tesla current goes in two oposite directions 50/60 times a second now.

Anonymous, March 23, 2011 3:35 PM

Yes, but Rabbi Salomon's point was that it's not going to help. And you tell me - now that the photos have been released, has it helped? No, it has not. And yes, their dignity has been compromised.

(3) Amber, March 20, 2011 2:07 PM

I would vote to show it

I believe that the world SHOULD see what is being done. Israel is being portrayed as "oppressors" and "murderers" etc. But maybe by showing the pics...eyes can be opened. What if the world said, "Oh, don't show the pics of the gas chambers and bodies...what good will that do?" Sometimes drastic and disgusting actions need to be responded to with blunt reality to those around us. Don't let people water the massacre down, and perhaps the displaying of the pictures will prevent that.

(2) Blythe Kearney, March 20, 2011 12:56 PM

G-d must be crying.

I agree Rabbi. Not to show these pictures. It would do no good in this jaded world and would strip them of their dignity and privacy.

(1) Alan S., March 20, 2011 12:50 PM

Wise thinking Rabbi. Yasher Koach.


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