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War on Junk Food
Salomon Says

War on Junk Food

Are Disney and Mayor Bloomberg out of line?


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(38) Beverly Kurtin, July 6, 2012 3:07 AM

The REAL Problem

A book by Dr. William Davis, "Wheat Belly" explains the reasons behind obesity. I am disabled and cannot exercise, that means that I gained sufficient weight to be considered OBESE. I read Dr. Davis' book and used a rather unique string of four-letter words to describe how I now feel about the foods that I used to ear. The problem, folks, is GMO! Genetically Modified Organisms. The wheat that is currently widely available bears NO resemblence to the wheat that was around until the early 1960s. It was then that just about every food we eat that contains wheat was contaminated with artificially created organisms that WERE NEVER TESTED ON HUMAN BEINGS and to this day have NEVER been tested on us. That is why we have the epidemic of obesity and, it is starting to look that the explosion of autism is tied to the junk that is on the shelves of our grocery stores. I lost 70 pounds in 11 weeks by following Dr. Davis' recommendations. I am continuing to drop weight at about .5 pound a day...EVERYDAY. To date, I have lost 29% of what I weighted when I began following the regimen he recommends. This is NOT for everyone who is not serious about losing weight. My physicians have told me that what I did was the equivalent of having lap band surgery...but I did not have to spend $10,000 and go though the painful surgery that others have gone through. The greatest thing about this eating plan (not a diet) is that I am hardly ever hungry. I eat ONLY when I do get hungry. There is no counting involved, just do not eat what the book says not to eat. My motivation was that I had "fatty liver disease." The only cure? Drop a lot of weight as fast as possible. A surgeon had told me I had cirrhosis of the liver...but I don't DRINK! A GI specialist gave me the correct diagnosis and Dr. Davis saved my life. If just ONE person takes action, I may have saved a life. L'shalom

(37) helen porath, June 27, 2012 3:17 PM

where do we draw the line?

An Israeli pediatrician a couple of years ago said on TV that she was horrified by the yellow cheese that kids eat with bread, and she would like to see the fat content in cheeses limited by law. How many of us would tolerate this prohibition on our right to choose our cheese? My liberal friends were very pleased with the sugar ban, but when I suggested that health"advisors" in Israeli schools should be forbidden to promote contraceptives, including the oral kind, amongst our school-age children, they were aghast that I should suggest such a stunning blow to freedom. I just happen to believe that giving contraceptives to young girls is harmful to their health, the way my friends believe that sugar is harmful to kids. I think the sugary drinks issue could be left to parents to control. Supposing the Food Police limited the amount of sugar you put in a cake? Or the amount of chicken fat you put on a sandwich? What you or I consider harmful is all a matter of hashkafa (ppoint of view) Where would it end?

(36) SusanE, June 17, 2012 5:08 PM

If it Weren't for Advertising...........

If not for advertising, kids wouldn't like pizza or fast food. Put tomato sauce and a slice of pepperoni on the high chair tray and the child will spit it out. They certainly wouldn't drink sodas, Have you seen a small child drink his first soda? He sputters and snorts and makes a face. They must be introduced to that junk to like it. - - - - - - - - - - Most parents know the scores of favorite sports teams but won't be bothered to know the nutritional values of their childrens food. It's generally the parents money that buys the stuff till the kid is 16, so yes it is the parents fault for poor nutrition and fat kids. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pepsico and Coca Cola companies have the super best advertising and manipulating machines in the world. They control much of the fast food and most of the soda and bottled water companies we buy from. They make kazillions of dollars on crap that they sell to us. Their companies are just too big to be regulated. The grocery aisles are FULL of sodas, fruit drinks, canned beverages of all sorts. And the average Joe or Jane who buys these products is just too lazy to care about their kids health. Diabetes type II from high carbs and being fat is extreme. Heart disease from diabetes II is extreme as well. Diabetes hurts babies health and complicates pregnancies. And now we're seeing it in young children.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I don't know if it is Bloombergs or Disneys business to stop this madness. But kudos to them for trying, maybe more will follow their example. But I do know that these stupid people who are feeding their young children sodas and sugary fruit drinks, need to be stopped. It's like giving their children a slow poison. If one can't stop them in their homes, then maybe they can be held accountable by limiting what is on the grocery shelf and in the fast food restaurants.

(35) Lois Homer, June 15, 2012 6:00 PM

not all soda is bad

Flat ginger ale is what my husband's and my doctor recommend for stomach upsets especially when someone can't eat anything and can only sip ginger ale, maybe using up a liter in a day before very gradually getting back to a normal diet which can take days. It's not fair to limit this or put a tax on something that is medically needed on a temporary basis. Seven up is also helpful but ginger ale is the best. The government needs to stop telling us what we can and can't eat. Not all of us are overweight and some of us, like me, very thin, have severe digestive disorders and can't digest whole grains or too many vegetables. I have to eat white rice and white bread even though I prefer brown rice and whole wheat because whole grains, even the brown rice causes me to suffer from massive diarrhea and no I don't have celiac disease. People need to have common sense on diet and government interference will only cause more resentment. Stop treating us like children. Even my daughter who eats a healthy diet can't have too much fiber and her doctor tells her not to eat something that will upset her stomach even if it's supposed to be healthy. Also you don't become diabetic from too much sugar. You may gain too much but in order to develop diabetes, it has to run in your family. My husband, a diabetic, has always eaten a healthy diet and is now a diabetic as his mother, his grandmother was. He is not overweight and we are sick of misinformed people saying you get diabetes from too much sugar. He never ate a lot of sweets and doesn't now. Cut out the misinformation because it's simply not true.

Anonymous, June 22, 2012 12:22 AM

Not true.

That is false. There are alwayse exceptions to rules, but for more ninety nine percent of people whole wheat is better. Also you do get diabetes from excessive consumption of simple sugar over prolonged periods of time. Of course, diabetes through genetics is also possIble, But is definietly not alwayse the cause. Do some more research!!!!!

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